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Everest North Col Expedition

8th Apr - 3rd May
Led by TBA

Everest North Col Expedition

If you are considering joining our Everest North Col Expedition. You will need to show us a solid mountaineering background. Ideally you will have climbed Island peak climbed Elbrus and Aconcagua along with other training trips. You will need good mountaineering etiquette and a wide range of altitude experience. We will need to have seen you in action before signing up to this trip. We have world class climbing Sherpa’s and western guides available to manage your Everest North Col Expedition.

Climb Island Peak First

There is a lot of trekking on this trip but climbing on Everest is a serious undertaking. We highly recommend doing one or our winter skills mountaineering course in Scotland or Colorado then climb Island peak. Some years ladder crossings are required on this trip. You will be climbing at 6,400m/ 21,000 feet to 7,000m/ 23,000 feet on a 50 – 60 degree angle on fixed ropes. The terrain is challenging because of the extreme altitude. You need to come prepared. Read more about our approach to training and the Everest North Col Expedition.

Everest North Col Expedition 

CONTACT US today and find out more about our longer itinerary, get your training plan in action. We have 80% success rates on our Everest North Col Expeditions. We have the team in place to give you the best chance at success. If you come trained and prepared we will play our part and give you the best chance at success on the mountain.

Our Training Blogs

Ian has climbed Everest to the summit, 6 of the 7 summits,  Island peak 17 times to date and lead 19 expeditions to climb Island peak. He has also climbed to the North Col of Everest at 7,000m.  He will personally help you prepare and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Get on our Blog, click the training link and start reading more about how to start training for your expedition. There is also a lot of other useful information in our blog.

Learn From our Experience

Check our our Everest North Col page. We love Everest. We run numerous trips per year trekking to Everest Base Camp and climbing surrounding peaks. We run about 50+ treks and climbs in the Himalaya’s each year. Climbing on Everest is unique, the view off the north col will leave you humbled by the famous North Face of Mount Everest. We can also run private group trips on request. We will have 10 spaces open on our Everest North Col Expeditions.  Sign up and we will help you get the best training advice for this amazing adventure.

This Could be Your Everest

Unless you are going for the summit. Our North Col expeditions is the closest you can get to the summit of Mount Everest. Getting to stand high in the Himalaya’s and climb on Mount Everest is something special. Marvel at the Himalayan range right there in front of you and be left inspired by the world’s highest mountain close up. Climbing to the North Col is not easy but can be achieved with a lot of hill walking experience and excellent range of winter skills and high altitude training.

The Journey to Everest

We want everyone to enjoy this experience, so being prepared is essential. Our journey starts in Kathmandu. We will fly to Tibet and journey to Everest from Tibet. On route to the North Col we will acclimatize on the Tibetan plateau and northern side of Mount Everest. We will drive to Everest Base Camp before moving east and getting in position for climb higher on Mount Everest.  Lots of people want to stand at 23,000 feet above sea level and this could be your chance to experience the Iconic Mountain. Spaces are limited on this once in a lifetime adventure.

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