Kilimanjaro Day 6 Lemosho Route

The Day 6 on the Lemosho Route you will be putting yourself in the best position for the summit attempt.  From Karanga Camp at 4,000m/ 13,123 feet you will make the slow 4 hour hike up to our launching pad for the summit.  Our goal will be to reach the Kosovo Camp for the night, however this is weather dependent.  The team will hike past the Barafu Camp at 4,650m/ 15,256 feet, up to the Kosovo Camp 4,900m/ 16,076 feet. We have found that using the Kosovo Camp offers more acclimatization and gives better success rates and therefore a more enjoyable experience to our clients. It is not always possible to camp at Kosovo camp because of the weather. However, our goal is to always stay here for the night.

Kilimanjaro Day 6 Lemosho Route

The team will leave Karanga Camp and head steep uphill for the first hour out of camp.  You can see the summit glaciers of Kilimanjaro on your left. You start thinking about your summit attempt and the challenge ahead.  After the initial steep hour, things will gently even out for the next hour and a half.  You will be crossing towards the Barafu Camp and it will be in your eyesight in the distance.  There is then an approximately 30 minute hike to get into the bottom of the Barafu Camp.

Day 6 on the way up to Kosovo Camp

Reaching the Barafu Camp

The Barafu Camp sprawls off to the East of the mountain and our teams will hopefully be able to move through the camp up towards Kosovo.  Once you pass through the final tents of Barafu, you will be grateful that you are getting some of the upcoming challenging terrain out of the way during the day!  It will be a tough hour up to Kosovo Camp, on some of the more challenging, steep terrain of the day.  You will see the welcomed site of our tents and team waiting to welcome you into the Kosovo Camp!

Day 6 on Kilimanajaro

It is best to focus on each step and get your breathing right. Focus on deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. The goal will be to take it easy and make this journey has slowly as possible. You are trying to get to the high camp using as little energy as possible. Saving as much of your valuable energy as possible for the long summit night ahead.

Preparing for the Summit Night Ahead

As you can see in the video, it is a gradual hike up on dusty and rocky terrain. You can see people wearing a buff or similar around their neck/mouth.  This helps keep the dust out of your mouth and also helps keeping moisture in your mouth. You still need to be drinking 4/5 liters of water and making sure you are well hydrated. This is vitally important each day on your Kilimanjaro climb.  But specifically important today as you will need to pre-hydrate for your summit night.

Kilimanjaro Day 6 Lemosho Route

On day 6 of our Kilimanjaro climb on the Lemosho Route, it is all about getting into high camp around lunch time, and conserving as much energy possible.  It is approximately a 3 hour hike up to Barafu Camp and a further hour hike to Kosovo Camp from Karanga Camp. Getting into your tent early, eating, drinking water and getting yourself mentally prepared for the summit is vital. Rest up, have your pack ready for the next day and make sure to include your sun glasses, sun hat and sun screen for when the sun come up. Get your summit clothes warm in your sleeping bag and make sure you load up on water.  Finally, it will be time to get some rest and recovery time! Follow us on Instagram.


Kilimanjaro Day 6 on the Lemosho Route has approximately 4 hours of hiking you will cover approximately 4.46km/ 2.77 miles of distance.

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