New School for Goli Nepal

Goli village has a new school!  Our head guide and many of our staff, come from the village of Goli, Nepal. Goli is about 109km east of Kathmandu in the lower Khumbu or lower Everest region. For those who know the Everest region, Goli sits about 40km South West below Lukla. Directly after the earthquakes in 2015 we were able to raise $30,000. We were able to raise funds from a wide range of events in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Europe and the UK. While it is wonderful to have raised this, however, there is always more we need to achieve.

Old school in Goli Village Broken home in Goli Village Nepal

New School for Goli Village

Goli village has over 2,000 villagers spread out across a wide area. As with many small villages in the region, there are no roads or access to this remote region of Nepal.  Therefore, it is challenging for the people who live here, to say the least. There are 456 homes in the region, 3 schools and a health outpost.

The schools, monastery and local community building were destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes that rocked Nepal. Therefore, we decided to set up the Goli Village Trust and start supporting the local people in this remote region of Nepal.

Raising Funds to Build Schools

We have been lucky enough to raise enough funds to build the first school. We have almost enough to finish our second school and we have other people and groups raising money for a third school. If you would like to take on a fundraising project and raise $30,000, then you could assist in  providing an earthquake proof school. If you would like to donate, then we guarantee 90% of funds will go directly to the project with 10% for administration overheads.

Stoves for Homes

Kay Allen Sherpa has been working hard raising awareness for the need for stoves in homes.  Having a stove system is extremely important for venting smoke out of the homes in the villages. In remote areas of Nepal, most homes do not have stoves. Children are exposed to a lot of smoke in the home and therefore, it is not a healthy environment.

Future Projects

The first school project has been built. Now, we are focusing on helping to build a second school as well as rebuilding homes and community facilities. However, our ultimate goal would be to build a medical facility for the community. This would cost USD $80,000 and then we would need an additional $35,000 per year to keep the facility running.

A new school for the people of Goli

Children in the new Goli village school

Trek to Pikey Peak

The village of Goli want to thank you for their new school, however they rarely get a chance to meet the people who have helped them.  Because Goli Village is not on the main tourist trail to Everest, it rarely sees tourists.  Get in touch if you would like to come and visit the school and trek in this stunning region of Nepal. We run a trek that passes through Goli on the way to Pikey Peak above the village. Pikey Peak has one of the best views right along the Himalayan mountain range. From the summit of Pikey Peak, you can see Everest, the Everest trail and some of the world’s highest mountains.

Our first Goli village school

Children back in the classroom in Goli

The challenge now is to build more and help the local people get back on their feet. They need more schools built. Also, there is a need to rebuild homes, and bring stoves into more homes.  With your support, we can make a difference!

Help us, help them rebuilt their lives in this remote Himalayan village. Get in touch with us and then find out how you can visit and bring funds to Goli. Likewise, you can take ownership of a specific project, run events, raise awareness and support these much deserving people.  If everyone does a little, then we will see real change.                                     

Our first school in Goli village

New School for Goli Nepal

Thanks to two new donors from The United States and Spain we will be building two additional schools in Nepal this summer. This is a major lift to the Goli Village Trust and the remote mountain community of Goli. We hope to visit the schools in March 2023 with the donors and celebrate the opening. Why not take on the challenge of raising USD $35,000 to build the next school.

Building our Second School in Goli Village Nepal
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