About Us

Our Mission

Our focus is on running the highest quality trips by investing in the local people we work with. We work with the same teams year on year investing in them. We help our staff go to college, set up businesses and help them, their families and wider community. This is what drives us. We want to see our teams around the world grow, develop and be successful in their communities. Read some reviews.

Our Guides

We are an award winning world leader in running quality treks, climbs and expeditions around the world. Our goal is not only to offer quality trips, we aim to prepare individuals fully on all aspects of your chosen adventure. All our guides are fully qualified holding either AMI (Association of mountaineering instructors) / IML (International mountain leader) UIAGMAMGA and IFMGA certified guides.

Who we Support

We believe in supporting our staff and the communities we work in. After climbing Everest in 2008 we raised funds to build the Mount Everest school in Uganda. Ian Taylor Trekking have gone on to build two schools in Nepal, help support a village, support an orphanage, sponsor children, staffs children and environmental projects. READ OUR REVIEWS.

Why Choose Ian Taylor Trekking

Ø We DO NOT outsource our services in Key locations

Ø Join our International Award Winning Team

Ø 4 Guides for a Group of 10 trekkers In Nepal and Kilimanjaro

Ø Trek with an Everest Summiteer & World Class Professional Guides

Ø Our Kilimanjaro Head Guide was voted guide of the year in 2019

Ø The best acclimatization on all our high altitude trips

Ø Success Rates Second To None

Ø We are invested in the communities we work in

Ø Offering a Personalized Experience for every client

Ø Small Group Sizes & Research Based Professional Advice

Ø 5 Days a Week Support from Ian & Office Staff

Ø Responsible Tourism and local support in Africa  Tanzania and Nepal.

Learn From the Experts

Running the highly trips truly sets us apart from other companies. READ OUR REVIEWS.  Our fully licensed trekking company is winning awards for the way we approach altitude which is different from everyone else.  We have our own full time, highly qualified staff on the ground in most of the key locations we operate in.  Ian Taylor Trekking is a world leader in offer quality treks and climbs in Nepal and on Kilimanjaro. We are a US company based in Eagle-Vail, Colorado.

We are working to make every trip we offer a safe, quality and memorable experience you will want others to experience. Ian has climbed Mount Everest, climbed Kilimanjaro 37 times, lead 40+ Everest base camp treks, Climbed Island peak 17 times, Mera peak 6 times, 6 of the 7 summits and has led over 150 treks and climbs around the world for the past decade. We work with extremely competent and experienced local and International guides on all of our treks and expeditions, making every experience, a safe and rewarding journey.

1). Safety

We know that safety, quality and value are the most important factors when choosing your adventure. We know that a quality acclimatization process is critical to success on all altitude treks and we have developed our own unique itineraries. Every participant has access to experts, personal fitness training advice and group training sessions. Our personalized service is second to none. We have expert staff available 5 days a week for you. You can call, e-mail, us any time. We want to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable journey by having all the information you need. We will be your number one resource for information. Check out our BLOG. We have our own offices in Kathmandu, Tanzania, USA and Peru giving us great control over the service we offer.

2). More Acclimatization

Extra days at critical points give us 95% success rates on our Everest Base Camp treks. The summit success rate averages around 48% on Kilimanjaro. We have a 95% success rate on our 8 day Kilimanjaro treks. we promise to provide you with a service that supports you from start to finish.

3). Full Time Staff on the Ground

Along with the local staff and families we work with in each country, we will offer you a safe, challenging and enjoyable experience that we know will motivate you to continue on to other treks in the future. Check out our Mt. Everest School video and CLICK HERE to support the Village of Goli in Nepal. Get in touch and find out more about us.

We Support the Mount Everest Primary School