Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide of the Year 2019

He has done it. Our Head Guide on Kilimanjaro has been awarded Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide of the year for 2019. Athumani has been working with Ian Taylor Trekking now for 8 years full time and we are lucky to have the best staff working for us on Kilimanjaro. He has trekked to Everest Base Camp & Island peak and has dreams of climbing Everest.

Athumani has worked hard to bring other staff with him. He coaches our staff, promotes hard working team members and hand picks our team on the ground, while getting a cut of the business. With Ian Taylor Trekking support, he has helped our team go to college, learn mountain skills, customer service and become Mountain Guides.

Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide of the Year 2019

With Ian Taylor Trekking funding, Athumani has also set up 3 businesses in Tanzania. A small taxi company, mini market and safari vehicle rental business.

He has a beautiful wife Mariam and two beautiful children. Athumani is a true testament to hard work, team work, persistence and doing it right, while bringing everyone with him.

Athumani has proven himself to be the best of the best on Mount Kilimanjaro showing that safety of clients and teams is his number one concern. Taking people on the 8 day Lemosho route gives a safer journey up and down Kilimanjaro.

Here is a word from the man himself: This Award means a lot to me, I feel highly recommended in my profession. After winning the award I feel more confident and I will keep working hard for my family, my country and my trekking company. Through winning the award I can raise the credibility of our company which means a lot to me.

This award will increase visibility of how we operate our quality Kilimanjaro climbs on the mountains and hopefully draw new customers. By winning this award I hope it will be a good motivator within our team. Most people who win an award are excited to share the news and I am so excited to about this award. I hope the award increases customer loyalty, by knowing that I am a skilled professional and recognized for my work, team and services we offer.

Why do I like working on Mount Kilimanjaro:  I like working on the mountain because is job of my dreams, since I was young I was always thinking of working on the mountain and finally I found the amazing geological paradise of Kilimanjaro.

I choose the mountain because it is a physical job which keeps me active and i stay fit mentally and physically. Also this job gives me a comfortable life and opens more doors to me, like getting a chance to visit some countries abroad.

Working on the mountain gives me a chance to meet with people from different parts of the world. I can learn from these people and they can learn from me. There is no greater gift. This makes my job so special.

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