Hiking in Colorado is some of the best in the world.

What People said

Brant Lowe


Several years ago, I decided I wanted to climb Kilimanjaro. I looked at many tour operators before contacting Ian Taylor Trekking. Choosing the company you trek with is the most important decision you’ll make. It’s not your equipment, flights, or what type of camera to take – it’s the tour operator. I was immediately impressed by the fact that you’re communicating directly with Ian and his wonderful wife and co-owner, Laura. Having the ability to contact either of them to ask a question or voice a concern is a very big deal for me, and they always answer quickly and with great confidence. Ian’s company is second to none when it comes to communication, and his passion for his employees in other parts of the world comes through when you trek with him. I’ve been on multiple trips with Ian Taylor Trekking and I have no plan to stop anytime soon. I can’t imagine ever choosing a different company for these trips. Ian’s experience shows on the treks. He has the best porters and guides, and I always come away from his trips with several new friends. Safety is always a top priority, and Ian puts safety first, always. Upon meeting Ian, it feels like you’ve already known him forever. He’s very easy going, while always being fully in control of any situation. I truly feel like I struck gold when I decided to use his company the first time. I can happily and wholeheartedly endorse his company without reservation. If you’re still unsure, just reach out to him. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.