10 most important reasons picking Ian Taylor Trekking for your Everest trek

Here are the 10 most important reasons picking Ian Taylor Trekking for your Everest trek. We are happy to put you in touch with people who have trekked with us in the past. READ SOME REVIEWS and get feel free to pick up the phone and talk to us.

Full Time Professional crew on the ground year round

1). We have our own office in Kathmandu with our own full time award winning professional staff on the ground. We run around 50 treks, climbing and expeditions in Nepal each year. We have the same staff working with us all year round. We have the same staff managing our sleeping at Everest Base Camp treks, the same staff managing our Island peak and Mera peak climbs and we have the same crew for all our Annapurna treks. Our head guide Dawa has 30 years of experience on the ground in Nepal. He heads up the Goli village Trust who we support. His experience and team around him are world class. We run continuing training throughout the year making sure our staff attend all training sessions and up to speed on all aspects of our Ian Taylor Trekking trips.

More acclimatization means a safer trek

2). To be successful and safe at high altitude you need extra acclimatization at the critical point of acclimatization. All the research suggests 3 nights at 3,500m/ 11,500 feet. If you add in this extra time you are increasing your enjoyment, safety, safety of our staff, team members and you give yourself a better chance at making it safety up to Everest Base Camp and back down again.

You can dealing with Ian Taylor Trekking staff at all times

3). We do not outsource our services. We are a specialized trekking and mountaineering company. We are not a travel agent. We have professional guides and lead quality treks to Everest to the highest quality. We have our own full time professional staff on the ground in Kathmandu backed up by expertise in our US office. We have Everest summiteer experience in our office and on the ground in Kathmandu. With a wealth of mountaineering experience over a 20 year period. Get FREE constant advice from our professional team. We are available 5 days a week in support of your trip.

We have a maximum of 10 people per group

4). Small group sizes. Our maximum number of people on a Everest Base Camp, Annapurna trek, Island peak or Mera peak climb is 10 people per group. We have worked out that 10 people per group is a great number for safety, success, team dynamics and over all enjoyment of trips. We do run larger private groups, but if you sign up to one of our scheduled treks to Everest Base Camp the team size will be 10 people on the maximum end.

We use the best available lodges in the Everest Region

5). We use the best lodges with the best food. Watch our VIDEO. In Namche Bazaar we use Hotel Namche. We stay here for 3 nights on the way up and 1 night on the way down. We use Hotel summit for our 2 nights in Dingbouche. We use the new base camp lodge in Lobuche and we always look to offer the best accommodation offering the best food available in the region.

We support the village of Goli in the lower Everest region

6). We support the Goli Village Trust which we helped establish after the big earthquakes in 2015. We built a school in the village, brought stoves to homes, we are working on our second school and hope to build a second school in 2018. We just need more funds. We also support children at the Mt. Everest Primary school we built after climbing Mt. Everest in 2008.

We have 4 staff for every group of 10 people

7). We have a professional team to lead you. Ian Taylor Trekking have brought over 1,600 to Everest Base Camp. We have brought over 360 people to sleep at Everest Base Camp. We have amazing success rates on our Island and Mera peak climbs as well. We have amazing Climbing Sherpa’s along with world class mountain guides on hand to help you experience the mighty Himalayan mountains in a safe environment.

We have the highest success rates

8). We have 100% success on most of our treks to Everest Base Camp. This is achieved by a better acclimatization schedule. We do require you to come fully prepared. This is a strenuous trek in a low oxygen environment so you have to play your part. If you can not keep up with our minimum pace we will turn you around. Your safety is our priority. We are available 5 days a week prior to your trek to help you get the best information available so you can come fully trained and prepared. All you have to do is ask. CONTACT US. You are getting access to people who have climbed Everest to the top and lead over 200 treks to Everest Base Camp. Ian has lead 30+ treks to Everest.

Quick access to officials, support and rescue

9). We have direct access to one of the helicopter companies so we can get first preference on helicopter flights in and out of the mountains. We have 30 years on the ground experience in our full time Sherpa Dawa who knows everybody. With our own office and full time staff on the ground we have the ability to adapt quickly to to changes which gives you a better over all service in the Himalaya’s.

We are the experts

10). At Ian Taylor Trekking our goal is to educate you so that you can become more self sufficient, more informed and better prepared for your Everest Base Camp adventure. We want you to be successful and happy to answer all your questions. We want you to have the best available information available. READ MORE and continue the learning.