The Best Trekking Boots for your Mount Elbrus Trip

After years of experience of wearing a lot of different trekking boots, we have compiled a lost of some of the best options for you.  Here are the trekking boots we recommend for your Mount Elbrus trip with us.  We have developed a 12 day itinerary on Elbrus, which gives you a better trekking experience prior to your summit attempt.  We trek around the North and Eastern sides of the Mountain, which sows you more sides of the mountain as well as more time to trek and explore this beautiful region.  Check out our UPCOMING TRIPS.

Mountaineering Boots

In addition to your trekking boots, you will also need a quality pair of double mountaineering boots for your ascent up Mount Elbrus. Visit this page to see our recommendation on what Mountaineering Boots you need for the journey. These are very important to your comfort levels on the climbing portion of your trip, so make sure that you take the time to break in your mountaineering boot to make sure that it fits your foot correctly.

Trekking Boots

I am going to present 6 different options on trekking boots that we have had personal experience with and know that they will work for your trekking portion of the trip to Mount Elbrus. The most important things to consider when choosing your boots are making sure that they are waterproof, have good ankle support, and provide you with enough arch support and the right fit!  When you are picking your boots, we recommend spending a lot of time in your outdoor store to try on many options, finding which brand/type of boot fits you best.

This is definitely not a one size fits all, every foot is different and while one brand may fit me very well, it may not fit your foot correctly.  So before you make the purchase, try on a LOT of options and spend enough time walking around the store in the boot before you decide!  If you have not broken in your trekking boots adequately before the trip, it could ruin your whole experience, so please do not come on a trip with a pair of boots you have not broken in!

La Sportiva (My Personal Favorite)

1). My favorite trekking boots at the moment are the La Sportiva Trango GTX. I like a more rigid sole under foot and these boots do a great job. They are warm, lightweight, great ankle support and waterproof. I use these boots trekking around Mount ElbrusKilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp Treks and Inca Trail treks just to name a few. I have purchased these boots multiple times over the past 5 years and are always very happy with each new pair.  We have also outfitted some of our guides in these boots and they all love them as well!


2). The Salomon Quest 4 D GTX trekking boots are another great option for your trip to Mount Elbrus. More and more people are using these trekking boots on all of our trekking adventures and especially on Kilimanjaro and Elbrus and cold weather trips around the world. They are comfortable, sturdy, waterproof and a very resilient trekking boot with excellent ankle support. These are definitely another one of the best trekking boots on the market in our opinion!


3). You should consider the Scarpa Kenesis pro GTX trekking boots for your Mount Elbrus trip. They are a little heavier than other trekking boots and may require a little more maintenance, but they offer excellent foot and ankle support and are very sturdy under foot.  Scarpa are always reinventing trekking boots and I am sure I will use these boots again sometime in the future. Having a leather boot can be a longer lasting option to the other options on the market, especially for conditions with higher levels of precipitation.


4). I have used a range of Mammut trekking boots over the years and I really like the Mammut Trovat guide High trekking boots. They are really durable, reliable and will last a long time. I definitely recommend having a more sturdy boot like these Mammut boots if you are doing most of your training in places like the UK, Ireland, New Zealand or the Pacific Northwest of the States.  Having a heavier, leather boot will last a lot longer in the more precipitous and damp conditions if you are wearing them day in and day out!


5). In my view the Lowa Renegrade is a good lower price point option for your trek around Mount Elbrus or Everest Base Camp in the warmer months, or for your Inca trail treks. They are not as durable as some of the other boots mentioned here, as we have seen issues with them tearing at the seams. There is a lot of stitching on the boot and they use lighter weight material in the production.  Because you are not trekking at higher altitude and colder temperatures on Mount Elbrus, they would work there, however they would not be a good option for a trip like Kilimanjaro.



6). You could also consider using the Meindl Vaccum trekking boots as they are another good option for walking and trekking in the Elbrus region.  I have seen a lot of people using these boots on all of our trekking trips as they are warm, durable and extremely comfortable. They are a little heavier than the La Sportiva and Salomon trekking boots, but with the leather construction, they will be a long lasting boot if you take good care of them and condition the leather yearly.

Talk to the Experts

Just so you know most of these boots will work on every trekking trip we offer. They are great for climbing Kilimanjaro and walking into Mera peak,  Island peakElbrusAconcagua and any trekking trip that we offer. Do remember that every foot is different and while one boot may fit you well, the other may not.  Try on many pairs before you make your decision and hopefully you will find a pair of boots that you love!  CONTACT US and we can help you make sure you get the right trekking boots for your chosen adventure.

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