Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide of the Year 2019

He has done it. Our Head Guide on Kilimanjaro has been awarded Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide of the year for 2019. Athumani has been working full time with Ian Taylor Trekking now for 10 years. We are lucky to have the best staff working for us on Kilimanjaro. He has trekked to Everest Base Camp & Island peak and also has dreams of climbing Mount Everest in 2024. DONATE HERE.

Mountain Man

Furthermore, Athumani has worked hard to bring other staff with him. He coaches our team, promotes hard working team members and hand picks our team on the ground.  We have invested in him and and he has invested in us!  With the support of Ian Taylor Trekking, he has helped our team go to college, learn mountain skills, customer service and become mountain guides.  As a result, he is well respected among his colleagues.

Kilimanjaro's Number 1 Guide at Everest Base Camp

Business Man

With Ian Taylor Trekking funding, Athumani has also set up 3 businesses in Tanzania. A small taxi company, mini market and safari vehicle rental business. Athumani has  created so many jobs for his community and family. Athumani showing off his new Safari vehicle

Family Man

Athumani, his wife Mariam and their two beautiful children have made a wonderful live for themselves in Arusha. He is a true testament to hard work, team work, persistence and doing it right, all while bringing others with him.Athumani in his New Store

The Best of the Best

Athumani has proven himself to be the best of the best on Mount Kilimanjaro.  He continues to show that the safety of our clients and teammates is his number one concern. Athumani has help us develop our service along with, our unique 8 day Lemosho route itinerary. Creating a safer journey up and down Kilimanjaro has been our goal and it is working. We are getting 100% success on our unique itinerary.

Kilimanjaro Best Guide Trophy

A Few Words from Athumani

How do you feel after winning the award: This Award means a lot to me, I feel highly recommended in my profession. After winning the award I feel more confident and I will keep working hard for my family, my country and my trekking company. Through winning the award I can raise the credibility of our company which means a lot to me.

This award will increase visibility of how we operate our quality Kilimanjaro climbs on the mountains and hopefully draw new customers. By winning this award I hope it will be a good motivator within our team. Most people who win an award are excited to share the news and I am so excited to about this award. I hope the award increases customer loyalty, by knowing that I am a skilled professional and recognized for my work, team and services we offer.

Mountain Guide Award

Why do I like working on Mount Kilimanjaro:  I like working on the mountain because is job of my dreams. Since I was young, I was always thinking of working on the mountain and finally I found the amazing geological paradise of Kilimanjaro.

I choose the mountain because it is a physical job. It keeps me active and i stay fit mentally and physically. Also this job gives me a comfortable life and opens more doors to me, like getting a chance to visit some countries abroad.

Working on the mountain gives me a chance to meet with people from different parts of the world. I can learn from these people and they can learn from me. There is no greater gift. This makes my job so special.

Kilimanjaro Legends

Thank you Athumani for being the best!  We appreciate you working hard for a decade to make our Kilimanjaro tours the best on the mountain.  Our award winning team on Kilimanjaro welcomes you to the Roof of Africa!  For more information, CONTACT US today.
Mountain Guide of the year

Amani Sedenga

Hi! My name is Amani Sedenga, I am 31 years old, and a proud professional tour guide in Tanzania. I have had the privilege of working in the field for more than 10 years now. I love leading people on Kilimanjaro climbs and also work on adventure Safari’s, Cultural tours, Arusha day tours as well as Mountain trekking.
Working with Ian Taylor Trekking, I have summited Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru for more than 137 times and love helping people fulfil their dreams on Mount Kilimanjaro. When I am not working on the mountain, I love bike, workout and learning new things. In addition to this I am learning Chinese at the moment and love to travel and explore different cities and countries.
Training for the Everest Base Camp Trek

Shabani Insanga

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shabani Insanga and I am a 29 year old professional mountain and tourist guide specializing in trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro. I have summited to Uhuru Peak 19,341feet / 5895 meters more than 165 times and counting and recently returned from Everest Base Camp.
The mountain brings me joy and helps me feel connected to the earth. It is this feeling that I like to bring to my clients. My goal is to always provide a positive experience and help my clients achieve their dream of reaching the Roof of Africa.
Everyone that joins one of the many excursions has a story, a dream they want to fulfill, a personal journey they are called to pursue. Join me on an Ian Taylor Trekking tour and hear my story.
If hiking is not for you, join me on a safari or visit one of the many activities Tanzania has to offer from traditional cooking classes to going on a Tanzanian Safari.
My goal is to one day be a lead guide providing life changing experiences to all the join me.  Come share your story with me and add to the next chapter of your life.

Emanuel Kiula

Firstly, my name is Emanuel Kiula. I’m 26 year old Tanzanian. My tribe is the Maasai tribe and am the first of three children in my family. After school I took up tourism courses in both Mountain and Safari guiding. I also studied wilderness medicine and leadership courses.
Secondly, I speak few international languages, English, Chinese and German. All of which stands me in good stead on Kilimanjaro. From trainee to licensed Guide I worked on Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro for over 5 years. I climbed Kilimanjaro over
102 times and I have climbed Mount Meru over 25 times.
Finally, I have good communication and management skills and highly committed to working with Ian Taylor Trekking teams. Hopefully see you on Kilimanjaro.
International Tourism Award for Ian Taylor Trekking
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