Top Tips for Gym exercise training

It really depends on what you are training for. Like with gear, and all aspects of your chosen adventure you need specific, personal preparation. There is never a one size fits all your training. You should consider get fitness tested, consider doing a vo2 max test and really build a program that makes sense for you and you have the time to achieve specific results. Lets talk more about this.  Read these top tips for gym exercise training and help get the mountain conditioning needed.

1). Hill walking up and down hills with added weight on your back is key to adding the strength and conditioning needed to get the body ready for mountain adventures. If you are in Ireland and want to get the right results join our hiking group. Call us and find how to prepare for your chosen adventure. Building the weight you carry in the gym and on the hills will be critical to gaining the muscle memory and conditioning needed. Adding more weight and more time each month will be critical to success.

2). If you are training for a one or two week trek, you should be working out 4 – 10 hours a week. Gym exercise training is important and you should mix up your training. Walk up hill on the treadmill for an hour or longer, cycling with resistance for an hour and use the stair master for an hour or longer. You can add in weight training and interval training later to strengthen your core and build your fitness. Remember outdoor hiking on mixed terrain is the best training you can do.

3). The key when doing number 2 is not to get faster, but to be able to add extra weight and adding length to your hikes. When you climb Kilimanjaro, or Trek to Everest Base Camp you have 5kg – 7kg on your back everyday for days on end. You need to condition the body to cope with that. Add weight not speed.  Building month by month to carry double the weight in your training that you will carry on your altitude trek or climb.

4). Endurance training, long and slow is the key. Keeping your heart rate consistently at the same level will aid your body in coping with hours of exercise. Interval training (high then low heart rates) can be added at a gradual plan in your training process but should only be done in the build and peak phase of your training not in the base phase as you build your strength for your specific trip.

5). Training to certain Heart rates is important. You should use a heart rate monitor and establish a training program around that. Meet a trainer and do a fitness test so a proper plan can be implemented for your specific needs.

6). You should be able to walk for 4 – 8 hours in the hills in preparation for trekking adventure. along with walking, cycling, jogging, weight training will add to your preparation for your adventure trek.

7). Seek out a trainer in your local gym and get started. You can always call us and we can explain a little more to get you started. We can also talk to your trainer if that helps you.

8). If you are training for mountain climbing above 20,000ft, (6,000m) then we recommend you get a vo2 max fitness test and gauge your program based of accurate fitness testing.

9). So your climbing Kilimanjaro, you need to be able to walk 40-60 miles per week over 7/8 days. This can be done on the hills, treadmill uphill, stair master, gradullay add 6kg – 12kg extra weight in the backpack, even if you are in the gym. Always get fitness tested before you starting training. Build slowly and slowly add extra weight as you move forward in your training. If you are concerned about your fitness levels, talk to your doctor and give us a call.

10). We want you to come prepared with all the relevant information. Check out our BLOG with information, video’s and tips to help you get started and move further in your preparation for your chosen trekking adventure.
Ian has climbed Everest to the top. Climbed Kilimanjaro 19 times, lead 16 Everest Base Camp treks and many more treks and climbs. We have the knowledge, experience, advice and really understand what it takes to have a successful, enjoyable and worthwhile, life changing mountain trekking adventure. We want to help you get the best important possible so you can prepare correctly and have the best acclimatization possible. E-mail Ian today.