Building our Fourth School in Nepal

Building our Fourth School in Nepal came down to the hard work of our staff on the ground in Nepal and the support of Sanjeev Nagrath and Alfonso Ahedo. Both Sanjeev and Alfonso have trekked to Mount Everest numerous times with our team. In April 2022 they both climbed Island Peak and after finishing the climb, committed to supporting the building of our third and fourth schools.

Fourth school in Nepal


Nepal Earthquake 2015

After the earthquake of 2015 most of the schools in Likhu Pike, Goli in Solukhumbu were badly damaged, we were approached by the Local government of Likhu Pike to help rebuild a school in Bhakanje.

Build a school in Nepal

New Brick Technology

The school had to be moved to a new area, as the original grounds were too small. The school is built by using interlocking block technology. The interlocking blocks are hollow, steel rods are then inserted through holes in them with a mixture made up of mud, dust and cement making this a strong earthquake resistant building.

The total ground area of the school is 1,417 sq feet and the sizes of the school room are 17 feet by 13 feet. We have six classrooms with two toilets. Total time to building took 40 days.

4th school in Nepal

160 Student in School

The location of the school is Likhupike-5, Bhakanje, Solukhumbu. Currently the school has total of 160 student’s. The classes start from early childhood development to class 10 with a total of 16 teachers.

Children at the school in Nepal.

What are the Children Learning

There are some compulsory subjects taught at our schools. These subjects are English, Nepali, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The children also have the about Health, the environment, Economics and Computer studies.

Children at the new Goli village school in Nepal.

Shree Chandrajyoti School

After securing the donation to rebuild the school, which we did in 2022/23. We Started building the school in January 2023 and it took us 40 days to complete with the help of people from the local communities and some of our trekking staff who were able to work during the off season.

They will continue to support the needs of the schools and engaged in supporting us to build a medical facility in the remote village of Goli in Nepal. Follow us on Instagram.

Fourth school for Goli village


Our Next Project

When we built our first school in the village of Goli back in 2016. I remember asking one of the village elder what they needed in the community. He told me they needed a medical facility pointing at some of the elderly members of the community, children and pretty much everyone in the community.

School in Goli Nepal

How we will Continue Support

As we have found out over the last 8 years, it is not easy raising awareness and funds for these types of projects. Now that we have 4 schools and added over 200 stoves in homes, we need a way to support the continued success of these projects.

Our goal now is to set up a café business in Kathmandu so we can plow back some profits back into the remote community of Goli. This will allow us to continue our work and continue to support the ongoing development.

fourth school in Nepal

Sustainable Development

This new venture will allow us to move funds out of the city and back to this rural community. Supporting the local community of Goli where the majority of our staff come from is our main focus. We hope you will support our new venture when you arrive in Kathmandu.

Building our fourth school in Nepal.

Continuing Support

We have a lot of work to do on the ground in Nepal. If you would like to support our work and donate to the Goli village Trust that we set up in 2015. When you are in Kathmandu you can visit our café. This will directly support the ongoing work in the remote village of Goli in Nepal. You can also bring any clothes, books, pens or any item you have spare. The children and villagers will really appreciate this.

Dawa Sherpa from Goli Village

New School for Goli Nepal
Building our Second School in Goli Village Nepal
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