What Vaccinations do I Need for my Kilimanjaro Climb

Are you looking to travel to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, then there are a few vaccines you need to consider getting!  Firstly, you need to do is to consult your doctor to make sure you should be joining a team to climb Kilimanjaro. You need to be fit, strong and in good physical shape before deciding to join the adventure. If you are concerned about your health and fitness, then you need to speak with your doctor.  Once you have clearance from them, then Contact Us and we can help you develop a training plan that it critical for success.

Yellow Fever Certificate

Do I need a yellow fever certificate arriving in Tanzania? The answer is NO. However, you DO need the yellow fever certificate if you are traveling from or are traveling through a country that has yellow fever. Therefore, we suggest keeping up with the CDC or your local travel medical center to find out what vaccines are currently recommended for travel to Tanzania.

However, Tanzania does NOT have Yellow Fever in the country, so they only require you to show proof of vaccine for Yellow Fever if you are from a country that does have Yellow Fever.  Also, if you in transit for more than 12 hours in an airport located in a country with risk of Yellow Fever Virus transmission, then you will also have to show proof of the vaccine.

Recommended Vaccinations for your Kilimanjaro

1). Tetanus

2). Hepatitis A

3). Typhoid

4). Hepatitis B

5). Rabies

6). Poliomyelitis

7). Cholera

8). Malaria Precautions

9). Yellow Fever only if, traveling from a country with the Virus

All you Need to Know about Climbing Kilimanjaro

For more information on everything you need to know about Kilimanjaro, CLICK HERE. We are experts with a combined 50 climbs of the peak and with full time staff on the ground. Therefore, we are your number one resource for the climb and if you sign up to one of our trips, then we will be available to assist with all your questions to make sure you come fully prepared for the journey. All our office staff have climbed Kilimanjaro numerous times and our head guide was voted Kilimanjaro’s Number One Guide.  Feel free to read some reviews from our trips and get in touch for further information.

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