On the way to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 50 times

I am on the way to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 50 times. I usually climb Kilimanjaro 3 or 4 times a year and really want to highlight the work of Fields of Life. I have had long standing relationship with Fields of Life and they do amazing work across East Africa.

Learn more about the Mt. Everest school in Uganda

Watch this video above filmed at the Mount Everest primary school in Kitandwe Uganda. I played a very small part in making this school thrive. Fields of Life have led the way, changing thousands of children’s lives across Uganda and East Africa. Fields of Life was born in Ireland but have branched out to the UK and US.

Supporting a great charity

I serve as President to the US board for Fields of Life and can stand over the standards and financial responsibility and over standards of the organisation. I know the money is going directly to the projects and the heart of the organisation is about sharing love and hope for all. Right now I have 33 summits under my belt.

We need your help

A child dies every 90 seconds for water related diseases, so there is a lot of work to do.I would like to ask you to help me reach my target of 2 million dollars for education and water projects in East Africa. I would like to raise these funds over the next 10 years or sooner if possible. If you can connect me to big companies, donors and funds that can help us reach more people. We need your help. CONTACT US.

On the way to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 50 times