What are the Best Mountaineering Boots on the Market

I have been lucky enough to climb Mount Everest, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam, Island and Mera peak numerous times, and led over 40 trips each to both Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp.

We run over 150 treks and climbs around the world each year. Over the past 20 years we have used a range of mountaineering boots over the years and here are some of my favorite boots.  The options that I have mentioned below can be used on a range of different mountaineering trips around the world. However, none of the below boots would work on an 8,000m/ 26,250 foot peaks.

Think About Future Trips

This list below is an outline of mountaineering boots needed for the range of trips we manage. Consider future trips when selecting the right boots.  When you finished on this page check out our recommendations for the best  trekking boots that you can use for the approach to your chosen mountain. Or, you can just CONTACT US and chat about the best gear for your chosen adventure. There is also an option to sell and trade gear on geartrade.com

La Sportiva G2SM

1). My favorite mountaineering boots at the moment are the La Sportiva G2SM mountaineering boots. Super light and really warm. I always prefer the inner boot system and these boots can be used on 90% of the mountaineering trips I am currently undertaking. I use these boots on Island Peak, Mera Peak, Aconcagua, Mount Elbrus They are versatile for climbing in a wide range of conditions and terrain.

La Sportiva Baruntse

2). I really like the La Sportiva Baruntse mountaineering boots. A lot of our clients and guides have chosen to use these boots. They are great boots for Island peak, Mont Blanc and other Alpine climbs. They are a little bulky and heavier than the La Sportiva G2SM. They have the inner boots which I really like and they are warm and great option for your high altitude mountaineering adventures.

Scarpa Phantom 6000

3). We have a lot of clients using the Scarpa Phantom 6000 mountaineering boots these days.  They seem to work very well in a wide range of conditions and are a versatile mountaineering boot that can be used in a wide range of environments. I have however seen some people have issues with the fit of this boot. You really need to make sure you use your boots in your training and break them in. Scarpa can be a narrow fit for a lot of people so make sure you have tried and tested your boots before going on the mountain.

Mammut Norwand

4). We have a lot of people using the Mammut Norwand Mountaineering boots on our Island and Mera peak climbs. These are also a popular boot with clients on our Elbrus and Aconcagua climbs. Although I have not personally used these boots, I have never seen or heard of any have any issues with these mountaineering boots.

La Sportiva Nepal EVO

5). Most people are showing up on our Himalayan climbs with these La Sportiva Nepal Evo mountaineering boots. They are not as warm as the double boots but a great option for Island peak, Lobuche peak and Mera peak in warmer months. They are a great overall mountaineering boot that can be used in Scotland and the Alps.

Scarpa Freney

6). These mountaineering boots are more for Alpine climbs like Mont Blanc. They can also be used in Scotland or on our mountaineering courses in Colorado. I have seen people trying to use these boots on Island peak and other Himalayan peaks in warmest months. We would not recommend these boots for Himalayan mountaineering. You would want to have a lot of mountaineering experience to know that these boots will work for you in colder weather. This boot is a Scarpa Freney mountaineering boot. You could also think about the La Sportiva Trango Tower GTX.

What Boot is Best for You

So there is never a one sized fits all when it comes to footwear. For some people, La Sportiva boots fit perfectly, however for others, they do not!  It is always best to try on as many pairs of mountaineering boots you can before making a decision.  You also need to think about future climbs, trips and adventures when buying your mountaineering boots. You want one boot that will last a lifetime. These boots are expensive so you want to take your time and make the right decision. CONTACT US and we can help you make the best decision. READ REVIEWS.

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