When should I climb Kilimanjaro? Here is a chart that will help you in making your decision on when to climb. Check out a month by month breakdown of the best time to climb Kilimanjaro. READ MORE.

When considering the best time to climb, remember the key to success lies in  the acclimatization schedule you pick. We recommend 8 day climbs on Kilimanjaro. Check out our Top 10 Tips for climbing Kilimanjaro. Check out our upcoming trips. READ MORE about a month by month break down of the best time to climbing Kilimanjaro.

 January     Warm      Moderate        Low      High
 February     Warm    Moderate        Low    High
 March    Moderate       High    Moderate    Low
 April    Moderate       High        High    Low
 May    Moderate       High        High    Low
 June       Cold    Moderate    Moderate  Moderate
 July       Cold    Moderate        Low    High
 August       Cold       Low        Low    High
 September    Moderate       Low        Low    High
 October    Moderate       Low    Moderate  Moderate
 November    Moderate       High    Moderate     Low
 December    Moderate    Moderate    Moderate  Moderate

When should I Climb Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro’s is so close to the equator, it is 3 degrees south. This gives the mountain a normally consistent weather pattern with no extreme winter or summer weather, but rather dry and wet seasons. The best time to climb Kilimanjaro tends to be the warmest and driest months in the chart above. Our main concern is safety, as the risks associated with climbing increase significantly when bad weather encroaches or Kilimanjaro gets hit by the tale end of a cyclone out in the Indian ocean.

When should I Climb Kilimanjaro

The effects of rain, mud, snow, ice and cold can add to the risk on the trails. You need to come fully prepared for a wide range of weather conditions. Watch our packing video. To give yourself the best chance of success you need to come with the right training and preparation.  Do not underestimate altitude sickness and take extra time for your body to acclimatize to the low levels of oxygen.

When should I Climb Kilimanjaro

Above 5,500m/ 18,044ft. you enter the lower realm of the death zone. This is extreme altitude and nothing lives or can survive about this height so having the right acclimatization schedule is vital for success. Subsequently, your chances of a successful summit also increases significantly with nice weather and better acclimatization. Of course, the mountain gets more traffic during more stable weather months.

When should I Climb Kilimanjaro

In my opinion from climbing Kilimanjaro 30+ times January, February, June, July, August and September are the best months to climb Kilimanjaro with the best chance of warmer and dryer weather. January, February, August and September traditionally are the warmest months. June and July are also considered good months to climb Kilimanjaro, but you can encounter colder temperatures higher up.  With good weather comes more people. This is hard to avoid and should not discourage you from climbing in these good weather months. The key is in the acclimatization and physical conditioning. The Lemosho route gives you the best, safest and most beautiful route up Kilimanjaro.


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