Kilimanjaro Climbs in 2019

                                          Kilimanjaro Climbs in 2019 4th Jan  –  13th Jan 2019  LEMOSHO ROUTE  100% SUCCESS 12th Jan  –  21st Jan 2019  LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS 20th Jan  –  29th Jan 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS 29th Jan  –  7th Feb […]

Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

                   Everest Base Camp Treks 2019 23rd Feb  –  9th March 2019 CLOSED TO BOOKINGS  9th March  –  23rd March 2019 8 SPACES OPEN  15th March  –  30th March 2019 SOLD OUT  (SLEEPING AT EBC) 16th March   –  30th March 2019  6 SPACES OPEN  23rd March  –   6th April […]

Climb Island Peak 2019

                         Climb Island Peak 2019 1st March  –  22nd March SOLD OUT Led by Ryan Williams 16th March  –  5th April 2019 CLOSED TO BOOKINGS Led by Ang Kami Sherpa 6th April  –  26th April 2019 SOLD OUT Led by Ian Taylor 27th April  –   […]

Climb Mera Peak 2019

                         Climb Mera peak 2019 30th March  –  18th April 2019 SOLD OUT Led by Dr. Shane Williams 20th April  –  9th May 2019  SOLD OUT Led by Pro Ryan Smith 11th May  –  30th May 2019  2 SPACES OPEN  Led by Chris Strouthopoulos 12th Oct  –  31st […]

Climb Ama Dablam

Climb Ama Dablam 2020   –   Get on the waiting list 17th Oct – 17th Nov 2020 SOLD OUT (2 SPACES ON HOLD)  Led by Ian Taylor / Chris Berdoulay and Ang Kami Sherpa Ama Dablam is an amazing climb and one of the great Himalayan climbing peaks. If you are interested in signing up with us […]

Everest Base Camp Treks 2021

 Everest Base Camp Treks 2021 21st February –  6th March 2020 10 SPACES OPEN 26th February  – 13th March 2021 10 SPACES OPEN (SLEEPING AT EBC) 6th March – 20th March 2021 10 SPACES OPEN  12th March – 27th March 2021  10 SPACES OPEN (SLEEPING AT EBC) 20th March – 3rd April 2021  10 SPACES OPEN 26th March – 10th […]

Climb Kilimanjaro in 2020

                        Climb Kilimanjaro in 2020 4th Jan  –  13th Jan LEMOSHO ROUTE SOLD OUT 12th Jan  –  20th Jan  MACHAME ROUTE SOLD OUT (Private) 22nd Jan  –   31st Jan LEMOSHO ROUTE 6 SPACES OPEN Led by Ian Taylor 31st Jan  –  9th Feb LEMOSHO ROUTE 9 SPACES OPEN Led by Ian Taylor […]

Climb Island peak 2020

Climb Island peak 2020 21st March  –  10th April SOLD OUT (Private) 11th April  –  1st May 2020  8 SPACES OPEN 2nd May –   22nd May 2020  1 SPACE OPEN (Last space on hold) Led by Ian Taylor 19th Sept   –  9th Oct 2020  8 SPACES OPEN   26th Sept   –   16th Oct 2020  8 SPACES OPEN Led by Ian Taylor  31st Oct  […]

Everest North Col Expedition 2020

Everest North Col Expedition 2020 4th April  –   27th April  2020  10 SPACES OPEN (1 space on hold) If you are considering joining our Everest North Col Expedition 2020. You will need to show us a solid mountaineering background. Ideally you will have climbed Island peak climbed Elbrus, and other training trips,  have good mountaineering etiquette and […]

Climb Island Peak 2018

                           Climb Island Peak 2018 16th March  –  3rd April 100% SUCCESS 24th March  –  13th April 2018 100% SUCCESS 15th April  –  5th May 2018  100% SUCCESS  28th April  –   17th May 2018  50% SUCCESS 15th Sept   –  5th Oct […]

Mera peak 2018

                        Mera peak 2018 7th April  –  26th April 2018  100% SUCCESS 12th May  –  31st May 2018  100% SUCCESS  6th Oct  –  25th Oct 2018  90% SUCCESS   3rd November  –  22nd November 2018  NO SUMMITS If you want a more challenging trip why not […]

Huayhuash Circuit Treks

Huayhuash Circuit Treks 2019 17th August – 2nd September 2019  14 SPACES OPEN Huayhuash Circuit Treks This trekking adventure is one of our favorite remote adventures anywhere in the world. Trekking in the Huayhuash region of Peru truly has amazing mountain viewing. The most reliable way to reach the region is via Lima and 8 […]

Mera and Island Peak Climbs 2019

Mera and Island Peak Climbs 2019 31st March  –  26th April 2018 90% SUCCESS Led by Ryan Williams 6th October – 1st November 2018 100% SUCCESS Led by Ian Taylor 30th March –  24th April 2019 1 SPACE OPEN Led by Tico Allulee 12th October – 6th November 2019 SOLD OUT Led by Sarah Jones ________________________________ 4th April – 30th […]

Denali Climbs

Climb Denali in Alaska is one of world’s most extreme mountains. Contact us for training advice and more information about signing up. 15th June  –  6th July 2019  –   SOLD OUT  12th June – 3rd July 2021  –  10 SPACES OPEN    CLICK HERE to check out our Denali page, feel free to call us […]

Mount Elbrus Climbs

Our Mount Elbrus Climbs in 2019 June 4th –  22nd June 2019  (PRIVATE GROUP) July 17th  –  28th July 2019  2 SPACES OPEN Led by Ian Taylor August 4th –  15th August 2019 SOLD OUT  September 8th  – 19th September 2019  8 SPACES OPEN We had 90% success rate on our 2018 climbs. If you would like to get […]

Everest Base Camp Treks 2020

                         Everest Base Camp Treks 2020 28th February  – 14th March 2020 9 SPACES OPEN (SLEEPING AT EBC) 22nd February –  7th March 2020 10 SPACES OPEN 7th March – 21st March 2020 8 SPACES OPEN  13th March – 28th March 2020  7 SPACES OPEN (SLEEPING AT EBC) […]


EVEREST BASE CAMP TREKS 2018 3rd March  –   17th March 2018 100% SUCCESS 16th March   –  31st March 2018 (SLEEPING AT EBC)  100% SUCCESS 17th March   –   31st March 2018  75% SUCCESS 23rd March   –   6th April 2018 100% SUCCESS  31st March   –   14th April 2018 100% SUCCESS 7th April   […]

Climb Kilimanjaro in 2021

                            Climb Kilimanjaro in 2021 2nd Jan  –  11th Jan LEMOSHO ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN 12th Jan  –  20th Jan  MACHAME ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN 21st Jan  –   30th Jan  LEMOSHO ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN 31st Jan  –  9th Feb LEMOSHO ROUTE 16 SPACES OPEN […]

Winter Nordic ski training in Norway

Winter training in Norway  10th  –  17th  February 2020  6 SPACES OPEN Svalbard Crossing  28th March  –  11th April 2020 6 SPACES OPEN    Winter Nordic ski training in Norway Join our Winter Nordic ski training in Norway and you will learn on the job, and you don’t need any prior experience Nordic skiing. Once you have a […]

Crossing Svalbard Nordic skiing adventure trip

5th April   –   18th April 2018   8 SPACES OPEN After you have learned the ways of polar travel in Norway it is time to put your skills into action. Crossing Svalbard Nordic skiing adventure trip in – 20c temperature is a truly amazing experience in the far north of the world. You will […]

Cycle Across Tibet to Mt. Everest Base Camp

Cycle Across Tibet to Mt. Everest Base Camp 27th April – 19th May 2019 14 SPACES OPEN  5th October –  27th October 2019  14 SPACES OPEN  We need a minimum of 10 people to run this trip. Cycle Across Tibet to Mt. Everest Base Camp Cycling 1,170km across Tibet to Everest Base Camp on the […]

Mont Blanc Climbs

Mont Blanc Climbs in 2019. Get your climbing partner and sign up to climb one of the world’s greatest peaks!! We may post another climb if there is demand in June. 16th June  –  21st June 2018 SOLD OUT  10th Sept  –  15th Sept 2018 SOLD OUT (PRIVATE) 16th Sept  –  22nd Sept 2018 SOLD OUT   1st […]

Climbing Cho Oyo from the Tibetan side

Climbing Cho Oyo from the Tibetan side 23rd August 2021  –   6th October 2021 10 SPACES OPEN Led by TBA             Cho Oyu is the world’s 6th highest mountain The world has 14 mountains above the height of 8,000m/ 26,246ft. We will require that you have climbed the following mountains,  some […]