Remote Traveler Medical Kit on trekking trips

This list is designed to help and show you want is needed to be carried by you when traveling to Kilimanjaro, Everest base camp, mountaineering and wilderness trekking trips around the world. The kit can be carried on to planes and is designed to provide basic treatment before additional help arrives. Always seek specific advice on your specific trek and adventure and always have a remote traveler medical kit on trekking trips.

First Aid Items:

Disposable Gloves 1

Protection Cleaning Wipes 1pack

Bleeding Wound dressing 1

Bleeding Micropore Tape 1

Closure Assorted Plasters 5

Steri Strips Various 1 pack

Closure Triangular Bandage 1

Dressing Crepe Bandage 4’’ 1

Savlon Dry Spray 1

Dehydration electrolyte powder per sachet 5

Rehydration Medications All have potential allergic responses

Ciprofloxin 1 courses Infection *Antibiotic

Flagentyl 500mg 1 courses GI Infection *Antibiotic

Tetracycline 1 courses Infection *Antibiotic

Oxytetracycline Pommade 1 courses Eye infection *Antibiotic

Clove Oil 1 courses Tooth pain

Gentisone HC (Ear Drops) 1 courses Ear Infection *Antibiotic

Eucarbon 1 courses Constipation Smecta 1 courses Diarrhoea

Asprin 1 pack  for Pain / Heart * Allergies

Paracetamol /Disprin / Ibuprofen 1 pack for Pain / fever / altitude 

For those working in Malarial areas

Malorone Tablets for Malaria: See your doctor

Malaria test kit 1 Region specific * Malaria treatment  This drugs should only be used with authorization from a doctor. Contact TMB for advice.

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