Climbing Island peak for the 9th time

I have just returned from my 10th Island peak expedition and 9th summit of this challenging and changing peak. Once again it was not easier for our team but all fought off mild altitude sickness, sun burn, coughs, chest infection, lack of sleep and we put everyone of the top. Another 100% success on our Island peak climbsAbove the head wall on Island peak

As you can see from our itinerary. We go for the summit on day 15/16 if you go on our climb that includes our Everest base camp trek. We can also develop specific itineraries for you and your team and will give you the best chance at making the summit. We have world class climbing Sherpa’s, quality western guides and we know how to help you train and prepare to be successful. READ MORE about our approach to climbing Island peak.

On the summit of Island peak

After you have decided to join one of our team, the most important thing to consider is coming with excellent physical conditioning and technical skills needed for your climb. We can help you with this so get in touch today.

Abseiling down the head wall on Island peak

Our team came well prepared. We had two mountain rescue team members. Rock climber and everyone had been on a mountain training courses. We do run courses in Scotland if you are interested in developing your mountaineering skill set. We ran some training in Chuckung. We had everyone jumaring, abseiling, crossing ladders and preparing the challenge ahead.

After leaving Chuckung, we trekked 3 hours into Island peak base camp for two nights in base camp and one additional night in high camp. No matter what you read in blogs on the internet,  the reason most people do not use a high camp on Island peak is access to WATER.

If you come in acclimatize well, spend the right amount of time, respect the mountain you can easily stay at high camp and give yourself the best chance at success. We just put a full team on the summit. We bring lots of staff with us so water is not an issue. Lots of companies are just cutting corners and not giving you the best chance at success. Don’t be fouled. Also don’t be fouled about the terrain. It is physically very taxing and you need to do your part and come well prepared.