Our new Island peak video

The summit of Island peak is one of the most sought after summits in the Himalaya’s and Ian Taylor Trekking have one of the best set ups and service for Island peak climbs. Watch our new island peak video and see how we operate on this amazing mountain at 20,305ft.

As you can see in our new Island peak video you have to be able to climb on steep terrain at 40 to 60 degree angle at 20,000 feet above 6,000m. This is really challenging climbing and you need to be fully prepared. Snow, ice, cold, wind steep terrain and challenging conditions require lots of preparation which we can help you with. CALL US today and get started. WATCH SOME RECENT RAW FOOTAGE FROM MAY 2016

CLICK HERE for a recent report from one of our Island peak climbs. CLICK HERE for another account from our Island peak climbs. We can help you get trained up and gain the correct experience needed for one of our trips. We want you to be fully prepared for this climb and want to see you on the summit.

If you like our new Island peak video and would like to find out more about our Island peak climbs. CLICK HERE read about our itinerary and information on climbing Island peak. Then drop Ian an e-mail and get access to quality training plans and take that first step to climbing Island peak with Ian Taylor Trekking.

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  1. I am a 27 year old Indian male from New Delhi with no prior experience of trekking/mountaineering. I would like to join you on Island Peak summit scheduled 24th APRIL – 12th MAY 2016. Kindly send me details.

    PS: I was planning EBC originally but after visiting your website & watching your videos, I am excited for Island Peak summit so plz note that I am a little tight on my budget & send discounted quotes.

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