Alpine Climbs

We have some of the classic climbing routes in the Alps on offer.

What People said about our Alpine Climbs

Alfonso Ahedo


Recently we summit Mont Elbrus in Russia. The expendition was very challenging due the strong winds, recent snow and bad weather in general. We all get the summit early in the morning thanks to Ian Taylor and his staff guidance and leadership. This is my 4th trip with Ian Taylor Trekking and the 5th (Aconcagua) is coming soon, next february. If I want to climb a mountain what ever it is will be with Ian Taylor Trekking, because in the high altitude montains "goal number one is safety", summit is number two and Ian Taylor Trekking goal is have all of us back home. Form me, this is much more important than food or confort, safety is my priority and they have all my confident because in all the trips they take care of you. Thanks for another great week, Alfonso A group of 10 people just finished the expedition to Aconcagua in Argentina. it has been a very extreme experience, due the high winds, could nights, sunny days, lots of hard working days, very high altitude…….. Thanks to Ian Taylor and his crew, who manage it to make everything more pleasant, setting up a good aclimatization program, great dedication, lots of commitment to make every day succeseful. Thanks and lets go for Mont Blanc next July, Alfonso