20 Reasons to Climb Kilimanjaro with Ian Taylor Trekking

We offer you 20 compelling reasons why you should choose us for your Kilimanjaro adventure. We have been organizing high quality climbs up Kilimanjaro for over 17 years! From our experienced guides to our top-notch equipment, each of these reasons has been carefully curated to ensure we deliver the best trekking experience possible. O yea, we have Kilimanjaro’s Number 1 Guide leading our team. Check out our upcoming trips.

Kilimanjaro – All You Need to Know

Moreover, we have dedicated a webpage featuring essential advice, practical tips, and effective training methods that will be instrumental for your Kilimanjaro trek.

This page encapsulates the most important information in a user-friendly format so you can easily navigate through, further enhancing your preparation for the trek. We aim to equip you with all the necessary knowledge and tools to conquer Kilimanjaro safely and enjoyably.

Kilimanjaro's Number 1 Guide

20 Reasons to Climb Kilimanjaro with Ian Taylor Trekking

Here are 20 reasons to consider joining an Ian Taylor Trekking team up Kilimanjaro.  Once you read the following, then GET IN TOUCH today to book a place on one of our trips to the Roof of Africa! Read some REVIEWS. We have people joining our teams from around the world and we lead the way in running high quality trips up Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro from Ireland

1). Our Award Winning Team

We have two full-time staff members on the ground in Tanzania. Our head guide was voted Best Kilimanjaro Guide in 2019.  This offers you far more consistency on Kilimanjaro and our service on the ground is second to none.

Our team and service offers you a safer and far more enjoyable experience when you climb Kilimanjaro over 8 days using Kosovo Camp as High Camp.  Ian Taylor Trekking only offers high quality treks with fresh food and professional guides on the ground alongside 5 days a week office support from our staff before the trip.


2). Support the Community

We support a local orphanage, giving help and support to children in need. Why not join one of our climbs and then visit the children and brings books, toys and gifts. We also support our local team, helping numerous people each year further their education, buy land and start their own businesses on the ground.

The Trail on Day 1 up the Lemosho Route

3). Quality Run Kilimanjaro Tours

We only run quality Kilimanjaro climbs with more staff and better food. We use four and five star hotels in Arusha to make sure your stay in Arusha is very comfortable.  Read some REVIEWS from our trips.

We pay our staff correctly and do not over load them with weight. We do not cut corners on any aspects of our trips. If you want the best overall experience on Kilimanjaro, then join an Ian Taylor Trekking trip today!


4). Information and Advice Before your Climb

We offer personal service with training advice 5 days a week. A lot of people underestimate the Kilimanjaro challenge and, as a result, are coming underprepared. As an example, there are some long days covering over 22km with over 1,245m/ 4,085 feet of up and 2,800m/ 9,186 feet down hill, on steep terrain and at high altitude.

This trip is strenuous and therefore you need specific physical strength and endurance.  We have professional training advice available to you 5 days a week. All you have to do is e-mail us info@iantaylortrekking.com and we can schedule calls with you as often as needed. We look forward to hearing from you.

Looking Towards Karanga Camp on Kilimanjaro

5). Knowledgeable Staff

Sign up to one of our trips and you will have access to professional advice, from staff who have personally made the journey many times. Our office staff have climbed Kilimanjaro more than most people in all months of the year, therefore we are in the perfect position to help you understand the most important information in your Kilimanjaro preparation.

We will help you understand the daily training you should be doing and what clothing and gear you should bring. Likewise, our staff can also help you understand more about altitude, lack of oxygen, elevation gains and distances up and down the Kilimanjaro trail.


6). Access to Ian Taylor

Personal access to Ian and the rest of our team so we can answer all your questions. Ian has climbed Mount Everest to the top, led over 40+ Kilimanjaro climbs and led Kilimanjaro climbs on the Rongai, Marangu, Northern circuit, Western breach, Machame and Lemosho Routes.

However, most of our trips will be run on the Lemosho Route using Kosovo Camp as High Camp. This offers you the safest and most enjoyable experience climbing Kilimanjaro. Join one of our trips, then you can get access to real experience and quality professional advice.

The Ian Taylor Trekking Kilimanjaro Team

7). Building the Best Team

We have over 12 years of experience managing teams on the ground in Tanzania.  As a result, this has helped us master the service and systems required to give people life changing experiences.  Our head guide has been To Everest Base Camp, Island peak and the US.

His goal is to climb Mount Everest and reach for the top of Everest after climbing Kilimanjaro over 400 times. Likewise, our team is well connected on the ground with access to all the key organization and authorities.

All our guides and staff are passionate about the mountain, local history, culture and their home Country of Tanzania. In addition to this, our team will deliver the best and safest experience possible. We can guarantee that.


8). Safety is our Number One Concern

We carry oxygen and have fully trained medical support staff on all of our Kilimanjaro climbs.  As we climb above 3,500m/ 11,500 feet and into high altitude, you need to be evaluated daily.

Also, as we move into the lower realm of the death zone at 5,500m/18,000 feet, you need to have access to oxygen and a medically trained team. Because of this, we have 1 to 1 support on all our summit night climbs.  Read some REVIEWS from our quality Kilimanjaro climbs.

Our Dome Tent on Kilimanjaro

9). We Use Only High Quality Gear

We use quality Mountain Hard Wear tents. The tents we use are 4 person tents for sleeping and only 2 people per tent. This offers more warmth, comfort and space for you. We use Mountain Hard Wear dome tents for dining with quality chairs.

This gives you the best possible environment for your rest, which is critical to your overall experience and comfort on Kilimanjaro.


10). Two Nights in the Hotel in Arusha

We include two hotel nights in Arusha, one before and one after your climb.  These rooms are on a shared basis and also include breakfast!  We use a range of four and five star hotels in Arusha, giving you a comfortable place to sleep before and after your climb. You can ask us for further information.

The Group Leaving the Hotel to Start the CLimb

11). More Comfort on the Mountain

After a long day of trekking, we want to make sure you have a comfortable spot to call home for the night!  Therefore, we provide you with nice seating for your Kilimanjaro climb.

Having comfortable tents to sleep in and a large mess tent to go to in the evenings, gives you a chance to sit with your teammates and enjoy the down time you have on the mountain.  We want you to be in a comfortable position with as little stress as possible while on the mountain.


12). Helping you Stay Healthy and Clean

We provide you with water for washing morning and night on all our Kilimanjaro climbs. We have hot water for hand washing outside our dining tent at all times. Hygiene is so important for safe and enjoyable climb.

We provide a number of portable toilets throughout the whole climb. We also provide a security team to watch your tents and equipment   Enjoy some comforts, good food and good times with our exceptional staff on Kilimanjaro.

Sunrise Near the Summit of Kilimanjaro

13). Excellent Food

We serve you three, three course meals each day on the trail. READ MORE information about our food service on our Kilimanjaro climbs. We can guarantee quality food throughout the climb. You will experience freshly made soup for lunch and dinner and we do not cut any corners.

We know we need to fuel your adventure so we only serve professional grade meals each day, cooked by our amazing chefs Ede, Juma and Said.  Furthermore, we also have 3 to 6 kitchen staff on any given trip. You will meet Nelson, Enock and Samuel. All the same staff, all the time on Kilimanjaro.


14). Excellent Chefs

We have a quality chef and sous chefs on all our treks. We have the same chefs on all our Kilimanjaro climbs and we pay them very well for their amazing work. That is why they keep coming back to work with Ian Taylor Trekking year after year.

The service, food and quality are what is drawing people to our Kilimanjaro climbs. We are working with the chefs to write a book called ‘Food of Kilimanjaro’ we hope we can get some funding soon and get this project off the ground.

Athumani with Kilimanjaro in the Background

15). And Excellent Porters

Our porters will carry a maximum of 15kg/ 33lbs of your personal gear on the trail. Some companies are overloading staff, however we do not. We actually have more staff on the mountain in support of your Kilimanjaro ascent.

If you sign up to one of our trips, then we will provide you with a 40+ page Dossier on the trip with all the information you need to be successful. It will also include an itemized kit list for you to review and we will help you get the right clothing advice for your Kilimanjaro climb.

Watch our PACKING VIDEO as it is the most viewed packing video on You Tube. Most people are getting their Kilimanjaro information for us. READ MORE.


16). Congratulations Meal

After you have completed your Kilimanjaro Climb, then we will leave the park and head five minutes down the road for your final meal with the team.  The spot we will have lunch is a great stop where you can clean up in a nice bathroom, do a bit of souvenir shopping and enjoy your final meal prepared by our team!

This meal is included in the trip. You will be presented with your certificate of achievement and we will enjoy a beautiful meal before heading back to Arusha for well deserved shower.

Looking Towards the Summit of Kilimanjaro

17). We Support the Communities we Work in

We support projects in all the areas we operate in. Above all, we want to give back to the areas that have provided for us!  After Climbing Mount Everest to the summit, Ian and his climbing partner raised enough money to build the Mount Everest Primary school, which is located in the neighboring country of Uganda.

In the Kilimanjaro area, we support an orphanage for children in need. In Nepal, we have built two schools and help the Goli Village Trust, which we helped establish. Ian is also aiming to climb Kilimanjaro 50 times to raise money for funds for water projects in East Africa.


18). Friendly and Knowledgeable Guides

If you want learn about the the Tanzanian people, then you want to learn from the best. All our tour guides are only too happy to join you at each meal and talk about their journey and help you understand their people and where they come from.

With more days on the mountain you will have time to really learn from them and in addition to this, they want to learn from you. Come and learn from the best.

The First Lunch on The Mountain on Kilimanjaro

19). Smaller Group Sizes

We only work with small group sizes. The maximum number of people per team will be 10 people. Most of our groups are between six and ten people, thus giving you are more personalized experience on your Kilimanjaro challenge.

You can move as a team and experience more about the mountain from our staff.  The only larger teams we have are when Ian Taylor is leading the team himself!

Heading up the Barranco Wall on Kilimanjaro

20). One to One Support Staff on the Summit

We have a ratio of 1 guide to 2 people on our treks and 1 to 1 support on the summit night.  Therefore offering you a more personal service, safer experience and trip of a lifetime.

CONTACT US for more information on our quality Kilimanjaro climbs. Read some REVIEWS and book early to secure you space. We can sell out fast.


20 Reasons to Climb Kilimanjaro with Ian Taylor Trekking

I hope you found these 20 reasons to climb Kilimanjaro with Ian Taylor Trekking useful. Why not give us a call and we can guide you through the reasons our itinerary and service will set you up for success on Kilimanjaro.

Pick up the phone CALL US or EMAIL US and find out all the information you need to be safe and successful climbing Kilimanjaro.

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