Journey to Island peak with Ian Taylor Trekking

Journey to Island peak with Ian Taylor Trekking. Is Island Peak a Trekking peak?  The short answer is NO!! This is a question that comes up on weekly basis at the moment. Have a look at these pictures and read below. Check out our Mera and Island peaks trips. Or Journey to Island Peak with us.

You use ropes, crampons, ice axe, jumar’s, Figure of 8. You also have to abseiling down 150m/ 492 feet down off the summit. This is all done above 20,000 feet above sea level. We highly recommend coming with mountaineering experience and excellent physical preparation. Read some information from Ian’s 9th summit of Island peak.
You will be climbing above 19,000 and coverage exposed terrain up to 20,305 feet. Crossing ladders, a glacier and steep and challenging terrain. This is not trekking. Read more about how hard it is to climb Island peak. You should visit our Island peak page. and feel free to contact us and learn more.
As you can see from the pictures and video above you cross a glacier with open crevasses, then climbing a fixed line you need to be able to use a Jumar (ascender) then abseiling down the head wall.
Climbing technique is required to save energy on this critical part of the climb and we recommend having a winter skills course under your belt before tackling Island peak. It will add to your confidence when you are climbing above 18,000 feet.
As you can see from these pictures the head wall and final section climbing up Island Peak is a strenuous climb and requires good technique and excellent fitness levels. The summit day can be 13 to 16 hours long the day you will be tested so having mountaineering experience will help with your ability to make the summit. Journey to Island peak with us.       Contact us for more information.