Packing for Island Peak

Here is what you should be Packing for Island peak. We run 7 to 10 professionally led Island Peak Expeditions per year. First thing to do is watch our Island Peak packing video and then CONTACT US for find out more. Join us.

Packing for Island peak 

Remember you need to test your gear and get out doors and find out what fits you, make sure you break in your trekking boots and make sure your mountaineering boots are comfortable and working well.

Packing for Island peak

You need to make sure all your gear is tried and tested well in advance of going into the Everest region and Island Peak. Lets chat and talk through your gear and what is the best way to gather the best gear for the right price. We also rent a range of gear out of our Kathmandu office. We have sleeping bag, Thermarests, trekking poles and down jackets. Just CONTACT US and find out everything you need to your Island peak climb.

Packing for Island peak

Once you understand the gear needed you need to sign up to one of our trips. Ian Taylor Trekking have the best safety, success and itinerary. We fix our own ropes, have 3 nights in Namche, 2 nights in Island peak base camp with a night in high camp giving you the best chance at success.

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