Private Consultation With Ian Taylor

I was 29 years old when I climbed Mount Everest. Along with becoming the youngest Irishman to stand on the top of the world. I started my own business from scratch. Importantly, five years later it was a multi-million dollar company. Review testimonials.

If you are planning to climb Kilimanjaro and don’t know where to start, contact me. Thinking of starting a new venture, looking to climb the seven summits or looking for advice on how to prepare for your next adventure contact me.

Everest Speaker

In 2005 a friend and I started to plan out a 3 year journey to Climb Mount Everest and raise funds to build the Mount Everest primary school in Uganda. I ended up joining a unique group of 300 climbers to climb Everest in their twenties. The journey was fraught with disappointment and challenges. With good planning, training and belief I overcame all the hurdles placed in my way. I hope my journey will Inspire you to live out your dreams. My presentations will take your audience right to the top of Mount Everest and inspire them to take on their own personal challenges in life. Hire me to speak at your event. Follow Ian on Instagram.

The summit of Everest

Charity Ambassador

Todays actions brings tomorrows success‘. This is the moto of the Mount Everest Primary school we built in Kitandwe Uganda. Kitandwe is a small rural community two hours west of Kampala. The villagers and community understood that education was going to give their children a chance at a brighter future.

I am the president of the US board of directors for the charity Fields of Life, helping raise awareness of the Mount Everest school and all Fields of Life’s activities in East Africa.

Filming on Mount Everest

Business Speaker

Climbing Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro 37+ times, 6 of the 7 summits and climbing hundreds of Mountains around the world requires a range of skills. Developing a multi-million dollar business from scratch requires a wide range of knowledge and know how. Managing turn around business and business development projects take years of working in a wide range of environments

I have years of experience managing teams in a business environment. As an expedition leader, I lead and train teams for mountain expeditions around the world. Furthermore, I have done so with great success. I have climbed Kilimanjaro 37+ times now, aiming for 50 Kilimanjaro summits, I have led thousands of people to reach their goals in the worlds mountain ranges. Hire me to speak at your event.

Summit ridge on Mount Everest

Private Consultations

After helping thousands of people reach their goals in the worlds mountains, I am available to help you. I am available for one to one and group sessions in Colorado.  These consultations will be designed to help you work through the different elements needed to be successful.

Are you planning to climb Mount Everest and don’t know where to start, contact me. Thinking of climbing the seven summits, get in touch. Are you thinking of starting a new venture, or looking for advice on how to train and prepare for a trekking trip get in touch today.

Ian Taylor on the Lhotse Face

One to One Coaching

Finally, I am based in Colorado with limited time available for private consultations, so book early. Vision drives activity, activity moves us forward. When we move forward we build confidence to keep taking steps in the right direction. Let me help you on your journey.

Ian Taylor Trekking

Ian Taylor Trekking have also built two schools in Nepal, support an orphanage in Tanzania and creating opportunity to help our staff and their families develop and grow into the future.  Read some speaking testimonials.