Hiking in Glendalough

The mystical Glendalough valley is tucked right in the middle of the Wicklow mountains, just south of Dublin.
It is renowned for being a Monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St. Kevin, a hermit priest. These mountains hold amazing scenery in all four seasons, hiking high into the Glendalough region will unveil it’s true majesty.
I have been hiking in Glendalough for 27 years.

Glendalough was my training ground for climbing Everest in 2008 and we have lead many groups in and around these mountains for years. This peaceful place will inspire and hopefully draw you back for more of these wondrous hills.
  • A little bit more about this magical place

    From the monastic site we will trek past the first lake to the stunning glaciated valley and then head up past a beautiful waterfall and into the wilderness. We then tackle the 536 steps up to the beautiful look out point back to the monastic site and see the valley in all its splendor. We will follow this horseshoe route to the back of the valley before descending back to the miner’s village and back to base. This is one of Ireland most beautiful regions and one not be missed. Hiking in Glendalough has it all.

    There are many different trekking itineraries in the Glendalough Valley. We normally use 5 different routes depending on the group, weather and time available. We are happy to accommodate all request. This beautiful valley is a picturesque area very close to the Dublin City Center that will give your typical Irish countryside views that are second to none! Glendalough has so many trails and hikes and new regions to be explored so you wont be disappointed. If visiting for the day or planning to get out hiking on a regular basis, this stunning region of Ireland is easy to access and has a lifetime to walking, training and enjoyment for all levels.

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