Review of my 22nd Kilimanjaro Summit

Review of my 22nd Kilimanjaro Summit

I am back in Arusha after my 22nd Summit and climb of Kilimanjaro. At this stage Ian Taylor Trekking have put over 1,000 people on the summit with great success. We can achieve this with the right team on the ground, proper acclimatization, quality food and professional mountain support. Our team on the ground have been training for years to modify and perfect our service on the ground.  Their hard work over the last number of years is really paying off for each and every trip we run.

Ian Taylor Trekking group in Arusha

On this climb we had Irish, Canadian and Spanish team members, all prepared well for the trip and came with the right attitude. Training hard before arriving on the ground in Tanzania. I was impressed with the group and because they came prepared they jelled well and worked well together.

Big tree camp on Kilimanjaro

You have to remember a few things that are really important about going to high altitude. First of all the daily distances, weight you carry and the nature of the terrain. You are walking up and down hill over 8 days with a 5/6kg backpack from 3 to 15 hour days. The journey to the summit is 1,300m from the high camp to the summit and back down to Mweka camp. This is a 2,800m drop in elevation in the same. It is hard to train for such an event at extreme high altitude but you can can get excellent physical strength and conditioning in the body if you build up training over a 6 month period.

The team on route to the lava tower 4,600m

The most important decision the clients made was to go on an 8 day climb. The Lemosho route over 8 days, in my opinion gives the best chance at success. This route gives excellent acclimatization at lower altitude and decreases the risk of dangerous high altitude illness. The battle against the lack of oxygen is the real battle on Kilimanjaro so the more time your body has to adapt the better chance to have of being successful.

The whole team on the summit of Kilimanjaro

The support we offer on the mountain is second to none, with 3 climbs down this year do far and 100% success rate it seems my approach to climbing Kilimanjaro is working really well.

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