It’s official, we have Kilimanjaro’s Number one Guide leading our team.

What People said about our Kilimanjaro Treks

Rachel Losada

Kilimanjaro 2019

Kilimanjaro, February 2019; I had a phenomenal experience with Ian Taylor Trekking in Tanzania. The ITT Team is EASILY the most professional group on the mountain. THE PEOPLE: Athumani, the local head guide had summited 201 times before our group, needless to say he is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. THIS IS YOUR SAFETY, don't underestimate the importance of the trekking company you choose. The ITT guides know exactly how to monitor everyone in the group, including taking a pulse oximeter reading twice a day to monitor acclimatization. We had a 1:1 ratio of guides to us in our group which is unique to ITT. This means that there is someone with their eyes on you on the time to make sure you are ok, it also means your entire group will not be forced to turn around if one person cannot make it to the summit. The rest of the team on the mountain was fantastic, porters, kitchen staff, bathroom, EVERYONE was incredible. They make the trip what it is. These guys and girls are a family, and it is easy to tell as a patron that the machine is working smoothly. My group booked a trip that Ian and Laura were on, and they are absolutely incredible!!! Both Ian and Laura have seen it all, and are an incredible security blanket. I cannot emphasize enough, that this group is the miles better than any other option. THE FOOD: Food is brought up every two days via runners, which means you are eating fresh fruit and veggies at every meal, this is incredibly important to a successful journey. THE EQUIPMENT: The tents are Mountain Hardware and are in new condition, and there were three port-a-potties for a group of 13 which is a luxury on the mountain. Expect to have an incredibly journey with these folks, and know that your safety and well being are in the most capable hands! THE PLACE: Kilimanjaro is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and the experience will blow you away. ITT uses the Lomosho Route, which has the highest success rate. DEFINITELY GO! Thank you Ian, Laura, Athumani, Max + team! We had a mind blowing and life changing experience!