From Village Roots to Everest’s Summit

From village roots to Everest’s Summit: The Inspiring Journey of Dawa Hyolmo, Mountain Guide.  Meet Dawa Hyolmo, hailing from a remote region of Nepal. Dawa is a lead guide at Ian Taylor Trekking an is a passionate young mountain guide. Interested in climbing with Dawa get in touch. Check our our upcoming trips.

Navigating the Himalayas

Dawa spends the majority of his time navigating the Himalayas on a range of our treks and mountaineering trips.  His love for climbing, guiding, sharing experiences, and seeking out new adventures drives him forward. Dawa thrives on meeting new people and embarking on extensive travels. He is just back from a recent ski trip in Kashmir.

Dawa Hyolmo

From Remote Village to Everest’s Summit

Raised in a village setting, Dawa’s upbringing was marked by separation from his family in pursuit of a better education. As the third child among four siblings, financial constraints hindered his siblings’ educational prospects.

However, Dawa’s life took a turn when he was selected for an educational scholarship by a Non-Governmental Organization in Nepal, enabling him to complete his university studies in 2022 with a focus on tourism—a field that would later become his career path. Learn more about the schools we have built in Nepal.

Dawa Hyolmo on the summit of Island Peak.

Education is Key

From his high school days, Dawa exhibited a drive to excel, consistently achieving high grades and actively participating in various sports and extracurricular activities. Despite his initial involvement in sports, he gradually shifted his focus towards his career aspirations.

After a brief stint working at a travel agency, where he found little fulfillment, Dawa embarked on a transformative journey to the Everest Base Camp with a guide friend, sparking a newfound passion for mountaineering.

Ice climbing in Nepal

World Class Mountain Guide

In 2016, at the age of 23, Dawa officially embarked on his mountaineering journey as a climbing guide. Despite the absence of familial or community guidance in this pursuit, he persevered, immersing himself in rigorous training and professional development.

After five years of dedicated effort, he obtained certification as a mountain guide under UIAGM/IFMGA, the highest standard in the profession, a testament to his resilience and commitment.

Dawa Hyolmo Mountain Guide

Climbing Mount Everest

Throughout his guiding career, Dawa has led expeditions to numerous peaks in Nepal, including technical ascents like Ama Dablam and Everest, showcasing his proficiency and passion for guiding in challenging terrain.

In addition to his mountain guiding, he shares his expertise as an instructor, contributing to the training of future mountaineers through organizations such as the Nepal National Mountain Guide Association and Nepal Mountain Academy.

Everest climber Dawa Hyolmo

Building a Wealth of Experience

Dawa’s freelance work has taken him across various national and international agencies, where he has served as a climbing guide and expedition leader, culminating in his successful summit of Everest in 2023.

This achievement not only bolstered his confidence and reputation but also opened doors to further opportunities in the industry. Despite numerous offers, Dawa remains committed to freelance guiding, with a focus on his ongoing collaboration with Ian Taylor Trekking.

From Village Roots to Everest's Summit

Join the Experts

In summary, Dawa Hyolmo’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a respected mountain guide exemplifies the power of determination, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of one’s passion amidst challenges. Join one of our trips and climb Mera Peak, Lobuche, Ama Dablam or Baruntse with Dawa.

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