Other useful Resources

Other useful Resources. These are some additional pages but, we have the information available so just CONTACT US and ask the specific questions you need answered. We have some additional links and other useful resources to help you develop your knowledge and how to prepare for your chosen adventure.

Other useful Resources

If you can not find the information you are looking for please, please just ask us. We want you to have as much information prior to your trip. This will help you prepare fully for your chosen trip. We hope these links and our BLOG will help you have all the information you need so you can plan accordingly. Don’t forget we are available 5 days a week when we are not on trips to assist you in your preparation.

Other useful Resources

All you need to know about trekking to Everest Base Camp

All you need to know about climbing Kilimanjaro

All you need to know about climbing Island peak

Understand Altitude

How should you approach acclimatization

We can help you with your training needs

Mountaineering training for your international adventure

Other Resources

Other useful Resources

If you sign up for one of our trips we provide you with a full dossier, covering all aspects of your chosen adventure. Ian has climbed Mt. Everest to the summit. Climbed Kilimanjaro 30+ times to date, lead 30+ Everest base camp treks, climbed Island peak 10+ times, Mera peak 5 times and lead numerous treks and climbs around the world. We have the expertise and knowledge and want to impart that knowledge to help you achieve your goals in the mountains. E-mail Ian directly and get the information you need and get started and take that next step on having a life changing experience with us.