Carstensz Pyramid Climb

The climbing is unique offering you a chance to climb one of the coveted seven summits.
Climbing Carstensz Pyramid has its climbing and regional challenges, but this adventure into the Papua tribal region is a real adventure. We have two itineraries of offer. We either hike into base camp or travel by helicopter into base camp and avoid the long and arduous trek in some tricky conditions on route to climbing Carstensz. Get in, climb and get back to planning your next seven summit.
The helicopter option is the only option right now. The benefit of the shorter trip is save time and not deal with the jungle trek into the base of the mountain. There is still enough time to acclimatize and be have a successful climb.

The longer jungle trek into climb Carstensz is a three week commitment hiking through tribal villages, with logistical challenges on the group, but a unique and exciting adventure like no where on earth. The journey through the jungle is wet, muddy but a great way to experience local life and experience this less traveled part of the world. The costs USD $11,500 based off a group of 6 climbers.

Daily Distances

Day 1

You should aim to arrive in Bali as early as possible. You will need to fly into Denpasar airport in Bali. One of representatives will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. There will be welcome dinner, briefing and gear check if needed for the journey to Carstensz.

Day 2

You will send the day in Bali, explore some towns and do some sightseeing before we transfer for a late flights to Timika on the Indonesian island of Papua.

Day 3

We will arrive early in the morning and transfer to your hotel, do gear check and prepare for the trek into Carstensz pyramid base camp.

Day 4

Today we will fly by chartered flight from Timika to Sugapa-Bilogai airstrip. We will meet our porters and transfer by motor cycle from Sugapa to the Muara river and continue to Suanggama.

Day 5

Today we will trek from Suanggama to camp 1

Day 6

Today we will trek from Camp 1 to camp 2 at Enda Tsiga

Day 7

Today we will trek from Camp 2 to Camp 3 at Ebay

Day 8

Today we will trek from Camp 3 to Camp 4 at Nasidome

Day 9

Today we will trek all the way into Carstensz Base Camp, set up camp, train and prepare the climb

Day 10

We will get up early and start climbing to the summit in the dark. This is a long 10 hour climb. After celebrating on the summit we will return back to base camp for the night

Day 11

After a deep sleep we will back up and return to Nasidome

Day 12

Today we will be retract our steps back to Enda Tsiga which is the shortest trek of the trip

Day 13

We will be trekking back to camp 1 by the riverside

Day 14

We will trek from camp 1 to Sugapa

Day 15

From Sugapa we will fly to Nabire

Day 16

This day is used for delays

Day 17

This day is used for delays

Day 18

This day is used for delays

Day 19

We will fly back to Bali via Kaimana-Ambon-Makassar or Jayapura.

Day 20

After a long journey you can relax in Bali before transferring to the airport for your journey home.

  • A little bit more about the Carstensz Pyramid climb

    Carstensz Pyramid expeditions are organized many months in advance and it may become necessary to make alterations on your travel plans. We will advise you of such changes before you depart to Indonesia, although occasionally we may be forced to make changes in route due to the causes beyond our control. This trip has many challenges on the ground so being as flexible as possible will help.

Alternative Itinerary

After leaving home you should be looking to arrive in Bali early in the day. You are looking to fly into Denpasar airport in Bali. You will picked up from the airport and brought to your hotel. You can relax, re hydrate and explore Bali. There will be a welcome dinner that evening and briefing on the trip.

You can spend the day exploring Bali, before a for your flight from Bali to Timika in Papua. This is long flight across many Indonesian islands. Once in Timika you will transfer to your hotel, where we relax, do final gear checks and make sure you have everything needed for the climb.

After all gear is checked and loaded you will take a private helicopter all the way up the yellow valley and into Carstensz base camp.

You will wake up in camp, and after breakfast we will do some training and acclimatize higher and return back to base camp.

You will be up early and start climbing early in the dark. This climb is long and we will take are time moving slowly up to the summit of Carstensz, enjoy the summit and return to base camp for the night.

After a good nights sleep, you will be picked up by the Helicopter and brought back down valley to Timika for the night.

We will fly from Timika back to Bali and relax in the hotel and enjoy the delights of Bali.

After some rest you will be transferred to the airport for your flight home.

Ready to go?

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