Testimonials & Reviews

Suzanne Stroker

Scottish Winter skills 2015

Just to say thanks for a super weekend in Fort William. I think I can safely say we all learned loads over the two days and it was great to have a day on the hill with Adele on a beautiful day out and while the weather was pretty grim yesterday we covered a lot of ground with Spike on the crag. Theyre both super teachers and so patient and encouraging. You really feel in a safe pair of hands. Its been years since I did a winter skills course so I almost thought Id be starting from stratch but as the song says..it was all coming back to me which was great. Im hoping to do Island Peak again with Lobuche East in October so Im sure all the training and good tips will come in very useful.

Johnny Maher

Mont Blanc 2009

I’m 36 years of age and the best holiday in my life to date has been the time when we went with Ian and 15 others, on a one week trip to summit Mount Blanc and Grand Paradiso in June 2009. We all succeeded in summitting, it was the most out of this world experience, filled with adrenaline, fun, fear and adventure. My most memorable moment was when at 12 midnight 1 hour before summit day we were all singing in the dorm, the famous Irish Euro Vision song “We were the rock and roll kids” and laughing with anticipation

Oisin Ryan

Mont Blanc 2009

Reaching the summit of Mont Blanc in 2009 was an amazing experience, especially as all 16 of us on the trip succeeded in getting there. This level of success among a group of novice mountaineers on Mont Blanc is almost unheard of. Ian was the primary reason we all made it, as he made sure everyone had the right training and equipment prior to departure. Nothing was left to chance. At the same time we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and there was great camaraderie among the group. Fantastic! Thanks Ian!

Simon Boland

Mont Blanc 2009

I have known Ian for years and heard about one of his Mt. Blanc climbs in work. Ian was an inspiration to me, being the youngest Irishman at the time to stand on the top of the world. I wanted to join him on one of his adventures and adventure it was. Our trip was climbing two 4,000m peaks in 6 days. We set out to climb Gran Paradiso and Mt. Blanc. The adventure in climbing was amazing, but the journey with the team was incredible. We are all still friends 4 years later. It was truly one of the best trips I have ever been on. What a rewarding, challenging and immense experience to have in my life. Ian was a great leader, friend and look forward to getting out on the hills with him again soon.

Michael Kinsella

Winter skills Scotland 2014

I took part in a winter skills weekend training course in Scotland in a group of 6. We were late arriving at the b&b due to airport issues but Dave still had a warm welcome waiting for us. After an excellent breakfast our 2 instructors for the day joined us for a coffee and a talk about the day ahead. Dave’s hallway turned into a temporary outdoor store as harness’, boots, crampons & waterproofs were dispersed and checked. With bags packed with the required gear, our instructors drove us to our training location. We spent the day learning to survive in snow and ice and windy conditions. We ended the day with a cup of tea in an igloo, even though I don’t think it was designed for 8 people at one time. Back at the b&b, we dumped all our damp gear and equipment in Dave’s hallway in exchange for a warm cup of tea and picked it up the next morning all dry and ready for another days adventure. On our second day there was 3 guides so there was the opportunity for 3 separate tailored training events. I chose to focus on absailing and also spent a few hours in the indoor ice wall. Adele was brilliant with her 2 students on the day and taught us a lot and gave us some great tips for our future trips. We all met back at Dave’s b&b for a hot cup of tea and a debrief from our instructors while enjoying the last few minutes of the rugby match. It was a fantastic weekend and one I will definitely repeat again.