Kilimanjaro Day 2 Lemosho Route

Day 2 on the Lemosho route up Kilimanjaro has you making your way to Shira Camp 1 3,500m/ 11,483 feet.  The route today will lead us from Big Tree Camp through the most stunning part of the Rain Forest.  Today, once you hit an altitude of approximately 3,050m/ 10,000 feet, you will turn a corner and see the dramatic end to the Rain Forest!  It is quite a stunning change from one landscape to another as you reach the lower part of the Moorland.  This is a tough day of trekking, however it is also a very rewarding one!

Day 2 on the Lemosho Route

The Lemosho Route on Kilimanjaro brings you on the less traveled route up the mountain.  You will be moving from the west side of the mountain all the way across to the east side of the mountain.  From there, you will make your final ascent to the summit and descent down the mountain.  As you will see in the video, the route today takes you out of the Rain Forest.  You will head out of Big Tree Camp at 2,800m/ 9,186 feet, and move slowly up a ridge line to the Shira Plateau. The dense forest opens way to more of a shrub land, and you can see out to the route above.

Moving towards Shira Camp 1

There will be plenty of breaks today as you move in to higher altitude. From the Big Tree Camp it will take approximately 3.5 hours to reach the high point for lunch. For the lunch spot today, you will get to enjoy the views off the western flank of Kilimanjaro. There will be plenty of time to rest during lunch, and then you will continue another 2.5 hours to the camp.  After lunch, the trail will continue uphill more steeply.  As we move up the trail, it becomes rocky, so the pace will slow down quite a bit.  Once you reach the crest on the ridge, you will have a final 30 minutes to reach Shira Camp 1, at 3,500m/ 11,483 feet.

Reaching Shira Camp 1 on Kilimanjaro

Be Prepared for All Conditions

It can be misty, cloudy, rainy, or hot on this day up the trail. Therefore, you need to have the RIGHT GEAR  as the weather can change at any minute. You need to protect yourself from the sun, rain, cold and changing weather. You also need to drink approximately 4-5 liters of water per day on the trail.  This is essential to aid in your body acclimatizing to the lack of oxygen.  Once you arrive in camp you can sit in the mess tent, relax and continue to re-hydrate from today’s day hike up to Shira Camp 1. Follow us on Instagram.

Kilimanjaro day 2 Lemosho Route


Kilimanjaro Day 2 on the Lemosho Route has approximately 6 hours of hiking and the distance is 7.9km/ 4.9 miles.

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