Daily distances traveled on the Lemosho route up Kilimanjaro

So your heading to climb Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho route, We have led this route many times with a 95% percent success rate with our clients. We have put over 2,000 people on the summit mostly via this route. The Lemosho route gives you the best chance of making the summit of Kilimanjaro over 8 days. All our western trained local guides have over 200 summits some with over 300 Kilimanjaro summits under their belts. We have Kilimanjaro’s Number 1 Guide working for us.

Daily Distances Traveled on the Lemosho Route up Kilimanjaro Daily Distances Traveled on the Lemosho Route up Kilimanjaro Daily Distances Traveled on the Lemosho Route up Kilimanjaro Daily Distances Traveled on the Lemosho Route up Kilimanjaro

See the table below and read about the daily distances traveled on the Lemosho route up Kilimanjaro.

Daily Distances Traveled on the Lemosho Route up Kilimanjaro

Day 1: Up early for your 3/4 hour drive to the Londrossi gate where you check in and have Lunch while all gear, food, porters get all their gear sorted for the carry up the mountain. We will get back in the vehicles and drive 20-30 minutes to the start of the trail. From there it takes 3 hours of slow trekking to get to Big Tree camp. 3.7 miles/ 6km

Day 2: Up early 6am for 7am breakfast and trekking by 8am this will be the same routine most days on the trek. You will continue through this beautiful part of the rain forest, which is more interesting than any other part of Kilimanjaro’s rain forest. We are heading to the rim of the Shira Plateau and dropping down to shira 1. This will take 6 hours with plenty of breaks and 3 course Lunch along the way. 4.9 miles/ 7.9km

Day 3: Up early again heading from Shira 1 camp to Shira 2 camp, this is an easier stroll and this day gives great acclimatization, you might be feeling the altitude from Shira 1 but with this extra night at Shira 2 will help the acclimatization. This trek take 4 hours of easy trekking. 4.3 miles/ 6.9km

Day 4: Up early and this is a long day and a test as we have to trek up to the Lava tower at 4,600m and this can take 4 hours maybe a little more for lunch, then drop down into Barranco camp, you can really feel the altitude this day, and very normal to have a headache, not wanting to eat and have a headache. You should have disprin or aspirin in your water to thin out the blood and help with headaches. This is a test and don’t worry it is a tough day for everyone. You will be trekking for 7 hours on this day. 6.7miles/ 10.8km

Day 5: Up early again for an amazing challenge of heading up the Barranco wall, check out our You Tube video on the wall. Everyone always says it is easier than they pictured. This can take a couple of hours. Once reaching the top we take a break right under the summit. We continue on easy trails across Kilimanjaro to the Baranco valley, we drop steeply down and back up to Karanga camp. This days trekking is usually 4 hours and nice break from the previous days trekking. 3.5 miles/ 5.6km

Day 6: Up early again as we head up to our high camp and we take our time, walking very slowly and saving all our energy for the final climb. You will take lots of breaks on the section and continue to cross around Kilimanjaro before a final steep section into Barafu camp perched on a ridge leading to the crater rim of Kilimanjaro. You will walk for 3/4 hours to reach camp. You will aim to be there for a big dinner and get a snack pack. We encourage you to sleep and rest after dinner at 1pm because you are up at 10pm to prepare for your summit bit. 2.2 miles/ 3.5km

Day 7: You will get up at either 10pm or 11pm for a midnight departure. This will depend on the conditions, size of the group and a range of other factors.  Eat some food in your tent, drink a liter of water and have another one in your bag. It can feel warm with all your gear on, as the first section out of camp is steep and you need to take it nice and easy. It will get colder later in the night and if the winds pick up it can feel very cold. Remember is not easy, so when you are mentally struggling you need to remember to breath correctly in through your nose out through your mouth, focus on breathing and foot placement and try not to get discouraged. It is a long night, once the sun comes up it is a different place, stunning scenery, it gets warmer and you can see out way above the clouds. From Barafu to the summit is usually 7 hours and the last 2 hours to the carter rim will test you, stay focused and believe you can do it you are almost there. From Stella Point at the carter rim it is one hour to the summit on easier terrain. From the summit back to Barafu can be 3 hours. Once you rest in Barafu for a few hours and pack up your tent and get back to Mweka camp which is 4 hours down hill. The full day is 14 hours of trekking. 11.2 miles/ 18.1km 1,245m/ 4,084ft. up the mountain and 2,795m/ 9,169 ft. down hill all in the same day. 

Day 8: From Mweka camp to the Mweka gate takes 3 hours walking back through the rain forest and a shower is not long away. Get out your walking poles and save your knees for the way down from Barafu to the gate. Some team go from the summit to the gate in one day but better to take the rest for the night in Mweka camp. 5.8 miles/ 9.3km

Daily Distances Traveled on the Lemosho Route up Kilimanjaro

 1  Londrossi  Gate  2,360  7,742  Big Tree  2,895   9,498  3  6  4
 2  Big Tree    2,895  9,498  Shira 1  3,505   11,500    8   5
 3  Shira 1   3,505   11,500  Shira 2  3,810  12,500   3  10  6.2
 4  Shira 2  3,900  12,795  Barranco  3,976  13,044  7  11  6.8
 5  Barranco  3,976  13,044  Karanga    4,010  13,156  5  5   3
 6  Karanga  4,010  13,156  Barafu  4,650  15,255  4/5  4  2.5
 7  Barafu  4,650  15,255  Mweka  3,100  10,170  13/14  17  10.5
 8  Mweka  Camp  3,100  10,170  Mweka  Gate  1,700  5,577  3/4   10   6.2
 TOTAL  71  44.2