Testimonials & Reviews

Cathleen Mc Dermott

Inca Trail July 2018

Suffice to say Ian, if I could be giving the trip marks out of 10, I’d be giving it 12… There was no part of it that was less than a ’10’ anyway, from the craic in the group, to the amazing food up the mountains, to the expert care and attention and patience from yourself and the lads (William, Percy, Benjamin) and all  this apart from the amazing places you brought us. I hope you got some time to relax after the heavy week you put in (because you are so so fit and found the hiking easier than the rest of us, it was easy to forget at times that you were working, taking care of us 24/7)  I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t remember to offer to bring something home for you for your parents in Leixlip, it’s only over the road from us. Both John and I have been raving about ‘Ian Taylor Trekking ‘ since we came home, so I hope yours and Laura’s business will thrive for a long long time. I can’t imagine a better way to explore the world than with yourselves. So long Ian, thanks again for everything, enjoy all your adventures and keep safe!

John Cuffe

Inca Trail July 2018

“You are 66, jaded and faded…kinda irrelevant. Your past is memories, your future no longer dreams. Someone points you to a bucket list, ‘where would you like to go?’. Without really thinking you say ‘Machu Picchu’. Suddenly you’re on the Inca Trail. But not alone. Memories of marathons past kick in. Muscle memory awakens, Dead Woman’s Pass is conquered. Downwards, upwards, beauty intertwined with history. Life caught on the horns of modernity as Highland Peru gives up its precious secrets. Children and colourful people greet you. No need for language when a cheesy smile, a high five and fist bump do your talking. Finally the Sun Gates and beneath the magic of Machu Picchu . You have arrived. Your soul and inner spirit found each other through silence and talk, through ups and downs on the trail. This, my friends, would not be possible without Ian Taylor Trekking. Ian and his amigos Percy, Benjamin and William Wallace, true representatives of the Incas and Peru. Ian’s 40 porters, Three chefs, gourmet cuisine atop the mountains. Thank you for opening another window in my soul”

Maria O’Keeffe

Inca Trail July 2018

Thank you for putting together and providing us with an absolutely amazing time in Peru.  The pictures I have in my head are still like WOW and I can’t stop grinning and smiling whenever I get asked how it went – sure they can’t stop me talking about all I saw and experienced, it really was brilliant. I know you and Kieran planned and worked on the itinerary together but the input from you and your ground staff was invaluable and that is what made the holiday so incredible. You have a great guy in Percy, who together with William and Benjamin, ensured that the whole group made it to every site, whilst giving us a wonderful insight into the local history and the people of Peru and never letting us feel that we were a pain.  I felt privileged to hear them tell me about their lives, their families and their beautiful country.  When Percy took my down to the Winay Wayna Inka site, I thought I would cry – my mobile camera was never going to capture what I was seeing!  Then we got to the Sun Gate at Macchu Pichu and I knew I had lost it, I am never going to be able to explain how I felt at that moment to anybody.  I am going to get myself a book on the history of Peru, however, in respect to William I will make sure it is not by Hiram Bingham!   Also, I will always remember the Porters and the Chefs – their amazing strength, endurance and always with a smile will stay with me forever.   The delicious food provided every single day was amazing especially when I saw what they had to work with – I take my hat off to them.

Ciara Frawley

Inca Trail 2013

We had an amazing time on the Inca trail, and thank you guys are convincing us to trek the Salkantay route. We had the trip of a lifetime and truly thank you and your team for all your training advice and support whenever we needed it. We can not thank you enough and look forward to meeting you on our next adventure. Hopefully somewhere with snow.

Michael Ashton

Machu Picchu 2013

Yes! It was absolutely amazing! Just getting back into the real world .THANK YOU so much for this. It was life changing!!!

Doug and Hanneke Button

Machu Picchu 2019

I want to thank you for putting together a trip of a lifetime for us in Peru.  We had a fantastic time both during the Trek and also in the Amazon region.  Transportation was good, food was great and the guides and other staff  (bus drivers, cooks, porters, etc) were helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.   Percy made sure that we were always safe, comfortable and enjoying ourselves and he managed the trek to ensure that our entire group was successful.   And of course, the scenery was spectacular.   We lucked out with only one afternoon of rain while we were there.  At the conclusion of our trek, the eight of us tried to decide what the greatest highlight of our trip was.  We were not able to narrow it down to one item and didn't even identify a top ten simply because there were so many great experiences.  I hope Hanneke and I have an opportunity to enjoy another of your treks.  Thanks again. Regards...  Doug and Hanneke Button

Suzette Desser

Classic 5 Day inca Trail 2019

Just got back from my first time hiking the Classic 5 Day Inca Trail with Ian Taylor Trekking. It was a trip of a lifetime that I experienced with my 27 year old daughter and 7 other fabulous guests . I am not an experienced hiker but followed the training and packing advice for the trip and found myself well prepared for the adventure. The guides were patient, knowledgeable, and very interesting. Having the opportunity to hike with Ian and his wife Laura made the trip even more special. They are a very special couple and they run a spectacular trip. They helped me grow as a person and hiker. The staff of Porters, Chefs, and Guides provided outstanding meals, comfort and safety. I highly recommend Ian Taylor Trekking and the Classic 5 Day Inca Trail trip. I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn about the Incas and see the many cities that they left behind by traveling through this trail. Machu Picchu was absolutely amazing, but the journey was the best part of the adventure. The people we met on the trip were fantastic and by the end we all felt like a family. Thank you Ian and Laura for all your guidance along the hike. My daughter Olivia and I will share our memories for lifetime.