You can trek to Everest Base Camp for FREE. Now we have an offer you your Kilimanjaro trek for FREE!!. If your hill walking group, Hiking club, group of friends want to Climb Kilimanjaro. Get out there and find 10 people to join you climbing Kilimanjaro. You can get your space for FREE or share the saving with your group. Call us and find out more……………..

You can get your space for FREE…… Gather 10 people and we will give you the full Kilimanjaro service on the Machame 7 day trek or Lemosho 8 day trek for FREE. Get in touch with and find out the terms and conditions for this amazing offer!!
Climbing Kilimanjaro is a trip of a lifetime, making the journey with friends is a great experience and one that will never be forgotten.  Yes it is a great feeling to stand on top of a mountain and the highest free standing mountain in the world. The journey and experiences along the way are the real success and real experience. This experience with friends will last a life time. The memories formed will last a lifetime.
Feel free to read more about training for Kilimanjaro, read our top 10 tips for preparing to climb Kilimanjaro. Start watching our day by day video’s on our 8 day Lemosho route climbs.


  1. Hi Ian Taylor,

    Warm greeting from Bali Island.

    Just want to know, if the trip to Kilimanjaro is free indeed, because if so we would really like to join.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

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