Safari in Tanzania

We have world class Safari’s in Tanzania. We have our own safari vehicle to take you on any safari in Tanzania. Whatever you do you need to have Ngorongoro crater as part of your itinerary. We guarantee it will not disappoint, explore the Serengeti, climb a live volcano and visit Tarangire national park. We have them all rolled into our top class safari’s in Tanzania.  We have developed unique itineraries deep into the wild giving the best experience you can have on safari in Tanzania. Why not check out our 1 day Safari option in Tanzania.
Safari in Tanzania
Safari in Tanzania Safari in Tanzania

Why choose one of our Safari’s

You have completed your Kilimanjaro climb on one of our world class treks with the best guides on Kilimanjaro.  Now you can relax and explore Tanzania without long hikes, altitude and tents. We use comfortable lodges with excellent food and service. We have our own full equipped Safari Vehicle. Our highly experienced safari guides know each park,  where the animals are located and help you learn more about these unique regions in Tanzania.  They are more than happy to help you experience the natural beauty of Tanzania in a relaxed and serene environment you will never forget. Read some REVIEWS.

Tanzania has the best game viewing in the world

You will experience Africa’s world class wild life parks. The Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater really are the best National parks in Tanzania if not in the world. Witnessing animals deep inside their natural habitat in the ‘Eight Wonder of the World’ will leave you with a greater appreciation of the natural world. We have added in a hike up a live volcano and trip to the source of humanity in Olduvai gorge. We can also tailor safari itineraries to your needs, so get in touch today and lets plan your safari today. Our safari’s are an ideal relaxing experience after climbing Kilimanjaro.

4 days gives you the very best safari experience

Click on our itineraries below and check out what is on offer and check out the quality accommodation we offer you. We are available 5 days a week to help you work through every aspect of your chosen itinerary.  We want to make sure you are fully prepared for this journey into the wild. Contact us and find more about climbing Kilimanjaro and joining one of our quality Safari’s in Tanzania.
Safari in Tanzania Safari in Tanzania Safari in Tanzania Safari in Tanzania
Safari in Tanzania Safari in Tanzania Safari in Tanzania Safari in Tanzania

More about our Safari in Tanzania

If you are looking for a relaxing break away from it all, Safari in Tanzania is for you. Climb Kilimanjaro, relax on the beach in Zanzibar, swimming in tropical waters and experiencing the expanse of the Serengeti into the rift valley. We have the service to match your needs and look forward to making your safari adventure a truly memorable experience. Our favorite safari has to include the Ngorongoro crater and hope you consider adding one our safari’s including the Ngorongoro crater to your safari.

What people said our Safari in Tanzania

“We made a group booking for a 5 day safari with Ian. We wanted a full and wide ranging experience in Tanzania. We got it! Our group had an amazing, well organized and rewarding experience.  The over all service prior to the trip and on the trip was top class. We worked with Ian to tease out an experience to suit our needs and it worked. The service, parks and experience will never be forgotten.”
James long, California Safari in Tanzania 2016

“After climbing Kilimanjaro, I decided to join one of Ian’s safari options. I have always wanted to visit the Olduvai gorge and the source of humanity. We climbed the volcano which was out of this world. The food, accommodation and service were great. We visited the Serengeti, Tarangire and my favorite was the Ngorongoro crater. The trip exceeded all my expectations and can’t rate this trip highly enough.”
Mary O’Sullivan, Cork safari in Tanzania 2017

“July 2014 after climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro I was able to take a 3 day safari. It was AMAZING. I heavily recommend a safari trip to anyone travelling to Africa. We went to 3 different locations in the area seeing different terrain & some different animals in each area. Seeing Lions in their natural habitat up close as well as Giraffes, Cheetahs, Water Buffalo, Hippos, Elephants etc… you ride open air jeeps, our guide was very knowledgeable & warned us (at one checkout location in one of the parks) of the Baboons jumping in any open vehicle if food is in sight so we were all buttoned up, another jeep was not so lucky. We got to witness a Baboon entry & grabbing of the food it all took about 10 seconds. Added additional excitement to our trip. We were well taken care of while on safari from our guide to our sleeping accommodations each night and the food was great.”  Scott C. Eastham, CPA Safari in Tanzania 2014



This itinerary is designed for a more activity safari lover. This is more for someone who wants to experience the real landscape of Africa. We climb a live volcano and visit old ruins and experience lake Natron and it’s baron and desolate landscape.


This itinerary is designed with everything in mind. There is an infusion of the very best of Tanzania. You will Three of the best wild life parks in the world. The Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Tarangire National park. We have the Eight Wonder of the World. This is our true wildlife safari giving you the big five in the best safari destination on the planet.


We have a fusion of world class safari parks along with exploring a live volcano and visiting the 1.8 million old Olduvai gorge and the source of humanity. This is our favorite and action packed itinerary. If you want the best of the best in Tanzania this is for you. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend this itinerary as you will be left amazed, stunned and inspired on this quality Tanzanian Safari.

Ready to go?

Which itinerary will you pick? can you gather a group and available of our 10% discount for a group of 10 or more people. Why not call us today and find out more about one of our specialist itineraries or let’s map out a safari in Tanzania to suit your interest and needed. We can make it happen!