What is the Best Route to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

The best route to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is the Lemosho Route. We are getting 100% success on most of our trips when we use Kosovo Camp, above Barafu hut for the summit push. In our opinion the Lemosho route is the most scenic route on the mountain and the route that has the best acclimatization for a safe, enjoyable and successful ascent of Kilimanjaro. Read some reviews from our trips.

Here’s Why

We have Kilimanjaro’s Number 1 Guide leading our team. We have led over 250 Kilimanjaro climbs over the last 15 years. We have climbed Kilimanjaro in 5 days, 6 days, 7 days, 8 days and 9 days. We have climbed on all routes and in all weather conditions, and we have come to the conclusion that the Lemosho Route with Kosovo Camp as your high camp gives the best overall experience on the mountain. Read some REVIEWS from our trips.

Walking towards the Shira Camp

We Have the Experience on Kilimanjaro

When you sign up to a trip to Kilimanjaro with us, our main concern is giving you the best experience, while focusing on learning and safety. The Lemosho Route has it all. In terms of daily distances, time hiking, amount of people, and the best acclimatization, it is the best option.  The Lemosho Route gives you a real sense of adventure. With the help of the new road they are building along the west side of Kilimanjaro, to start the journey, you will have to cross rugged terrain on a 3 – 4 hour off road drive to reach the Londrossi Gate. So from the start of the journey it is a true adventure!

Stunning Views on the Lemosho Route

The Lemosho Route is Better than the Machame Route

The Lemosho Route has less people on it, until it meets up to the Machame Route on day 4. This Lemosho route gives you the best diversity in each of your hiking days. You will have one short day, followed by a longer day, then another shorter day, and so on.  This gives your body a chance to adjust to the daily routine.  Also, this allows time for the body to recover after a tough day of trekking.  The goal throughout the trek is to save as much energy as you can for the summit night and day.  By following a trail that naturally gives you shorter ‘rest’ days, it gives you the best chance of a safe and successful summit night.  The Machame Route unfortunately does not allow for this.

The Machame Route is one of the busier routes on the mountain. The Machame route is an easier route to access and is generally done in less days that the Lemosho Route.  For these reasons, it is a MUCH busier route than the Lemosho Route and also makes for a more uncomfortable journey up the iconic mountain.  If you are looking for a more authentic trip up the mountain, with less people, than the Machame Route would NOT be the one for you. CONTACT US for more information on our trips up Kilimanjaro.

The Barranco Camp on the Lemosho Route up Kilimanjaro

We Have Brought Thousands of People to Kilimanjaro

After watching thousands of people safely reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro I can honestly say that people get the best and safest experience with a minimum of 8 days on the Lemosho Route. We know that more acclimatization means better safety and therefore more success on the mountain.

We also know that enjoying the journey is just as important, if not more so, than standing on the summit. Breaking up the journey with more days not only makes it better for your chance of success, but it is also better for the staff.  Staff carrying heavy loads up the mountain have an easier time going up and down the mountain in more days.  Likewise, they get paid more for being on the mountain longer. READ MORE.

Reaching the top of the Barranco Wall

More Acclimatization = Better Chance of Success

The more time you spend acclimatizing to low levels of oxygen, gives you a more relaxing experience on your adventure. Not only will you enjoy the trip much more without the stress of worrying about the altitude.  You will also be allowing yourself the best chance at safely reaching the summit. We are here to assist you and give you the correct information you need.

We have a wealth of knowledge on the region and are in the office 5 days a week to help answer your questions. Check out our videos and read more of our pages and blog posts about your climb of Africa’s Highest Peak! You can always just pick up the phone and call us or drop us an email anytime. We are based in Eagle-Vail, Colorado and would love to hear from you. CONTACT US

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