How do I prepare to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

How do I prepare to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? A loaded question and there is lot of elements to think about. Lets go through them. Feel free to call us, email us your questions so we can answer the items relevant to you. We have a wealth of experience putting over 1,000 people on the summit of Kilimanjaro. Watch our video below.

1). Picking the right Trekking TeamI am not sure what you are looking for in your Kilimanjaro hike, but safety, quality, success, looking after our staff who have been with us for years and really important. To do this right it costs more. We don’t cut corners and look after our staff on the ground so they offer the best service on the mountain. You can not climb Kilimanjaro yourself so you need a team that will deliver for you. Read our real reviews on Facebook and make us your company to climb Kilimanjaro. Climbing Kilimanjaro on the cheap is not a good idea.

2). Make sure you have the right itinerary for you: DO NOT CUT CORNERS ON ACCLIMATIZATION…………It really is so important to have the right acclimatization for your Kilimanjaro climb. It doesn’t matter how fit you are. If you do not let your body acclimatize correctly you run the risk of getting seriously sick and not making it to the summit. Less than 50% of people make it to the summit annually. One of the main reasons is poor acclimatization. Pick the Lemosho route with 8 days on Kilimanjaro.

3). Make sure you are training correctlyAfter picking the best route for your Kilimanjaro climb and giving yourself the best chance of success climbing Kilimanjaro. You need to play your part and come with the right training. Kilimanjaro demands your respect

4). Understand the food you will receive on the mountainIf you are on an Ian Taylor Trekking trip, our chef Ede will prepare three course meals three times a day. We even set up tents for lunch and serve hot meals during the day. Lots of companies just give a plastic bag with boiled egg, juice and small sandwich. We serve you a hot meal with soup, vegetables, drinks and hot meal each lunch time. You might not want this service but I will tell you it is important to fuel your days on the mountain with quality meals. Most of our trips have 100% and one reason for this is having fresh quality food throughout your Kilimanjaro climb. We even have runners bringing up fresh meat, fruit and vegetables onto the mountain at regular intervals.

5). Make sure you have weekly access to professionalsIan is an international speaker, he has climbed Mt. Everest to the top and climbed Kilimanjaro 20+ times to date. When Ian is not on trips he is available 5 days a week to answer any and all your questions. You can even e-mail directly at and he will respond on the same day. Avail of Ian’s experience and give yourself the best chance at success climbing Kilimanjaro.

6). Understand the distances and elevation you will coverYou need to understand the distances and elevation you will cover on each day so you can train accordingly. This is really important.

7). Make sure you have the right clothing and gear: 

8). What vaccinations do you need: 

9). Understand altitude: 

10: Get the best Tips for a successful summit: 

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