Climbing on Mt. Elbrus

Mt. Elbrus from a distance
Be prepared, climbing on Mt. Elbrus comes with challenging conditions. Even on a good day temperatures will be well below freezing. Climbing on Mt. Elbrus has the draw of being one of the seven summits, the highest peak on each of the seven continents.
Europe’s highest peak stands at 5,642m/ 18,510ft and from experience with all mountains at high altitude, the key to success climbing Mt. Elbrus safely, is good acclimatization. Altitude sickness is always dangerous, if you have poor acclimatization and preparation, then you travel high on Mt. Elbrus in extreme conditions you limit your physical ability to be able to get down safely and but others at risk.
Make the smart decision and pick the acclimatization that gives you the safest and best chance of making the summit and coming down safely. Our 12 day program will give you the nuts and blots of what you need in terms of preparing your body to go to 5,642m/ 18,510ft. We want to see success on the treks and climbs we run, we also want people prepared and limit the risk to other team members. By adding in extra days to acclimatize on Mt. Elbrus with Ian Taylor Trekking you have a 95% success rate of making it safely to the summit.
The weather conditions here can be harsh, which means tried and tested gear is needed. You should not be attempting to climb Elbrus without, winter skills knowledge, altitude experience and understanding how your gear works in cold and hostile environments. Make sure you have worn in mountaineering boots and solid gloves are needed for this ascent. Get in touch with us for your full kit list.
Our itinerary gives you great acclimatization in preparing to make the summit of Mt. Elbrus, for more info feel free to call us or contact us through the website for additional information on climbing on Mt. Elbrus.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m planning to climb Elbrus west summit via south route this year.
    -What is the best time to climb Elbrus?
    -Can you send me the itinerary?
    -How much does it cost?



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