Does Everyone Make it to Everest base camp

Does everyone make it to Everest base camp? The success rates are lower than you would think for the Everest base camp trek. There is a difference between going to high altitude and living at high altitude. Read some REVIEWS from our trips.

Trying to Live at High Altitude

In recent years more and more people are trying to cut out acclimatization and I can tell you from experience, this is a bad idea. We have 3 nights in Namche 3,500m/ 11,500 feet to give your body more time to adapt to the low oxygen.

When you try and stay or sleep above 4,500m/ 16,700 feet it becomes challenging for most people. That’s why you need more acclimatization, three nights around the 3,500m/ 11,500 feet mark. Get in contact with us and check out our upcoming treks to Mount Everest and are happy to share our experience with you.

Does everyone make it to Everest Base Camp

Does Everyone Make to Everest

About 70% of people make it to Everest base camp 5,364m/ 17,598 feet. Even less,  around 50% of people make the summit of Kala Patthar 5,645m/ 18,520 feet. Hiking Kala Patthar should be one of the main reasons for going high into the Khumbu (Everest) region. Shocking!! Yes it is, the number of people helicoptering out of Gorak Shep shows the challenge of trekking to Mount Everest. Even less make it all the way back to Lukla.

Does everyone make it to Everest base camp

Does Everyone Make it back to Lukla

This is an unknown statistic. Number of people entering the Everest region are up but the businesses in Namche are down around 40%. This tells me a lot of people are exiting the Everest region via Helicopter and skipping the hike back down to Lukla.

This major shift in the type of people trekking to Everest Base Camp is having a big impact on Pheriche, Namche and Lukla.

I have trekked to Mount Everest over 40 times. On my last trip from Lobuche to Everest base camp and back, I counted 17 people on horse back. Most were over weight, most looked a little hypoxic and all shouldn’t have been there.

Does everyone make it to Everest Base Camp.

More Acclimatization Lower Down Helps

The view off Kala Phattar 5,645m/ 18,520 feet of Mount Everest, into Tibet, Nuptse and out over the mighty Himalaya’s is truly impressive. If you are thinking of trekking to Everest and back down to Lukla, you do need to train and prepare hard for this trek so you can maximize your experience of this amazing place.

Does everyone make it to Everest base camp

Be Informed and Be Prepared for your Everest Trek

Why go all this way, spend money, and time to cut corners and not prepare properly. Why just make it to Namche Bazaar, Tengbouche or Dingbouche you want to be up here enjoying and gaining the experience you so badly want for yourself. We can help you. CLICK HERE and read all you need to know about trekking to Everest base camp.

Does everyone make it to Everest base camp

Everest Trek Training

The Everest Base Camp Trek requires some very specific training. Let’s think about what you are looking to undertake. A long multi-day trek at High altitude on uneven, challenging terrain. You will not be sleeping as well as sea level, less recovery, less oxygen and less home comfort.

Build Slowly

Firstly, you need to build up to training 5/6 days a week. 4/5 days a week in the gym using 30 degree incline treadmill along with the stair master building up to 1 hour 30 minutes per day with a backpack. You will be carrying 10 to 12 pounds in your backpack so you need to build up to training with 20lbs to strengthen your legs for high altitude. Learn more.

Train on Hills

Secondly, Hiking up and down hill once a week should be a major part of your training. Building up to 1,000m/ 3,280 feet ascents and descents is so important. If you do not have access to hills or mountains you need to find a tall building or bleachers. Learn more about training for the downhill.

Strength Training

Thirdly, Weight and strength training. This is critical training for stability when moving across tricky terrain. Leg strength and overall body strength is needed for your safety and so you can enjoy the trek. Try to focus on exercises that build shoulder, core, calf, quad strength. Read more.

Finally, All of this training should be done in very targeted heart rate zones. Learn more. My endurance heart rate right now is 135 to 145 beats per minute. This is different for everyone, so I encourage you to seek out a trainer, get a fitness test so you can map out the correct training plan.  If you are not training in the correct heart rate zones you may not have the correct endurance and stamina to safely complete the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Does everyone make it to Everest

Acclimatization is Everything

Without acclimatization you have nothing. It doesn’t matter how much you train or prepare, if you don’t have the correct acclimatization you run the risk of getting altitude sickness. The body needs more time especially at 11,500 feet to create the much need red blood cells for moving higher.

Firstly, you also need to pick the right itinerary with the best success rates. We have led thousands of people to trek to and sleep at Everest Base Camp. Having more acclimatization built into your itinerary is extremely important.

Secondly, you need to trek with a team with more guides per group. We have 4 guides for every group of 10 trekkers. We also have full time staff on the ground in Kathmandu offering you the best possible experience.

Hiking up to the summit of Kala Patthar

Thirdly, you need access to the best lodges with full time staff on the ground in Kathmandu. For example we have 4 nights in Hotel Namche. We include 3 nights on the way up the trail in deluxe rooms and 1 night on the way back down the trail from Mount Everest.

Finally you need the right training plan in place for your Everest base camp trek. CONTACT US. We can help you gain a deep understanding of the physical training needed to be safe and successful trekking to Everest Base Camp.


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