High on Mount Kilimanjaro

I have been high on Kilimanjaro over 30 times now. When we can move above Barafu camp 4,673m/15,331 feet to Kosovo Camp 4,890m/16,043 feet we do. Starting from Kosovo camp gives you as easier hike to the summit and more time to sleep. The wind can be too high at Kosovo camp and do not want to risk losing all our tents so some times we have to start from Barafu Camp. This trip to Kilimanjaro was like all the others we trekked across the Shira plateau on the Lemosho route giving the best chance of success.

Signing up to a group trip, you need 8 days

We had a diverse and amazing team of people from Ireland, Scotland and USA. We had people from 23 years old to 71 years old and the older gentlemen had run 100-mile races in Colorado and across the US. Some of the group were used to hiking, people used to exercise and others that had to train harder than others because they lived in cities with no mountains and only a gym to work with.

With such a diverse team joining, we must make sure everyone gets a shot at the top and enjoys the whole experience hiking around and across Kilimanjaro. The only way to do this is use the Lemosho route. The acclimatization process is so important for any trip to high and extreme altitude. 8 days on the Lemosho route is the only way to achieve this goal.

The best chance at the Summit

We had 14 out of 15 on the summit and we are getting 100% on most of our Lemosho route climbs. Once you have decided to use the best route up Kilimanjaro you must come prepared. Having the right training is critical to a safe and successful summit. The two keys for your training should be focused on Strength and endurance. READ MORE.

Make sure you have trained correctly

The team witnessed over 20 rescues in a very limited time frame on Kilimanjaro. Hundreds of people weekly have to be helped down off Kilimanjaro because they underestimated this mountain, altitude and what it takes to keep themselves safe high on Kilimanjaro. For me this is very disappointing to see and really have an issue with the lack of preparation some people are putting into their trip. Our website has the best information on how to train and prepare for Kilimanjaro. USE IT!!

There are also a wide range of factors, but carrying weighted back pack for long periods of time on steep terrain should be at the core of your training. READ MORE.

All you need to know about climbing Kilimanjaro

We have also designed a page on our website holding a wide range of links on one page to help you get quick access to all our very important Kilimanjaro blog posts and information that you need to read. Check out the page HERE.

You can read some REVIEWS from our Kilimanjaro trips and GOOGLE REVIEWS from our Kili trips. We only run quality run trips. We have Kilimanjaro’s mountain guide of the year. We have the best crew on the mountain. This means we have the support and service that will give you the safest and best chance at successfully reaching the summit and getting back down safely again.

The best Guides on Kilimanjaro

We are Kilimanjaro climbing experts,we have Kilimanjaro’s number 1 guide.  We want to see everyone give this mountain their best. We want to help you understand what it takes to climb Kilimanjaro. Just CONTACT US Ian has climbed Kilimanjaro more than most people and can help you get the information you need to be successful climbing on this geological paradise we call Mount Kilimanjaro.


All you need to know about climbing Kilimanjaro
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