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Consider Ian Taylor Trekking, they offer the entire “Package” when it comes to EBC Treks.  Ian’s company is a market leader in Nepalese treks.  He is an enthusiast and knows the formula for making his treks stand out as some of the very best.  He and Laura, Ian’s wife, live in Colorado and have every aspect of their treks choreographed down to the nth degree.  Check it out, call Ian and talk with him about doing one of his adventures.  He does not hit bottom on anything you ask.  I am sure you will be amazed as I was in his depth of knowledge.  Items like suggesting I fly through Abu Dhabi to avoid long layovers was not too minuscule for him to point out.  He is not an office dweller, Ian leads several of his treks each year so he can stay up-to-date on all aspects of his itineraries.  To give you a few more tidbits, Ian has such a high success rate of trekkers making it to the EBC because of his acclimatization approach which includes three nights in Namche Bazaar.  It is well known that the best guides tend to work for the Market Leaders and why not, who wants to work that hard for second-tier tour operator.  Rest assured, ITT guides and ground staff in Kathmandu are truly top-shelf with a safety first approach.  Another big selling point is that Ian knows all the best Tea houses and just as important, they know him.  These are very important relationships to have during high season as accommodations get thin the higher up you go.  In summary, as with any rigorous adventure, there are many moving parts with harmony and execution being established only after many proven successes.  Ian Taylor Trekking is a very safe choice coupled with having a high chance of make it to the EBC.   To show you that is a legitimate review, take a look at my 2018 EBC Ian Taylor trek on You tube Wes Rawlins, Everest Base Camp Trek 2018. 

I went to Kilimanjaro February 2018 and had the best time of my life.. I couldn’t really fault the planning and schedule of the trip and the weather was perfect so happy days all round.. the tour guides and porters will live with me forever…they used to call me corporal captain and sergeant cause I wore some army rain gear it was hilarious.. the group was so diverse yet we bonded so well.. go go go. live life. Ian and his wife were with us all the way…fabulous people but not as funny as me… can’t thank you guys enough.. Paul from bray.. Paul O’Carroll, Kilimanjaro February 2018.

I just wanted to thank you both for making our African holiday one to remember. Both the climb and safari were fantastic. Staff in both areas were second to none and are a credit to your company. The entire family is raving about our time in Africa, Johnson our safari guide was fantastic, the orphanage visit was great, Kilimanjaro staff were fantastic. Jason Kildare, Kilimanjaro and Safari August 2018.

Suffice to say Ian, if I could be giving the trip marks out of 10, I’d be giving it 12… There was no part of it that was less than a ’10’ anyway, from the craic in the group, to the amazing food up the mountains, to the expert care and attention and patience from yourself and the lads (William, Percy, Benjamin) and all  this apart from the amazing places you brought us. I hope you got some time to relax after the heavy week you put in (because you are so so fit and found the hiking easier than the rest of us, it was easy to forget at times that you were working, taking care of us 24/7)  I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t remember to offer to bring something home for you for your parents in Leixlip, it’s only over the road from us. Both John and I have been raving about ‘Ian Taylor Trekking ‘ since we came home, so I hope yours and Laura’s business will thrive for a long long time. I can’t imagine a better way to explore the world than with yourselves. So long Ian, thanks again for everything, enjoy all your adventures and keep safe! Cathleen Mc Dermott, Inca Trail July 2018.

“You are 66, jaded and faded…kinda irrelevant. Your past is memories, your future no longer dreams. Someone points you to a bucket list, ‘where would you like to go?’. Without really thinking you say ‘Machu Picchu’. Suddenly you’re on the Inca Trail. But not alone. Memories of marathons past kick in. Muscle memory awakens, Dead Woman’s Pass is conquered. Downwards, upwards, beauty intertwined with history. Life caught on the horns of modernity as Highland Peru gives up its precious secrets. Children and colourful people greet you. No need for language when a cheesy smile, a high five and fist bump do your talking. Finally the Sun Gates and beneath the magic of Machu Picchu . You have arrived. Your soul and inner spirit found each other through silence and talk, through ups and downs on the trail. This, my friends, would not be possible without Ian Taylor Trekking. Ian and his amigos Percy, Benjamin and William Wallace, true representatives of the Incas and Peru. Ian’s 40 porters, Three chefs, gourmet cuisine atop the mountains. Thank you for opening another window in my soul” John Cuffe, Inca Trail July 2018.

Thank you for putting together and providing us with an absolutely amazing time in Peru.  The pictures I have in my head are still like WOW and I can’t stop grinning and smiling whenever I get asked how it went – sure they can’t stop me talking about all I saw and experienced, it really was brilliant. I know you and Kieran planned and worked on the itinerary together but the input from you and your ground staff was invaluable and that is what made the holiday so incredible. You have a great guy in Percy, who together with William and Benjamin, ensured that the whole group made it to every site, whilst giving us a wonderful insight into the local history and the people of Peru and never letting us feel that we were a pain.  I felt privileged to hear them tell me about their lives, their families and their beautiful country.  When Percy took my down to the Winay Wayna Inka site, I thought I would cry – my mobile camera was never going to capture what I was seeing!  Then we got to the Sun Gate at Macchu Pichu and I knew I had lost it, I am never going to be able to explain how I felt at that moment to anybody.  I am going to get myself a book on the history of Peru, however, in respect to William I will make sure it is not by Hiram Bingham!   Also, I will always remember the Porters and the Chefs – their amazing strength, endurance and always with a smile will stay with me forever.   The delicious food provided every single day was amazing especially when I saw what they had to work with – I take my hat off to them. Maria O’Keeffe, Inca Trail July 2018

I wanted to thank you and your team so much for organizing our trek. We were constantly impressed along the way with your help and professionalism from the moment we interacted in the US. Our team was awesome. Our American friends now friends for life. How lucky were we to trek with such a great team?! Our porters and guides were outstanding. Athumani was of course amazing and a great leader obviously respected by his team. His sense of humor and calm manner were appreciated! We know it’s not easy to strike the balance with a group with many worries and concerns and we found ourselves easily trusting our guides.  Ian and Laura – it was obvious that you are highly respected by your guys in Arusha. All we met were so happy to work with you. This fact helped offset just how bad we felt as we watched the young porters carry heavy loads on neck and shoulders. We really lucked out with you guys in all respects and will of course highly recommend you to friends with this goal in mind. We hope to join you on another trip in the future! Let us know how we can in any way promote you or help the guys on our team. They definitely stole our hearts and won our deep respect! India and I had a great safari ( Lemala camps were very special), and are now off to Zanzibar for few days before heading home. We are very humbled by our experience. We definitely fell in love with Kili and Tanzania! Rose Burdon, Kilimanjaro June 2018

“Recently l returned from Everest Base Camp. In great measure, l must attribute my modest success in this endeavor to the organization, the planning, and the staff of Ian Taylor Trekking. Before embarking on this venture, I carefully studied other trekking options but none of them seemed as well conceived or meticulously structured as the Ian Taylor option. These points were the basis of my using Ian Taylor but of much greater significance in all this, as l soon discovered, was the quality of the people comprising the group—including Ian and his wife Laura. These are genuine human beings who give a damn about every facet of their operation, especially the welfare of their clients. They can be trusted to do the right thing under any and all conditions and that includes the selection of the support personnel (indeed, l consider the Sherpa who led our trek my younger brother from Nepal!) In sum then, l endorse the services of Ian Taylor Trekking without hesitation to anyone interested in an extraordinary high altitude adventure”. M.A. Soupios,PhD, Everest Base Camp Trek May 2018.

I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed our trek to Everest Base Camp. The whole trip was brilliantly organised, you were massively kind and helpful fielding so many questions and getting us set before we left and, from the minute we landed to the minute we left, the whole experience was seamless. Your team on the ground is an absolute credit to you. Dawa, Dhillilp, Pasang, Dickie, Kansa and Kay could not have given us a better experience and are wonderful people. They were extremely professional, continually going above and beyond, and we had no doubt that we were in safe hands. We really enjoyed our group (10 girls and 1 guy!) and the fact that Dawa got everyone up and down added to the fun and experience. Meals and tea houses were great. It felt like we were on a 5* trekking trip! You see quite a bit of poverty in the area but it really came across that you, as a company, do the right thing and operate to high ethical standards and I was glad to have made the trip with you guys. Georgina Hutchinson, Everest Base Camp Trek April 2018.

What a fantastic trip, one that I will never forget. Sharing this adventure with old friends was priceless and meeting new ones will be a story to tell for the ages.  Your team was tremendous from the day we arrived to the day we left. Everybody was so helpful. Although everyone on the team was a pleasure to be around, I wanted to give a special shout out to Kalden and Chirring. Their knowledge, history of the region, and their general caring for the group I cannot put into words. Personally, I am not sure if I would have made it to EBC without them.  You have been lucky to find two dedicated people to project your company forward. I wish you and your team every success for the future and look forward to taking another trip with you in the coming years. Steven McMenamin, Everest Base Camp April 2018

Kilimanjaro was amazing.  Loved it.  It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, except for the summit night.Your entire team were absolutely amazing down to the last one.  Athumani (King) is a natural leader and would be a success in whatever culture he was born into.  I watched the way he observed each of us and picked up our strengths and weaknesses, and then quietly went about resolving any issues he observed. He is genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met.  Maximilian has charisma to burn and will also be a great asset as a head guide. He and King very obviously had the love and respect of the rest of the porters.  King seems to have the respect of every other team on the mountain as well.  The chefs were brilliant with really high quality food (once I could eat again after the gastro).  Freedom carried my gear and was fantastic throughout.  A big kudos to Novatus, who performed security and took his role very seriously, never complaining about standing out in the cold.  He got my thermals at the end of the trip.  The entire group of boys got on well and very obviously knew their roles and took pride in performing them well.  The interaction with them and our attempts at learning Swahili was one of the highlights of the trek.  Nothing was too much trouble for them, to the point that sometimes I actually felt a bit embarrassed at how much they would do for us. The Safaris were equally enjoyable.  Johnston was a knowledgeable, friendly and likable guide, who also has some pretty good driving skills. These were displayed when a series of vehicle were bogged in Serengeti and he managed to get us through easily and then go back and drive a couple of the other vehicles out.  It may sound strange, but one of the highlights was Jordan, Johnston and I digging a truck out of the bog, while the girls performed lion watch.  (t was in a large expansive plain with unobstructed views for miles, so don’t worry about us being out of the vehicle).  Some role reversal with the locals watching us work, but their show of gratitude when we got them out of the bog was heartwarming.  The vehicle, accommodation and itinerary, along with the range of animals and landscapes observed, were all excellent and we all really enjoyed the entire experience.  King was very positive about you and Ian Taylor Trekking and the way you look after all the boys, which made me very happy that I had chosen you to travel with.  I did see some other teams that didn’t seem to have the same positivity and camaraderie that our team had.  Our boys were without doubt the most enthusiastic singers.  Definitely will recommend Ian Taylor Trekking to anyone considering Kili or a safari. Dale Mc Cahon, Kilimanjaro Jan 2018

I just wanted to thank the both of you and your wonderful team for an amazing trip. My dad and I had an absolute blast. I truly loved every minute of the trek. Everyone was so great on making sure that we made it to Mt. Everest Base camp. I couldn’t thank everyone enough for all the support and making sure that we enjoyed ourselves. Colin Murphy, Everest Base Camp, November 2017. 

I am not too sure how I came across you. I think i heard of you through 53 degrees north but I may be mistaken. It was my good fortune though. The trip was brilliant. Amazing. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 1. The preparation: your video of what clothes to pack for ebc sums up your attention to detail. I followed it verbatim and duly wore everything I brought! Perfect. All my emails with Laura were super helpful and she always happened ” to be just beside a computer ” as I got instant replies! 2. Fitness: I found the walking very easy. The only real challenge was Kala phater which was for me the highlight. Myself, Pete, Will, Ong chu, Tendi and NIma.  A special moment. But thinking back on our group, the ones who were fittest I think got the most out of the trip. Sure you can do ebc not being too fit but you won’t enjoy it. 3. Sherpas: no words can describe how good dawa, Ong chu , Nima, Tendi, Pasang and Kumar were. I had total faith in them. I have never been so well minded as I was by them. They kept the group together , controlled the pace. If I go back to Nepal they will ultimately be the reason why. They are special people. When I got sick in Dingboche each and every one of them was up to check on me! They wanted me better:).  4. Accommodation and Food. I have no doubt but we got the best places to stay and even in those places we always seemed to get the best tables! The food was cr/ap :). However I didn’t go for the food!!! I have never gone meat free for 12 days before. It did me no harm whatsoever. Just to be clear I know we had the best food available… 5. The Group. I could have gone with an All Irish group but I am so glad I didn’t. The diversity of our group was such a delight. We all mixed very well. I debated getting a single supplement but in hindsight I am delighted I didn’t. Rooming with a stranger is all part of the experience. I shared with Peter. Top guy. Fitness levels were mixed but the Sherpa’s controlled it all perfectly. For me it was a novelty moving slowly and not “pushing” all the time.  6. Acclimatization days. Didn’t understand the concept before. I do now. You have it nailed. 7. Sick. I got sick as you may have heard in Dingboche. It was definitely food related and I guess altitude may have exacerbated the situation. Food was always going to be my Achilles heel. Dawa looked after me very well. However having Will there was the probable difference between me recovering promptly and carrying on or of being left behind in Dingboche. Will was a medic in the U.S army and a long distance runner. Fortunately Dawa and Will got me re hydrated and I bounced and was able to carry on. The group carried my gear for me as we walked to Lobuche as I clearly wasn’t 100%. I am very grateful to the Group, Will and Dawa …….the day after I was perfectly fine. Fergal O’Dwyer, Everest Base Camp Trek November 2017 

Laura and Ian , just wanted to drop you an email complementing the entire group of people that we were with on our Mera Peak climb. Everyone was super professional and super dedicated to doing a great job for us. Ang Kami and Ong Chu were excellent climbing guides and handled everything perfectly. We were always confident in whatever they were doing.  The other guides such as Tendi were excellent as well as the porters and cook staff. I can’t say enough how impressed we were with your entire operation. Thanks for everything. Barry Shopnick, Mera Peak October 2017 

While I am waiting for my last plane ride home, I would like to echo what Barry had already mentioned. I am still highly impressed by the organization and conduction of this trip. Ang Kami was a superb lead guide, in fact, we could not have had a better guide. Superb knowledge and ability to handle problems, all while being a great guy.
Same holds true for Ong Chu. Very detailed gear check, extremely attentive to our climbing gear , ropes carabiners etc, they would pick up any small imperfection and fix it before proceeding. Tendi was also great, complementing the climbing Sherpa team.
Dilip was a fantastic cook, with an affectionate big smile always. The porters they had picked were also great guys all around. I was surprised how careful our duffel bags were handled and how clean they still were at the end of the trip. The differences of your outfit compared to others became blatantly apparent on the mountain itself. In my mind, we were the only professionally lead team, with a huge focus on safety and a good safety margin for unforeseeable events. Dawa and Kay were master organizers in the background, and I still feel bad how quickly they got us out of Lukla by passing folks who had been stuck there for days and had already missed their flights home.
Thank you all for putting this fantastic trip together and for getting us safely up and down the mountain.  I will highly recommend your company. Martin Zammert, Mera Peak October 2017

Nepal is spectacular and the people are amazing. Had a really great time, and was a little anxious about getting up Island Peak but you, Ang Kami, Pasang, Dilip, Dorjee and Kalden (hope i,m not missing anyone) made it remarkably easy and enjoyable. Hope to join you on future expeditions buddy! Ruairi Nealon, Island peak October 2017

I just successfully summited Kilimanjaro a couple of weeks ago with Ian Taylor, and it was an experience of a lifetime. My group was fortunate to have Ian lead our trek, although I would have been fully confident in his team given my recent observation of them. Ian and his team truly makes the mountain your home away from home. I truly appreciated their obsession with reducing the risk of injury or decrease in one’s health or vital signs They are very experienced and knowledgeable about the requirements to successfully summit, and this was apparent as we witnessed a number of other groups turning back due to numerous issues, but I suspect that those groups were attempting to ascend at an ill-advised rate or without the required support. Although the trek was a challenge, Ian’s training recommendations and tips prepared us f or the challenge ahead. His staff treated us like family, and attended to a ll our needs and were genuine in all their efforts. They opened my eyes to how we should treat each other, they were kind, generous, caring, with an exceptional work ethic. They were truly our brothers on the mountain. I will never forget how safely I felt with this group. Thank you for all that you have done, and for providing such an exceptional experience. Kevin Tom, Kilimanjaro August 2017 

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Ian and yourself for the most incredible experience of a lifetime!  We started this journey over a year ago and it is mind-boggling now that it has come to an end.  It has been truly a life changing experience,  not just a vacation.  As we trekked through the different villages and witnessed first hand the other groups of trekkers and the trekking company’s they were with, we realized if is wasn’t for Ian Taylor Trekking, we wouldn’t have had the incredible experience we did.  Our guides were absolutely amazing! !  There are no words to describe the personal care and attention they gave us every minute of the day and night.  Pasang was one of the most amazing men I have ever met and I am so blessed to have gotten to know him.  All four of our guides were constantly going above and beyond their call of duty.  Thank you so so much for hiring the best of the best.  When the trek was coming to an end, Jen and I were talking about what could have made the trek better concerning Ian Taylor Trekking,  and we honestly couldn’t come up with one single thing!!  Your staff has exceeded every possible expectation!!  Thank you for the advice on our preparation for the trek.  It was not easy and without the preparation it could have been devastating.   We had plenty of challenges but with the help of your awesome guides we were able to accomplish our goals.   The accommodations were always the best in each village so thank you for that as well.  In closing, Ian, yourself, and your staff have completely amazed us and will always have a special place in our hearts!!!  Thanks again, Brandon Smith, Sleeping at Everest Base Camp May 2017.

I just wanted to say thank you for making our trek to Everest Base camp such an Amazing experience! I know this has changed my life! Because of your awesome guides and their great support I was able to accomplish something I never thought I’d do.
I wanted to share something with you that I shared with our team after we got back to Lukla. 9 yrs ago I was in a wheelchair and diagnosed with Chronic Fibromyalgia. I went to the Mayo clinic in Arizona and was told I would never walk again!! I remained in a wheelchair for nearly 2 years until I decided I wasn’t going to accept that fate! I’d struggled with many medical problems through out my life including 37 surgeries.
So I share this with you because I feel that with the support of you and your team you helped make a life time dream come true for me! With all the support and care and personal attention we get with your team while trekking to base camp gave us the encouragement to finish and reach that goal that we came so far across the world to Reach!! So thank you for helping make this possible for me! And for helping me attain something that will change my life Forever!!! Sincerely Jen Smith, Sleeping at Everest Base Camp May 2017

Its very hard to put into words the mind blowing experience you get from Ian Taylor trekking and the hospitality Ian and the Sherpa’s provide… Eoin Mc Kee, Island peak October 2016. 

I have not joined Ian’s group but i have meet him and his guests on a recent Kilimanjaro climb. It was great to see how he took great care of all his team, clients and also porters! I meet them during the day on the trails and also in the evenings at various camps – all was very well organized and his clients all happy. Even I was not in his team Ian was available for me and my various questions regrading equipment and the tour route and that has helped me much. Special thanks to his advice which shoes to take on summit day – if I would have taken my jogging shoes i would have never made it down from the summit:) thank you! Sarah Albert on Kilimanjaro February 2017.

Ian, thanks a million for an incredible and brilliant time. I did not believe it was possible to top the Everest BC experience but this exceeded all expectations. The organisation, the incredible food, the comfortable tents, the incredibly friendly and great craic staff, the African singing and dancing… I could go on forever. A life enhancing experience helped by an organisation, you and your all your staff and contacts that far exceed the word professional. I bring with me memories of the happiest faces I have ever seen in at work. Any pain we endured was temporary, the pride, self esteem and memories we take with us are permanent and priceless… thanks a million to you and all your staff. Brendan Forde, Kilimanjaro February 2017. 

I climbed Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Route in October 2016. Before I went I was a bit apprehensive having not climbed anywhere near 5,895m before. However, Ian’s team were consummate professionals who did absolutely everything in their power to get us to the top and ensured we had a great time while doing so. It was noticeable that the gear we used was superior to other groups on the mountain at the time, which made a huge difference for me. It’s the small things that make a big difference when you are a few days into the trek. The chefs were fantastic and the food was excellent. All the porters were so helpful and cheerful throughout. Our lead guide, Athumani, and his assistant guides were brilliant. They were full of encouragement along the way and I always felt we were in safe hands. I couldn’t fault my trekking experience and wouldn’t hesitate to book another trip through Ian. It was definitely a worthwhile decision with memories to last a lifetime…Eamonn Carolan, Kilimanjaro October 2016

You made 2016 a great year for both Garry & I. Our trip to Everest Base Camp in November was a trip of a life time. We loved it. It will be hard to beat, that’s the only problem. We will definitely be going on another trip with you. It was all so well organised, the tours, accommodation, food & the sherpas  (and even the weather was amazing!).

Thank you! Jean & Garry Kiely, Everest Base Camp November 2016

I Recently returned from a trek to Everest Base Camp in October with Ian Taylor trekking. From the moment I booked, I knew I’d made the right decision . Ian and his wife Laura’s customer service is second to none – they took the time to answer all my questions ensuring I had all the right training and preparation done in advance of the trip. Although the trek was hit by a few setbacks (bad weather, airport closures, altitude sickness etc) it was all part of the adventure and our team remained positive throughout, encouraged every step of the way by Ian and our fantastic team of Sherpa’s. The mountains are spectacular and the Nepali culture is fascinating but for me it was the genuinely good nature of our Sherpa team that made this trip truly unique. Finally making it to base camp after nearly 2 weeks hiking at high altitude and seeing sunrise over Mount Everest is something I will never forget. I have no hesitation in recommending Ian Taylor trekking company to anyone interested in an adventure of a lifetime. In fact, I have already signed up to climb Kilimanjaro next year and hope to return to the Himalayas in 2018. Namaste! Brian Kenny, Everest Base Camp September 2016

We were extremely happy with the team we had with us on the mountains and in Kathmandu as well. All the Sherpa’s were amazing, they took great care of us and we became very fond of them 🙂 We felt everything was well-organized and ran very smooth during the trek, we were completely happy with all the accommodation and food as well. 
We also appreciate all the help you and Laura have provided before the trip answering all our emails. Laura has been extremely patient and helpful with taking all our questions on a daily basis. Overall, we did have an amazing time, thank you for the experience! Zsuzsa Koloszar, Sleeping at Everest Base Camp October 2016 

Hope you are both well! I wanted to drop you a note re: our recent trip to Kilimanjaro! From the initial planning stages to all pre-trip support and questions being answered so timely to finally summiting on Friday 28th October 2016; the service received by your company has been nothing but exceptional!Climbing Kilimanjaro was one of the best things I have ever done and your team on the ground in Arusha is an absolute credit to you! Athumani, William, Emanuelle, King Solomon and Max…. to name just a few…were absolutely brilliant and provided the best support and inspiration possible! The whole experience was truly amazing and I will certainly be back for more! Perhaps Base Camp Everest! Thank you so, so much for a truly wonderful experience!! Angela McCann, Kilimanjaro October 2016

‘I’ve just about settled back into the swing of things by now!!! We had a fantastic time thanks. The memories will last a lifetime. Athumani and all of his team were brilliant, I don’t have a bad word to say about them. They made us all feel very welcome and did everything in their power to get us to the summit. It made a big difference to our experience’. Eamonn Carolan, Kilimanjaro, October 2016

What can I say about Kilimanjaro – it was a trip of a Lifetime and I just want to thank Ian Taylor (who lead the trek) and all involved at Ian Taylor Trekking for making it an amazing experience. From being picked up at the Hotel all the way to the Summit and back to the Hotel again, the team went ‘Above & Beyond’ in making our journey exciting, safe and one that we would remember when we are old and grey. I cant emphasize enough the difference between ITT and some of the other teams we saw on the mountain. The fact that other trekkers came to our camp to look at the set up, food, dining tent etc tells its own story. What was the best bit of the Trip? – has to be the Craic – we had plenty of laughs along the way and we even laughed at one of Ian’s jokes! If you are thinking of doing a Kilimanjaro Trip then DO NOT look anywhere else – do yourself a favour and sign up with Ian Taylor Trekking.I am already looking at EBC in 2018 with ITT and expect it to be every bit as professional as Kili was. THANK-YOU Paul Lindsey, Kilimanjaro August 2016 

I had kilimanjaro on my bucket list for a few years and eventually I decided to do it in 2016. I do a bit of hill-walking in Ireland and had done a week on the Camino in 2014.I went with a friend to a talk by Ian Taylor in 2015 and was impressed with his presentation.Once I signed up for Killy the advice on training and preparation was really helpful and helped me to get to a good standard of fitness. I also organised some walks in Wicklow and Dublin with some of the other participants in our group and this helped us to bond very well as a group. I started my climb of Kilimanjaro on Valentines Day 2016 and I had selected The Jack and Jill Foundation as a charity that I wanted to help.
Hence Climb a Hill for Jack and Jill. I did the Lemosho route and it was the best 8 days of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to Finish. Ian himself was on the walk, and really brought a lot to the group and Athumani the lead guide was brilliant and cared and looked after everyone really well. The tents were very comfy (except for my snoring)and the food, breakfast lunch and dinner were always well presented and I was really surprised with the high standards. The advice from all the guides over the climb was really helpful and I always got the feeling that they all cared and were committed to getting us all to the top. And they did, it wasn’t easy because some of us got some altitude sickness on the last day. We all succeed in getting to the top and at 52 yrs old I was absolutely delighted to get to the top of the world. I would really like to say that without Ian and his staff I don’t think I would have enjoyed the climb as much and I have no hesitation in recommending Ian Taylor Trekking to anyone considering this challenge. Pat Lordan, Kilimanjaro February 2016 

Thanks to Ian and Attamani for getting me there, and I did need your help THANKS!!!!!!!!

I’m finally back in Brazil with my wonderful family, sleeping in my comfy bed, clean sheets and my clean bathroom. I know this is probably should be the best feeling ever, but I think it will take me a few days to realize I’m back to my normal life and that’s ok. Everest was my dream and I truly loved every moment!!! High altitude made me feel super energized and in a complete state of happiness. I loved the feeling!!! Saying goodbye to the Himalayas was very tough. I couldn’t control my tears throughout the journey back to Kathmandu. It felt like the dream was over. If you ask me if I will do it again my answer would say: YES, I would do it at this very moment!!! I couldn’t be any happier with my choice to booking the trip with you!!! The Sherpas, are amazing!!! All of them, I’ll truly miss all the fun!!! Can’t wait to go back to Nepal (Mera Peak) in 2 years from now and hopefully I will!!! Take care!!!! Renata Frade, EBC September 2016

Can’t believe it’s a month since I climbed Kilimanjaro! It was breathtaking at the top and quite emotional. A tough challenge but so achievable with your support. Thank you for a well organised adventure with no mishaps. The guides, porters and all the crew were so welcoming and helpful. I can still be heard humming their tunes even making attempts at the words! The attention to us all was so comforting, food, wine, (only kidding), hot water for washing, checking our pulse and oxygen levels, teaching us breathing techniques, teaching us new card games, even having birthday celebrations. The weather was also perfect. I know we were few in numbers but it made for great fun. Mark’s short video is great to trigger the memories and between us all we have so many photos.

The safari was amazing and in the 3 days we saw the Big Five. So lucky!  Loads more photos too. I loved the Ngorongoro Crater.  Well done again! Hope your next adventures go according to plan. I’m sure we will be following your escapades online and maybe even see you on TV?!! Best wishes. Louise Nolan, Kilimanjaro August 2016 

Thanks again for a fantastic trip. I don’t use Facebook but would be happy to write a blog post if that’s helpful. I’ve already been raving about you to anybody who has so much as suggested they might like to start walking a bit more!  I’m going to try to fit in a winter skills refresher this winter while I think about where I should ad to my to-do list. Pamela Kennedy, Kilimanjaro August 2016 

If I didn’t I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for what for me was the trip of a lifetime not to mention the satisfaction of reaching the summit.  None of the stories I had heard about Kilimanjaro be it toilet arrangements, food or sleeping accommodation applied to this trip.  Everything was to a high standard particularly the food and how it was presented.  Your staff from porters to guides  were incredibly friendly and supportive people who were genuinely interested in helping all of us have a successful outcome to our trip. Bearing in mind my age, I had some concerns  that this trip could be beyond me.  However I felt that your training plan prior to the trip and your encouragement throughout the week stood by me and was instrumental in me making it to the summit. While that little  electronic device that popped up at breakfast and dinner every day  caused me some stress initially,  I soon recognized that this daily monitoring was an important part of ensuring that that no risks were being taken with peoples health. I doubt that this l level  of detail would be available with other operators.  What I’m trying to say is that I’m very glad I chose your company for my trip as I feel the overall approach gave me the best chance of having a successful outcome.
I don’t do Facebook Ian but I will recommend your outfit to anyone I meet who is interested in this type of trip. I’ll see if I can access your blog through my wife’s account.
I want to wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  I shall watch your progress with interest and if I come across one of your talks I’ll drop in to  say hello.  Give my regards to Laura and thank her for answering my various queries promptly since last February. Eugene Smith, Kilimanjaro September 2016 
My trip to Everest Base camp was made possible by Ian Taylor Trekking. I look back on it as one of the most interesting, rewarding and worthwhile things I have done to date. Any trekking trips I plan to go on will be through his service. From landing in Kathmandu to leaving, every aspect of my needs were met with aplomb and a smile. Sitting in the lodges at night around the stove with other trekkers was a memory I’ll cherish. And the food the whole way up and down was delicious. It was a tough trip (but far from impossible) for someone who isn’t into trekking but I’d like to do it again some day. If you have half an interest in going then BOOK IT, you’re not here for long! Big shoutout to Dawa, Denba and Little Dawa (as we called him), they were so friendly, knowledgable and kind and treated us like friends which is the highest welcome you can receive. Dan Leydon, Everest Base Camp April 2014


Waiting in the airport in Dubai to head to Ireland so just a quick thanks again for an amazing trip. I didn’t anticipate that I would enjoy it so much! I think all of my training paid off and it was such a great feeling standing on the roof of Africa. We left at 12.45am and reached Uhuru peak at 6.00am – our team smashed it! Your team in Tanzania are excellent from the porters to the assistant guides. Athumani is an excellent leader, great with people & a great ambassador! Thanks again, and who knows an Everest Base camp trek might be in the pipeline in the future!  Stephanie Morris, Kilimanjaro June 2016

I have successfully completed two treks with Ian Taylor Trekking so far.  My first trek was to Everest Base Camp. I initially went to a free talk given by him with a friend … with no intention of doing it !! However I was swayed by Ian’s enthusiasm for Nepal and trekking – it was infectious.  Subsequently I asked for more information and advice about what the trip itself would entail and he was very informative and quick to provide this advice and information.  I had previously done a trip with a different company to altitude and I had a bad experience so I was apprehensive. Ian answered all my queries and questions to the extent that he managed to allay all my doubts. After having one of the best trips and experiences of my life in Nepal I wanted to continue on my journey of trekking and recently went to Machu Picchu.  There was never a question in my mind that I would choose Ian and his team again. Unsurprisingly it was another well organised and very successful and enjoyable trip.  The service and guides they provide are amazing!  I would highly recommend them to any of my friends.  Triona Gara, Everest base camp 2014 & Machu Picchu 2016

Being a trekking / altitude novice I didn’t quite know what to expect when I signed up to climb Kilimanjaro. Thanks to choosing the right trekking specialists I was more than prepared to take on the roof of Africa, my lack of experience didn’t impede me in the slightest. If anyone is planning an adventure, I can honestly say Ian Taylor Trekking far exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Where do I start!! From making contact day one to the day I successfully summited Kili, Ian and his team were always available, were super knowledgeable and supportive. Immediately after contacting Ian I learned that a 5 / 6 day trek up Kili was overly ambitious as it doesn’t allow most people sufficient time to acclimatize. For me this was 100% the case, I needed the extra days hiking in and out of different altitude levels to make my body stronger. First (and for safety reasons) to ensure my body would adapt in lower oxygen levels but also to gain strength in these conditions for the summit push. I truly believe I wouldn’t have summited had I not chosen Ian Taylor Trekking.
During the 8 day trek itself Ian’s Team were brilliant …I can’t start naming or single out one person as I got to know and love them all. So organised, safety conscious, full of fun and enthusiasm and always looking to get the craic going. As a result, our group of eleven had so much fun and gelled really well which has made for great memories!!
Finally I have to mention that I was slightly worried about the food as I have allergies but the food and service was beyond what I expected up a mountain. Because the Team knew about my allergies I was always offered an alternative if I couldn’t eat what was on the menu. It was easier to order food up Kili than it was on the mainland which speaks volumes and proves how much work Ian has put into building an exceptional Team in Tanzania.  Thanks a mill Ian Taylor Trekking!!!!  Mary O’Malley, Kilimanjaro February 2016

Just recently summited Kilimanjaro with Ian and his team. What an experience! Absolutely loved every minute of it. Cannot recommend it highly enough. A once in a lifetime achievement. FANTASTIC!!! Ian and his team were brilliant from start to finish. Professional, superbly organised, health and safety conscious at all times, good humoured and with a great sense of team spirit.

We were a group of eleven and it wasn’t long before we were all imbued with the above qualities. All of us summited. There was a fantastic sense of camaraderie and looking out for each other throughout the whole experience, particularly on summit night. This camaraderie wasn’t just accidental.Ian and his team worked from morning to night before and during the trek on developing this essential team spirit.

The food was amazing. Hats off to the chefs. The tents were always dry and comfortable and ready when we arrived at sites. Great banter was had between all every evening. Some terrible cheating occurred during cards, but was great fun. Before going read Ian’s “What to pack” list carefully and follow it. Watch the video also. Don’t over pack. Buy good quality hiking gear. Heed all his advice and get plenty of mountain hiking in beforehand.  Again, I thoroughly recommend Ian Taylor trekking and his team. I will be back for Everest Base camp next year.  Noel Scully, Kilimanjaro February 2016

Wonderful , wonderful trip from start to finish. Fabulous trekking and scenery , blue skies, superb food and a hugely supportive camp and guide staff. Every day was well planned . We were briefed and de-briefed and knew exactly what to expect . Everybody’s questions were treated with respect and there was never a doubt but that we would all summit as a well-bonded team. After a good day’s trekking, there was always time for banter and card games and always , always good fun! This has been a truly remarkable and enjoyable experience which will leave lasting memories.The proof of the pudding?? We are booking now for another Ian Taylor trip next year!.  Eithne Bowe, Kilimanjaro February 2016 

Kilimanjaro was my second trip with Ian so I am used to the outstanding service levels he provides as standard. Even with that, I was blown away but the quality of food, service and equipment and the attention to little things that makes all the difference between hardship and comfort.

Ian has a fantastic team in the mountains and his route gives you every chance of acclimitising properly. I saw other people being brought down the mountain with bad hypoxia and I saw people being given oxygen on summit night and then sent further up the mountain, only to get in deeper trouble. This is the reality of less days in the mountain and cheaper packages. If you actually want to summit and enjoy yourself in a fantastic location and experience the roof of Africa, don’t go anywhere else.  Paul Colton, Kilimanjaro February 2016

I had previous experience with altitude on Kilimanjaro so I was already prepared to an extent for the Everest Base Camp trek. What I wasn’t prepared for was just how amazing the experience would be. The extra acclimatization in Namche built into Ian Taylor Trekking trips made such a difference in how we all felt higher up on the trail. We felt strong and well adjusted, fully able to enjoy the experience. My main concern before the trip was my ascent of Island Peak. This was a new height record for me and my first technical climb. I was very nervous but the communication, advice, training and reassurance provided by Ian and his team was fantastic, both during the trip and in the months leading up to it. The experience of the Sherpa staff was outstanding, as was the effort they put into ensuring that we safely succeeded. Thank’s to them and everyone at Ian Taylor Trekking I have now climbed a peak higher than 20,000 ft in the Himalayas. An experience that I will never forget and one that I would strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for their next challenge.
Sean Branagh, Island peak 2015
Overall the trip was absolutely amazing! From the moment I was picked up from the airport, I felt welcome and at ease. The accommodation in Arusha was very nice and the staff friendly and accommodating. Throughout the staff went above and beyond to help us during the days. They were always so friendly,polite and patient with us. In fact the whole crew were always so eager to help us in any way they could. The food we were given was delicious and I always looked forward to the meals! I found the climb for the most part very manageable but the summit night I found extremely challenging!! So overall I had a fantastic experience and really cannot pick fault with any part of it.
Andrea Bowe, Kilimanjaro August 2015
Thank you so much for all your help in making my trip possible.
Vijay and I both wanted to thank you for the trek of a lifetime. You and your team did such an amazing job and responded so well under all the challenging circumstances. Thanks for being so patient with all our needs and requests. We felt well taken care of all along the way and feel very lucky we had such an amazing group to spend time on the trail with. I hope we meet again in the future….on a mountain.
Jill & Vijay, Everest Base Camp trek 2015
Just to say thanks for a super weekend in Fort William.  I think I can safely say we all learned loads over the two days and it was great to have a day on the hill with Adele on a beautiful day out and while the weather was pretty grim yesterday we covered a lot of ground with Spike on the crag. Theyre both super teachers and so patient and encouraging. You really feel in a safe pair of hands. Its been years since I did a winter skills course so I almost thought Id be starting from stratch but as the song says..it was all coming back to me which was great. Im hoping to do Island Peak again with Lobuche East in October so Im sure all the training and good tips will come in very useful.

Suzanne Stroker, Scottish Winter skills 2015

We got back from Kilimanjaro on Monday evening and we are still on a ‘high’ having reached the summit on Saturday morning. I would like to express our appreciation to you and all your team in Arusha. Justin, Emmanuel and all the porters were extremely helpful, courteous and obliging in every way and did everything possible to ensure we reached the summit. The food surpassed our expectations and the cook deserves a few Michelin stars. Many thanks from us all. Joe Mc Guinness, Kilimanjaro 2015

Just a short note (short because I’m still speechless) to say thanks for the Kilimanjaro experience last month. It was unbelievable and I’m still ranting about it.  Uthumani and Eman were great but it didn’t stop there. From Max through all of the team; they were fantastic.  I don’t think that one could head blindly up a mountain (albeit with a head torch) unless there was utmost trust the guides that were bringing us up.The motivation from the guys on summit night was great and indeed throughout the trip. I don’t know where they get their energy from. Stephen Corcoran, Kilimanjaro 2015

I joined Ian Taylor in April 2014 to take on the challenge of Mera Peak, crossing the Amphu Labste Pass and then Island Peak in the amazing Himalayas of Nepal. The trek took 23 days with over 10 days spent above 5,000m. I really enjoyed the entire experience and the fact the entire group reached the summits with the help of Ian and his team was a real bonus. I was well prepared for the challenge after following Ian’s training advice and buying the technical gear and clothing that Ian recommended prior to the trip. The acclimatization time allowed during the trip was very well planned and laid the foundations for a safe and healthy journey. This is one of the main priorities on any high altitude trek. I learned a huge amount from Ian about handling yourself at altitude, living in a camping environment for a long period, walking on glaciers and negotiating crevasses, climbing ice walls and about rope handling. I can’t wait to return to the Himalaya’s region again in the future with Ian Taylor Trekking. Michael Kinsella, Mera & Island Peaks 2014

“Ian Taylor is Inspirational”. His dedication towards my training was first class. Not only was his training brilliant but his words of encouragement was key to my successful achievement of conquering my goal Climbing Kilimanjaro. Geraldine Sharkey, Kilimanjaro 2011

I wanted to take on a challenge in 2009 and a friend of mine referred me to Ian Taylor. From the very first contact Ian was very  interested in me and what I wanted to achieve, the service was fantastic and all my fears erased. I took on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro and had the experience of a lifetime, I didn’t achieve the summit, but enjoyed the journey. Looking forward to reaching Everest Base Camp with Ian Taylor Trekking next year. David Ormston, Kilimanjaro 2010

‘Going to the Khumbu Region in the Himalayas is no easy task. It is long…it is hard…and it is truly amazing. From day one I knew I was being looked after. I got a full training program and all questions were answered. It is a feat of endurance and stamina, that requires preparation and commitment. At times, I questioned my own abilities, my endurance levels. However, doing this trip with Ian Taylor Trekking quickly absolved all of these fears, and I was at peace on my Summit bid of Island Peak, knowing that I had Ian Taylor Trekking at my back the entire time. I can’t wait to work with them on my next challenging adventure’. Claire Greaves, Island Peak 2010

‘In October of last year, I joined a team of 10 people led by experienced mountaineer Ian Taylor. To prepare to climb Kilimanjaro in January 2010. We trained in the Wicklow mountains at weekends, during which time, Ian instilled a great confidence and team spirit within the group. Prior to our departure we were well prepared both physically & mentally, thanks to Ian’s knowledge and attention to detail. On arrival in Africa it was fascinating to see the whole dynamics & organisation required for the Kili Climb. On the mountain itself, the weather was very pleasant and each day brought a new experience and landscape. After an incredible seven days climb, the whole team summitted on January 30th at 07.00am. Thanks to Ian for his generosity with his time and knowledge. It was truly a trip of a lifetime’. Martin Gleeson, Kilimanjaro 2010

In 2007 I wanted to take on the challenge of Trekking to Everest Base camp. I met Ian Taylor in Wicklow as he was training for Everest. Ian trained me up and I lost 3 stone and made my successful trek to Everest Base Camp. Ian inspired me and I grew in belief being around him. I am training for Everest Camp 2 and can wait to get back to the Himalayas. Patrick Walsh, Everest Base Camp 2009

‘ I met Ian in 2008 after his successful ascent of Mt. Everest, and wanted to aspire to reach the same goal of climbing Mt. Everest. With no experience Ian took me through the steps of how you would go about reaching this goal. Ian introduced me to some of his contacts, planned out the route to take in all aspects of the journey. Four years later I stood on top of the world. Ian’s understanding, experience and knowledge of how to prepare to climb mountains is what made the difference. He was always available to give advice on all aspects of my trip. I would recommend anyone looking to go into the mountains to talk to Ian first.’ Cian O’Brolchain, Everest Summitteer 2012

THANK you. You supported us and got us up that mountain. Going to the Mt. Everest Primary School was one of the best days of my life. I’m glad to know you, glad to have met you, and blessed to call you my friend. Sammy Hajdu, Kilimanjaro 2013

We had an amazing time on the Inca trail, and thank you guys are convincing us to trek the Salkantay route. We had the trip of a lifetime and truly thank you and your team for all your training advice and support whenever we needed it. We can not thank you enough and look forward to meeting you on our next adventure. Hopefully somewhere with snow. Ciara Frawley, Inca Trail 2013

We are just back from our Trek to Everest Base Camp, we had the journey of a lifetime. I wish I had of trekked here many years ago. We will be back next year to trek the Annapurna Circuit with you. Ian I want to thank you for your encouragement, I am not sure I would have made this journey without your help. Everyone looked after us so well and this trip exceeded our expectations. Thanks again. Frank Myers, Everest Base Camp 2013

I want to recommend using Ian Taylor Trekking, I remember standing on the top of Island peak and will remember the moment for the rest of my life. From the moment I contacted Ian and training with him and his team I learned the skills needed to make this ascent, all my feared were alleviated and I climbed to 20,000 feet with confidence. The knowledge and information I received helped me achieve success and that came down to Ian Taylor Trekking always being at the end of a phone or e-mail. Thank you so much and can’t wait for Everest Camp 2. David Simmons, Everest Base Camp & Island peak 2012

While climbing Mont Blanc in 2008 with Ian Taylor, I met some wonderful people who I still know as friends. Ian’s love of mountaineering is infectious and he encourages climbers to not just endure the trek, but enjoy it. He encourages a fun atmosphere. Mountaineering can be scary but it’s much easier to relax and enjoy yourself when you feel safe. This is achieved by Ian’s attention to the preparation and training of his climbers. He always has words of motivation in your tough moments too. And so my decision to go on another expedition to the most vast and breathtaking mountain range in the world, the Himalaya, with Ian in 2010 was an easy one. Unforgettable. Leona Gilchrist, Everest Base Camp & Island peak 2010

I’m 36 years of age and the best holiday in my life to date has been the time when we went with Ian and 15 others, on a one week trip to summit Mount Blanc and Grand Paradiso in June 2009. We all succeeded in summitting, it was the most out of this world experience, filled with adrenaline, fun, fear and adventure. My most memorable moment was when at 12 midnight 1 hour before summit day we were all singing in the dorm, the famous Irish Euro Vision song “We were the rock and roll kids” and laughing with anticipation. Johnny Maher, Mont Blanc 2009

Reaching the summit of Mont Blanc in 2009 was an amazing experience, especially as all 16 of us on the trip succeeded in getting there. This level of success among a group of novice mountaineers on Mont Blanc is almost unheard of. Ian was the primary reason we all made it, as he made sure everyone had the right training and equipment prior to departure. Nothing was left to chance. At the same time we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and there was great camaraderie among the group. Fantastic! Thanks Ian! Oisin Ryan, Mont Blanc 2009

I have known Ian for years and heard about one of his Mt. Blanc climbs in work. Ian was an inspiration to me, being the youngest Irishman at the time to stand on the top of the world. I wanted to join him on one of his adventures and adventure it was. Our trip was climbing two 4,000m peaks in 6 days. We set out to climb Gran Paradiso and Mt. Blanc. The adventure in climbing was amazing, but the journey with the team was incredible. We are all still friends 4 years later. It was truly one of the best trips I have ever been on. What a rewarding, challenging and immense experience to have in my life. Ian was a great leader, friend and look forward to getting out on the hills with him again soon. Simon Boland, Mont Blanc 2009

Climbing “Kili”  had been on my bucket list for a long time… Then I got a phone call from a friend of mine who said that they were considering climbing it for a local charity and I said “YES” straight away… A few months later I find myself doing one of the most difficult emotional, mental and physical challenges I ever set myself, –  and only for the gentle guidance of Ian Taylor I would be still at the base!! Ian is an amazing person. He is gentle, kind, patient and also has a wicked sense of humour.  Climbing Kili is a once in a lifetime experience and Ian Taylor made it happen for us all. He motivated us, he guided us and he encouraged us. We all had 100% faith in him getting us to the summit and back safely. I am delighted to say that I also made a wonderful friend for the rest of my life, thank you Ian 🙂 Mary Howard, Kilimanjaro 2011

What a journey we had trekking the Annapurna circuit. A friend in Chicago recommended Ian Taylor Trekking as a great operator and after speaking to Ian we wanted to work with him. We had 12 people trekking in Nepal and everything exceeded our expectations. The service in Kathmandu, Pokhara was amazing, their staff were first class, our guides took us at a snail pace which helped us enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Thank you so much for all your time helping our team on this amazing journey. We will be back next year for more. Margaret Schwartz, Annapurna 2013

I was involved in coaching an under 18 hurling team,the group had won nothing underage and were not regarded as contenders for the championship.I asked Ian to help out as both a motivational speaker and from a physical preparation point of view.Ian was very professional and made an excellent impression on the team,we ended up winning the Championship against the odds,we feel Ian’s approach and advice was instrumental in winning.The following year,I was involved with our Senior team,who again had not won a Championship in 31 years,we approached Ian at the start of the year in relation to team mental and physical preparation,his advice and help was invaluable and we ended up winning again that year against the odds.Ian’s advice in how to mentally and physically prepare a team for a serious challenge,was excellent and a big factor in our wins. Tom McNamara, Clare Hurling 2011, 2012

I had booked with another company before I came across Ian Taylor’s site. While i was on the site Ian contacted me through the chat. I responded and told him i was on looking for information on Kilimanjaro for preparations and equipment but did tell him straight up i had already booked with someone else. Ian sent me on some video links and also emailed me lots of Information about the inquiry. He was so helpful and it has helped me a lot. Actually a lot more than the company that i have booked with. If i have one tip for anyone thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro it is this. Bigger companies might have the name and they might do the climb very well ( we will have to wait and see in October ) but there is no PERSONAL touch and contact to give information and easy the nerves regarding training , equipment and even how to pack. When we do our next hike we will definitely be on to Ian. Best of luck with everything Ian and again i really appreciate the time and effort you gave me i can just imagine how much you  give your own clients. Kevin O’Brien, Cork, Ireland 2013

I got to know Ian trekking across the Wicklow mountains and I immediately signed up for Kilimanjaro when he mentioned it as it was something i’d wanted to do for a few years. I’d highly recommend Ian for any mountaineering challenge as he’s got a great personality in good times and the right temperament when dealing with challenging situations. I’d love to climb Mont Blanc next year and I’ll be straight on to Ian when i know i can go. Arjuna Mansel, Kilimanjaro 2010

I had a great to trip with the Irish group and Kaji. The staff were absolutely great and kept us safe. Small details like what to eat and how to acclimatize made a huge difference and we saw other people do dumb things without professional staff.  Im looking forward to being in touch with you again once I have my plans finalized to do the kilimanjaro trek in 2 years. Thank you for making this all possible and compliments for working with such great people. Thanks and all the best. Boudewijn Sliepen, Everest Base Camp 2013

Yes! It was absolutely amazing! Just getting back into the real world .THANK YOU so much for this. It was life changing!!!  Michael Ashton, Machu Picchu 2013

I have recently returned from a trip to Nepal where myself and a group of five other trekkers successfully completed our ascent to Everest Base Camp. Being a ‘first-timer’ I was a bit apprehensive about the whole trip, but from the moment I met the rest of the group at Dublin Airport, I never looked back. Our Leader Ian,[IAN TAYLOR TREKKING] whom I had only spoke with over the phone/email, immediately banished all nerves and I was made feel part of the “family”. Ian had emailed a detailed training schedule which left me well prepared for the following three weeks. My reasons for taking part in the challenge was to experience both high altitude trekking and culture and this I received in abundance. Together with Ian and a team of Sherpas I achieved my goals even though we had a couple of obstacles to overcome {airport closures, altitude sickness,}. We were well prepared and dealt with each crisis successfully.Such place names as NAMCHE BAZAAR, TENGBOCHE MONASTERY and STARBUCKS in LUKLA all hold lovely memories and will forever be in my heart. Apart from the daily trekking I also enjoyed the well-earned rest in  the tea-rooms each evening. From card games and story telling, the craic was good and it wasn’t hard to spot the Irish group in the corner.  It was truly an amazing adventure and one I hope to repeat in the not to distant future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian and his team for his help in allowing me to achieve my dream and look forward to signing up again with him for the next trek of a life-time. Anne Butler, Everest Base Camp Trek 2011

I took part in a winter skills weekend training course in Scotland in a group of 6. We were late arriving at the b&b due to airport issues but Dave still had a warm welcome waiting for us. After an excellent breakfast our 2 instructors for the day joined us for a coffee and a talk about the day ahead. Dave’s hallway turned into a temporary outdoor store as harness’, boots, crampons & waterproofs were dispersed and checked. With bags packed with the required gear, our instructors drove us to our training location. We spent the day learning to survive in snow and ice and windy conditions. We ended the day with a cup of tea in an igloo, even though I don’t think it was designed for 8 people at one time. Back at the b&b, we dumped all our damp gear and equipment in Dave’s hallway in exchange for a warm cup of tea and picked it up the next morning all dry and ready for another days adventure. On our second day there was 3 guides so there was the opportunity for 3 separate tailored training events. I chose to focus on absailing and also spent a few hours in the indoor ice wall. Adele was brilliant with her 2 students on the day and taught us a lot and gave us some great tips for our future trips. We all met back at Dave’s b&b for a hot cup of tea and a debrief from our instructors while enjoying the last few minutes of the rugby match. It was a fantastic weekend and one I will definitely repeat again. Michael Kinsella, Winter skills Scotland 2014

I can’t say enough for the quality and comfort of my last Kilimanjaro climb with Ian. Having climbed Kilimanjaro once before I felt like I knew what to expect but I was wrong. From the first email to the summit and back I felt like I was Ian’s priority. His guides and staff felt more like family than anything and made me feel more than comfortable. Hands down I will continue to explore the world with Ian Taylor Trekking and do my best to guide others to his expert service. Thank you Ian. Kyle Bingham, Kilimanjaro 2014      www.everestendeavor.com

I just returned from a trekking trip in Nepal with a group of nine from all around Ireland, anyone considering this trek to base camp I would highly recommend it. Each day was outstanding with spectacular views every step I took, pictures taken could never justify the beauty of the Himalayas. The friendliness of the people who we met from all over the world. Ian Taylor Trekking has to be the best experience I’ve ever had, his Sherpa’s will treat you like lords, with these people you will see the top of the world. Ian Taylor’s Trekking advice on You Tube is the perfect way to gear up an prepare for the climb of your life. The views from Lukla to base camp then from Kala Patthar looking at Everest head on, will last you forever. With a 100% pass rate it would be silly not to venture with Ian Taylor Trekking to give u an experience of a lifetime. I could write for ever, why not try this for yourself, things are possible. Eoin Mc Kee, Everest Base Camp November 2014

Jason and I absolutely loved the trip and really enjoyed your company, we had fun, felt comfortable and safe with your leadership and want to thank you so much for that.  And it was great having Ronan there too.  You both were so easy to talk to. We would be happy to write a blog about our trip. Jason & Jenny Rogers, Everest Base Camp April 2015 

Let me share my experience about Ian Taylor Trekking and the Everest Base Camp.  In 1 word it’s just WONDERFUL. I have never gone for a trekking trip in my life. And this one was my first Trek. For me, it was really challenging trip, as I am fresher in this. But Due to the Intense support of Ian and his team( Ang Kami, little Dawa, and other sherpa’s too) I was able to overcome the challenge. The service wise it’s so good, we were having a superb luxury food, and after the trek, we had a great room waiting for us to sleep and to get freshen up for the next day. I had a great time with everyone. The best thing which I found in Ian Taylor Trekking, is that, they provide you more than you expect. And I think, due to this reason they are just outstanding. Ian is a great guy, He and his group will surely help you and guide you with all the matters, starting from the what all you should carry to how can you enjoy the trip. I had a wonderful time and I learnt lots of new things. And its all because of Ian and his team. Thanks a lot Ian and his team, and not but the least, I would love to thank whole my dear friends with whom I had a wonderful time.” Swathi Suraj, Everest Base Camp April 2015 


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