Training Tips for Trekking

Our aim is to be your number one resource in preparation for your trekking or climbing adventure. If your looking for a magical training plan you will not find it here. We have people joining our trips from all over the world, different age ranges and abilities.  Just CALL US and we will get you moving in the right direction.

We are constantly updating our BLOG POSTS on the different trips we offer around the world making sure all the information is up to date. We will explore different tips and advice to best prepare you for your chosen journey. The best way to get the information you need is to CALL US or E-MAIL US

Training Tips for Trekking

1). Training advice for our Everest Base Camp Treks

2). Training advice for our Kilimanjaro Climbs

3). Training advice for our Island peak Climbs

4). Training advice for our Mera peak Climbs

5). Training advice for our Elbrus Climbs

6). Training advice for our Inca Trail Treks

7). Training advice for Climbing Denali

8). Training advice for Annapurna Base Camp

9). Training advice for Aconcagua 

Learn From our Experience

We have developed 40 page documents on all our key trips that we offer. These documents will have links to video diaries for training, diet plans, itemized kit list, in country and arrival information and  so much more. All these documents have been prepared with years of experience to back them up, giving you the highest quality of preparation and advice prior to your trip. If you are signed up to one of our trips we will run a group webinar months before the trip so we can answer all your questions. If you would like a FREE individual assessment just e-mail 

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Be Realistic in Your Training

Remember there are two key elements to all high altitude adventures. The first is, you need more acclimatization in your itinerary. The second is you need to be mountain fit. You need to give serious consideration to your training for he specific adventure you are looking to undertake. The good news is we can help you get trained up and ready for your adventure. We have the team in place prior to your trip to get you the best information available. Ian is always happy to chat once he is not on trips.