Carbon Offset

Ian Taylor Trekking have decided to support verified carbon reduction projects through Sustainable Travel International. You can help support verified projects in countries that we visit. The projects we support are carefully selected and go far beyond CO2 reduction. These projects support biodiversity or improving community well-being.

Tourism and Carbon

Travel and tourism contributes 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Aviation is responsible for 12% of CO2 emissions from all transport sources. The tourism industry is projected to account for 40% of global carbon emissions by 2050. We want to offset our carbon footprint and need your help. One of most significant ways that we  can lessen our environmental impact is by minimizing our carbon footprint. Certain emissions are unavoidable. These carbon offset programs allow you to mitigate the impact of these unavoidable emissions.

Sponsor a child

How Offsetting Works

Carbon emissions are generated by air travel, lodging, transportation, and other trip activities. You can purchase carbon offsets here. This would be the equivalent to the amount of CO2 you produce. Your contribution funds certified projects that conserve and restore forests, generate clean energy, or increase energy efficiency. These projects reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gases by removing existing CO2 from the atmosphere or preventing new emissions.

Clean water in East Africa

Lets Take Action

Carbon offsetting allows you to compensate for the emissions that you produce by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases elsewhere. Over the last 10 years these projects have helped offset more than 370,000 metric tons of CO2e.

Build a school in Nepal

Offset with Sustainable Travel International

When you offset with us you can rest assured that your entire contribution is making a positive impact. Sustainable travel international is a mission driven, nonprofit organization. That means we use your offset contribution to positively impact nature and people not make a profit. Sustainable travel international work closely with project developers to ensure a high percentage of contribution goes directly to the carbon offset projects. The portion that remains, covers administrative costs and helps fund sustainability programs which enhance the well-being of destinations around the globe.

High Quality Projects

Your contribution will go to forest conservation, restoration, and sustainable land use. Contributions will also be designated to renewable clean energy and energy efficiency.

Benefits for Communities

You will be creating local job creation, protection of local traditions, livelihoods and indigenous land rights. These projects will protect endangered species and habitats. You will also help bring access to clean safe drinking water and improve healthcare and education.


Are projects are certified to stringent standards. All projects are verified to a gold standard. Learn more.