Kilimanjaro Day 7 Lemosho Route

Kilimanjaro day 7 on the Lemosho Route is the day you have been waiting for.  The day you have been building up too. The long cold summit night will challenge you more than any day to date. From 4,900m/ 16,076 feet at Kosovo Camp, you will have to journey to the summit at 5,895m/ 19,341 feet.  Then, you will have to drop all the way down to 3,100m/ 10,170 feet at the Mweka Camp.  Check out our top 10 tips for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Day 7 Lemosho Route

This day will be a minimum of 14 hours. You will walk approximately 6 hours from Kosovo Camp to the summit. Then you will have 3 hours back to Kosovo Camp. After a short break, meal and repacking, you will have another 3 hours down hill back to Mweka camp at 3,100m/ 10,170 feet. Therefore, you need to come prepared. You need to train, have the right gear and prepare for this exciting and challenging climb to the top of Africa and achieve Kilimanjaro’s summit. Check out our TOP 50 TIPS for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Reaching Stella Point

As you will see in the footage above, this night will be a cold and challenging night. Walking up hill at extreme altitude for 6 hours can take it’s toll. You need to walk super slowly especially high on the mountain. The last two hours up to Stella point are some of the hardest of the night, and you need to mentally focus on each step, get your breathing right and dig deep. After you have been walking for 3/4 hours is usually where people start questioning their ability to reach the summit. Here are 20 REASONS to pick us for your Kilimanjaro climb.

Heading back down Kilimanjaro and reaching the Stella Point

The Final Push

The final 2 hours to the summit will be down to a crawling pace. However, you have to keep moving. We have very little time to stop as it is cold so we keep moving slowly. Once you reach Stella point the sun will hopefully in the horizon and you will start to warm up a little. Most of the hard work is done. From Stella point you have an easier graded walk to the summit. This takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and you made it. All the hard work is forgotten and you can enjoy the success of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.

The Roof of Africa

Making your way Back Down

As you are in the lower realm of the dead zone above 5,500m/ 18,000 feet, you have to get back down lower as quickly as possible. Once all summit pictures have been taken we need to move back down to Kosovo (high camp) Camp and relax, re-hydrate and rest up before hiking to our final destination of Mweka Camp.

Kilimanjaro day 7 Lemosho Route is the hardest day of the climb and possibly of your life. It is long, cold, hard and therefore, you need to be in great physical conditioning to be able to complete this climb. We are happy to help you in your training process. You will have access to Ian 5 days a week in preparation for your Kilimanjaro climb.

Day 7 heading down Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro day 7 Lemosho Route is a long day.  You will be hiking for approximately 12-14 hours today and covering 18.1km/ 11.25 miles in distance.  BE PREPARED FOR THIS EXHAUSTING DAY! Follow us on Instagram.

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