Additional Expenses you will incur on your Mount Elbrus Climb

Here are some additional expenses you incur on your Mount Elbrus Climb.  Most of our trips on our unique 12 day itinerary. Firstly, we have helps hundreds of people reach their goal of standing on the roof of Europe. Secondly, we know that acclimatization plays a major factor in your success. Finally you do need an itinerary that has two potentially 3 summit attempts. Check out our unique itinerary and read some reviews from our trips.

Change USD to Rubles in Moscow Airport

It is important to remember to change your USD to Rubles at the Moscow airport money exchange. The exchange counter in Mineralyne Vody is not always open. You will not be able to use USD or any foreign currency in Russia.

The amount of extras will vary depending on your itinerary and time spent in Russia. This will also depend on inclusions and exclusions on your specific itinerary. Here are some additional expenses before you arrive and may incur while in country.

Visa Entry: USD $160 + fees if you use a company to manage the visa process

Chair lift: If we have time you can take the chair lift to view Elbrus from the south $15
Meals in Russia: USD $20 – $30 per meal approximately
Tips – Some given after trek and then after the climb: USD $200+
North Side Hut: USD $50
Internet: USD $20 you can buy from the hut on the north side of Elbrus
Power Bank Charge: Free in the hut on Elbrus and hotels we use
Bottled water: On arrival you will need to buy 2/3 liters of water $10
Souvenirs: At your own discretion. Maybe $50/$100

Specialty drinks/ Beer in hotels: $3 to $6 per drink
Insurance: This will depend on the amount of cover you are looking for
Helicopter evacuation: $159. Learn more.

Some Additional Information for your Elbrus Trip

You should use water purification tablets in the 4/5 liters of water you will be drinking each day. Avoiding water borne illness on the trek is imperative! You will need buy these before arriving in Russia.  There will be nowhere to purchase bottled water anywhere along the trail.  You will want to make sure that you have adequate amounts of water purification tablets with you for the entire trek. You will be able to access boiled water from the huts before going on your summit attempt.

Leave No Trace

If you do purchase items on the Northern side of the mountain please bring all items with you and we can dispose on the southern side of the mountain.  Please be respectful of this beautiful valley’s and mountain region you are walking in.  Follow the Leave No Trace policy while in the mountains. Everything you bring in to the mountains, you MUST bring back out! Always have some small baggies to collect toilet paper when going to the bathroom on the trail.  Read some more REVIEWS from our trips.

Get In Touch

If you want to have access to all the best information for your Elbrus trek and climb, then get in touch today! We include continuous training support and advice along with our 40 page dossier on the trek. Check out our upcoming trips from our award winning company.

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