The First Company to offer Sleeping at Everest Base Camp Treks

Outside of Everest Expeditions we have the permit needed to offer you the chance to sleep at Everest Base Camp. We have successfully managed 11 sleeping at Everest Base Camp Treks per year for the last 5 years. We are a world leader in offering quality Everest Base Camp Treks. We limit this journey to 10 spaces per trip, to have as small an impact on the environment. LEARN MORE.

We have been given an International Award in Nepal for running excellent treks and climbs across Nepal. We provide tents, mattress, hot water bottles and exquisite Dal Bhat from our trained chef for you while you sleep at Everest Base Camp. You can see the summit from where you rest and we can get you Face to Face with Mount Everest. Check out out UPCOMING TRIPS.

We have more acclimatization on the way up the trail, giving you a safer and more enjoyable experience going into a low oxygen environment.

Sleeping at the base of the world’s highest mountain is as unique an adventure as you can experience. This Himalayan trek to Everest can be life changing as you venture deep into the Everest Region. We spend 3 nights in Namche at 11,500 feet giving more time to rest, enjoy the trek and make your journey to altitude an easier one.

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