Training Advice for Your Ascent of Mount Elbrus

So, you have climbed Kilimanjaro, completed a winter skills course in Scotland or in your home country and maybe done some minor treks at high altitude. You can looking to take that first step into mountaineering and you think Mount Elbrus is the way to go. Ticking off another one of the coveted seven summit is possible. You just need to understand the challenge and come properly prepared.  Please do not show up on one of our trips without the right physical preparation.

Our Unique Itinerary

We have the best itinerary out there to help you be successful. We also have the right team, advice and experience to lead you to the roof of Europe. Make no mistake, people die on Mount Elbrus each year. A lack of training, preparation and understanding of what if takes to mountaineer at high altitude in harsh conditions.

Remember, our itinerary and information has been developed and adjusted from 20 years  of experience. By leading trips around the world and observing people in the mountains, we know what it takes. We have lead over 50 trips to Mount Elbrus.


Thinking About the Trip

In the trekking portion of the trip, you are going to be walking up and down uneven, steep terrain for hours.  You will have a backpack on, maybe carrying 7kg/16lbs. This means you really need to be comfortable doing this exact activity. If you were running a marathon then you would be out running. You are going to be walking up and down hills with a back pack for multiple days then you need to be used to walk back to back days building up your strength and endurance. If you do not understand this CONTACT US.


Load Carry Weight in Your Backpack

My highest recommendation is to work on your load carrying. Carrying weight in the back pack you should be your core training. Spend time building your strength and endurance, while building a strong core and upper body. Most importantly you need super strong legs with endurance. We can help you develop a program.

Even though I go on 10+ trips and expeditions per year. I still need to be training 5 days a week to maintain this specific conditioning. Yes I can go out running, kayaking, surfing but I need to be building up the weight that I carry in my backpack up to 15kg in each session I undertake.


Training in the Gym

If you do not have access to hills, mountains and altitude which most people do not do. You need to be hitting the gym 5 days a week. In my opinion the stair master (rotating stairs) is the best way to gain strength, endurance and cardio all at the same time.

I have always had access to hills and mountains, but I still have to supplement my hill work with 4 days a week in the gym. I use the stair master for most of my training but sometimes like to mix it up and use the treadmill on the highest incline for 45 minutes and then the stair master for another 45 minutes. You also need to stretch, hydrate and build strength with additional weight work. Working out in your endurance heart rate zone is so important. For me I need to be able to maintain a 140/150 heart rate for over an hour while carrying the weighted back pack 5 days a week.

Remember you are signing up to a team mountaineering trip where you will be walking up 1,000m/ 3,000 feet day after day and some days more than this. Your recovery needs to be top notch and you need to be able to maintain high heart rates for hours on end. Be informed, be ready, be prepared. We can help you come prepared for our unique itinerary and trip to climb Mount Elbrus.

Talk to The Experts

We are experts in our fields and know what it takes to be successful climbing Mount Elbrus. Get in touch drop us a mail and we would be happy to chat through the right training you need to be safe and ready for your trip.

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