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There are lots to trekking companies out there. Most of them follow the same itineraries and copy what others are doing. Price is important, but what’s more important is you safety and actually enjoying your trekking experience at altitude. I was conned 15 years ago when I was going on altitude treks and climbs. I knew very little about altitude and how to acclimatize properly.

I know better now. You need more time to acclimatization at critical altitudes to give you safe passage. You need this time for your body to adapt to the low levels of oxygen and you need to be safe. Going to low oxygen environments can be very dangerous and you need to be aware of your itinerary, acclimatization program and move slowly to higher altitude.

We take this very seriously and have three days acclimatizing on our Everest base camp treks. We only run seven and eight day climbs on Kilimanjaro. We want to limit your risk of altitude sickness and make sure you and team mates have a safe and enjoyable journey on your altitude treks around the world.

We spend time with you helping you prepare correctly, we have training hikes, and available 5 days a week in support of you and your journey with us. Come Trek the world with us and find out why we operate some of the best treks on 7 continents.


2 thoughts on “Trek the world with us

  1. WOW! where do I sign up!! amazing footage and story. Great video and really want to climb Kilimanjaro.

  2. This sounds fantastic, I would love to get involved and support this brilliant life changing cause 🙂

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