Testimonials & Reviews

Paul O’Carroll

Kilimanjaro February 2018

I went to Kilimanjaro February 2018 and had the best time of my life.. I couldn’t really fault the planning and schedule of the trip and the weather was perfect so happy days all round.. the tour guides and porters will live with me forever…they used to call me corporal captain and sergeant cause I wore some army rain gear it was hilarious.. the group was so diverse yet we bonded so well.. go go go. live life. Ian and his wife were with us all the way…fabulous people but not as funny as me… can’t thank you guys enough.. Paul from bray..

Jason Kildare

Kilimanjaro and Safari August 2018

I just wanted to thank you both for making our African holiday one to remember. Both the climb and safari were fantastic. Staff in both areas were second to none and are a credit to your company. The entire family is raving about our time in Africa, Johnson our safari guide was fantastic, the orphanage visit was great, Kilimanjaro staff were fantastic

Rose Burdon

Kilimanjaro June 2018

I wanted to thank you and your team so much for organizing our trek. We were constantly impressed along the way with your help and professionalism from the moment we interacted in the US. Our team was awesome. Our American friends now friends for life. How lucky were we to trek with such a great team?! Our porters and guides were outstanding. Athumani was of course amazing and a great leader obviously respected by his team. His sense of humor and calm manner were appreciated! We know it’s not easy to strike the balance with a group with many worries and concerns and we found ourselves easily trusting our guides.  Ian and Laura – it was obvious that you are highly respected by your guys in Arusha. All we met were so happy to work with you. This fact helped offset just how bad we felt as we watched the young porters carry heavy loads on neck and shoulders. We really lucked out with you guys in all respects and will of course highly recommend you to friends with this goal in mind. We hope to join you on another trip in the future! Let us know how we can in any way promote you or help the guys on our team. They definitely stole our hearts and won our deep respect! India and I had a great safari ( Lemala camps were very special), and are now off to Zanzibar for few days before heading home. We are very humbled by our experience. We definitely fell in love with Kili and Tanzania!

Dale Mc Cahon

Kilimanjaro Jan 2018

Kilimanjaro was amazing.  Loved it.  It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, except for the summit night.Your entire team were absolutely amazing down to the last one.  Athumani (King) is a natural leader and would be a success in whatever culture he was born into.  I watched the way he observed each of us and picked up our strengths and weaknesses, and then quietly went about resolving any issues he observed. He is genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met.  Maximilian has charisma to burn and will also be a great asset as a head guide. He and King very obviously had the love and respect of the rest of the porters.  King seems to have the respect of every other team on the mountain as well.  The chefs were brilliant with really high quality food (once I could eat again after the gastro).  Freedom carried my gear and was fantastic throughout.  A big kudos to Novatus, who performed security and took his role very seriously, never complaining about standing out in the cold.  He got my thermals at the end of the trip.  The entire group of boys got on well and very obviously knew their roles and took pride in performing them well.  The interaction with them and our attempts at learning Swahili was one of the highlights of the trek.  Nothing was too much trouble for them, to the point that sometimes I actually felt a bit embarrassed at how much they would do for us. The Safaris were equally enjoyable.  Johnston was a knowledgeable, friendly and likable guide, who also has some pretty good driving skills. These were displayed when a series of vehicle were bogged in Serengeti and he managed to get us through easily and then go back and drive a couple of the other vehicles out.  It may sound strange, but one of the highlights was Jordan, Johnston and I digging a truck out of the bog, while the girls performed lion watch.  (t was in a large expansive plain with unobstructed views for miles, so don’t worry about us being out of the vehicle).  Some role reversal with the locals watching us work, but their show of gratitude when we got them out of the bog was heartwarming.  The vehicle, accommodation and itinerary, along with the range of animals and landscapes observed, were all excellent and we all really enjoyed the entire experience.  King was very positive about you and Ian Taylor Trekking and the way you look after all the boys, which made me very happy that I had chosen you to travel with.  I did see some other teams that didn’t seem to have the same positivity and camaraderie that our team had.  Our boys were without doubt the most enthusiastic singers.  Definitely will recommend Ian Taylor Trekking to anyone considering Kili or a safari.

Kevin Tom

Kilimanjaro August 2017

I just successfully summited Kilimanjaro a couple of weeks ago with Ian Taylor, and it was an experience of a lifetime. My group was fortunate to have Ian lead our trek, although I would have been fully confident in his team given my recent observation of them. Ian and his team truly makes the mountain your home away from home. I truly appreciated their obsession with reducing the risk of injury or decrease in one’s health or vital signs They are very experienced and knowledgeable about the requirements to successfully summit, and this was apparent as we witnessed a number of other groups turning back due to numerous issues, but I suspect that those groups were attempting to ascend at an ill-advised rate or without the required support. Although the trek was a challenge, Ian’s training recommendations and tips prepared us f or the challenge ahead. His staff treated us like family, and attended to a ll our needs and were genuine in all their efforts. They opened my eyes to how we should treat each other, they were kind, generous, caring, with an exceptional work ethic. They were truly our brothers on the mountain. I will never forget how safely I felt with this group. Thank you for all that you have done, and for providing such an exceptional experience.

Sarah Albert

Kilimanjaro February 2017

I have not joined Ian’s group but i have meet him and his guests on a recent Kilimanjaro climb. It was great to see how he took great care of all his team, clients and also porters! I meet them during the day on the trails and also in the evenings at various camps – all was very well organized and his clients all happy. Even I was not in his team Ian was available for me and my various questions regrading equipment and the tour route and that has helped me much. Special thanks to his advice which shoes to take on summit day – if I would have taken my jogging shoes i would have never made it down from the summit:) thank you!

Brendan Forde

Kilimanjaro February 2017

Ian, thanks a million for an incredible and brilliant time. I did not believe it was possible to top the Everest BC experience but this exceeded all expectations. The organisation, the incredible food, the comfortable tents, the incredibly friendly and great craic staff, the African singing and dancing… I could go on forever. A life enhancing experience helped by an organisation, you and your all your staff and contacts that far exceed the word professional. I bring with me memories of the happiest faces I have ever seen in at work. Any pain we endured was temporary, the pride, self esteem and memories we take with us are permanent and priceless… thanks a million to you and all your staff.

Eamonn Carolan

Kilimanjaro October 2016

I climbed Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Route in October 2016. Before I went I was a bit apprehensive having not climbed anywhere near 5,895m before. However, Ian’s team were consummate professionals who did absolutely everything in their power to get us to the top and ensured we had a great time while doing so. It was noticeable that the gear we used was superior to other groups on the mountain at the time, which made a huge difference for me. It’s the small things that make a big difference when you are a few days into the trek. The chefs were fantastic and the food was excellent. All the porters were so helpful and cheerful throughout. Our lead guide, Athumani, and his assistant guides were brilliant. They were full of encouragement along the way and I always felt we were in safe hands. I couldn’t fault my trekking experience and wouldn’t hesitate to book another trip through Ian. It was definitely a worthwhile decision with memories to last a lifetime…

Angela McCann

Kilimanjaro October 2016

Hope you are both well! I wanted to drop you a note re: our recent trip to Kilimanjaro! From the initial planning stages to all pre-trip support and questions being answered so timely to finally summiting on Friday 28th October 2016; the service received by your company has been nothing but exceptional!Climbing Kilimanjaro was one of the best things I have ever done and your team on the ground in Arusha is an absolute credit to you! Athumani, William, Emanuelle, King Solomon and Max…. to name just a few…were absolutely brilliant and provided the best support and inspiration possible! The whole experience was truly amazing and I will certainly be back for more! Perhaps Base Camp Everest! Thank you so, so much for a truly wonderful experience!!

Eamonn Carolan

Kilimanjaro, October 2016

‘I’ve just about settled back into the swing of things by now!!! We had a fantastic time thanks. The memories will last a lifetime. Athumani and all of his team were brilliant, I don’t have a bad word to say about them. They made us all feel very welcome and did everything in their power to get us to the summit. It made a big difference to our experience’