Trekking to Mount Everest For Free

Trekking to Mount Everest for free is possible. Do you dream of trekking to Everest Base Camp?  Do you have the desire and motivation to stand at the base of the highest mountain in the world?  Can you think of friends, family, co-workers or members of your local hiking club, who may be interested in doing the same thing? If all of these relate to you, then maybe you could get your trek to Everest Base Camp for FREE!  We are giving you the opportunity to trek on the legendary Everest Base Camp trail FOR FREE!

Trekking to Mount Everest For Free

All you need to do is find ten people to join you on the trip! If you bring ten others with you on the trek, and they all pay for their trek, you can get your place FOR FREE!

Yes, you heard us correctly… if you can find 10 people to go to Everest Base Camp, and they all pay for their own trips, then you will get your space for free. We will cover the cost of your trip, round-trip from Kathmandu, including your internal flight, accommodations, meals, guides and trek*.  You would have to pay for are your international flight to Kathmandu and spending money while in Kathmandu and on the trail, tips and visa entry fee. Read some REVIEWS from our trips.*Terms and conditions apply

Where to Start Your Campaign

If this is something you are interested in, then get creative; go on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in or Instagram, and set up a campaign. Contact your local hiking clubs, gyms or  newspapers and find ten people to join you on this adventure of a lifetime! You could also consider doing the trek it for charity. We also have a similar offer or discounted rates on some of our other trekking trips around the world.  If this all sounds exciting and possible for you, CONTACT US today for further information and start learning more about trekking to Everest here.

Get Started

We are experts in running treks to Mount Everest and have led over 3,000 people there! Ian has climbed Mount Everest to the top and personally led over 35 treks to Everest Base Camp Camp.  Throughout the years we have developed the best itinerary for your trek.  E-mail us today for full details and information on trekking to Everest.  Check out our packing video for Everest base camp and also read other people’s experience trekking to Everest Base Camp with Ian Taylor Trekking. If you and your team need training advice and specific training plans, then get in touch today. Follow us on FACEBOOK.

*This offer does not include your international flight into and out of Kathmandu

Trekking to Mount Everest For Free

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